Saturday, February 16, 2008

We had an unexpected little canine visitor today....

Hubby was out the door on his way to the grocery (thank goodness, since I hate to go!) and yelled at me to come quickly. I dropped what I was doing, ran to the front door, and there was hubby with this adorable little dog (doesn't he look like a little angel?). I told hubby to go on to the store & I'd try to find its owner. At first I thought it was a Whippet (which is a miniature Greyhound). It was the friendliest little dog I've ever encountered, so I swept him up in my arms & began knocking on neighborhood doors. Of course, no one claimed him & no one recognized the little guy, so I brought him back to the house with me.

When I walked through the door with him the first one to sense his presence was, of course, our cat Trouble (who is the Queen around here). So, I tossed the cat outside for a few minutes while I got on the computer to see if it really was a Whippett. Alas, it was not and the cat was making it clear that she would not be bested. It turns out to be a "MinPin" which is a Miniature Pinscher, which bears no relation to a Doberman Pinscher beyond coloring & a cropped tail. I had never heard of them before. He was really a cute little guy and I am by no means a dog person. I'm a cat person 100%, but I was kinda getting attached to this little character. That is, until the feline beast began jumping on the screen door like a flying squirrel, while voicing her opinion quite loudly. rrrRRRROOOOoooowwWWWW!! I think the cat freaked out the little dog. He raced to the front door and jumped up & down when I asked him if he wanted to go home. I took this to mean yes (when actually, he was saying "Holy Crap! Let me out of here before that crazy psycho cat does me harm!", so I opened the door & he took off like lightning coming out of a shotgun and within mere seconds, he was gone.

Our cat Trouble came in from the backyard, went to the front door, stood up wiping her hands off (like you do when you're through with a project) and I could swear I heard her say "Yeah, and don't come back you little punk!!" At which point she started sauntering off in almost a John Wayne swagger. Then, she turned & looked at me with a look that said "Don't be so stupid as to try that again... this is MY kingdom! I could have ripped his stupid little face off, you know."

Gawd I love cats! They are such supreme bitches, LOL!

Okay, the little guy canine came back & started howling, HOWLING (amazingly loud for such a little animal), but he was actually saying "Holy Crap Nice Lady! I don't care what the psycho cat does to me as long as you let me in, out of the freaking cold") on the front porch, so I had to venture out into the cold again, in pursuit of his home. There's yet another reason I like cats... they don't BARK or HOWL. (Besides, you leave town for a week, leave dry food & water, and the worst a cat will do is defacate somewhere that will annoy you, lol) I finally located where he lives but the owners weren't home. Soooo... being the good neighbor that I am, I found where he had been getting out & secured some plyboard with rocks (with the help of Dear Hubby) so the little dummy couldn't get out again. The last thing I need is a howling yappy dog on my front porch again. Besides, if he comes back, I'm sure the cat will have her way with him.

So, just as I'm leaning over to put him in his yard, this enormous Rottweiler jumps up @ me, starts barking like he wants to take my head off, and nearly gave me a damned cardiac arrest. I ran back to my house so fast I thought my lungs were going to burst. The neighbors failed to mention there was another dog in back... thanks for that surprise.

So much for good deeds. Next time I'm calling Animal Control....


brneyedgal967 said...

Hey wacky lady - backatcha! I did a scroll-skim (formerly known as speed reading for those who prefer the printed word on *cough* paper) and can't wait to come back and delve in and waste an entire day laughing at whatever ramblings you have.

I love cool older ladies and no, that's not a jab - but if you're older than me and still fun and cool I know there's hope after sags and stretchmarks. Please God, let there be hope. If not hope, at least there's vodka. Yeah, there's always that to fall back on.

Sorry for rambling myself, I do that - it's the equivalent of a runny nose, except it's a runny brain and fast fingers. I better stop now. But...

Ahlll be bawwwk.


Snooty Primadona said...

Oh Yeah! Before, during & after sags and stretchmarks, there's always lots of vodka & fun & giggles. However, there is no hope... we all get old & shrivel up eventually, lol... Am I an inspiration or what?.... ummmm... is that what you meant, LOL??

Janie said...

What a sweet looking dog! I bet the owners are glad you were in rescue and recover mode!

I'm glad to find another Midland blogger! (Found ya via Midlifegals).

I love your beautiful cat!!


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