Monday, June 30, 2008

Crazy Eights.... The Meme -->EDITED<---

So, I'm finally getting around to doing the meme I was tagged for by Asthma Girl, as promised. I'm certain that if you happen across any of my other memes, you'll find different answers to the same questions since I barely have the brain cells it takes to remember what I said five minutes ago, much less what my preferences were five minutes ago. You might start thinking I'm some kind of pathological liar, but the truth lies within my aging brain. It is the one telling lies, not I. It lies to me every day, so why wouldn't it lie to my Dear Readers as well? Anywoohoo, I'm diving in head first and hoping I don't wind up with further brain damage. Yes, that would be such a tragedy at this stage of the coach. Or is that gameboy? Whatever.

Crazy Eights:

Eight Things I have a passion for:

1. My family, unconditionally
2. Good Friends, unconditionally
3. Snow & Water Skiing, but not necessarily at the same time...
4. New clothes, new shoes, and new purses, albeit rather shallow. I love them!
5. My Cat, Trouble (actually passionate about all animals, give or take a few hundred species)
6. People With Kind Hearts & Souls
7. Silpada Jewelry (actually, love any good jewelry too, of which I have a nice supply)
8. Music, music, music... all kinds

Eight Things I Would Like to do Before I Die:

1. Enjoy grandchildren, if I live long enough (NO, this is not in any way a hint)
2. Travel to Europe, all over
3. Stay in Italy for a whole month
4. Stay in Spain for a whole month
5. Ski the Bugaboos in Canada
6. Sell our big home & buy a more manageable one with nothing but a garage, a pool & pool house in the back. Low maintenance all around would work nicely for me.
7. Swim every day in the nude, in my own private pool
8. Visit the Grand Canyon & do a raft trip down the river

Eight Things I Say a Lot:

1. Who left the toilet seat up? (however, there is only one person to answer that question, so it's a moot point)
2. Hey, we're not trying to cure cancer here and this isn't rocket science. Relax & have fun.
3. A mind is a terrible thing to waste... until you reach my age, at which point you have no choice.
4. Asshole... mostly directed at idiot drivers talking on cells instead of actually trying to drive.
5. Here kittty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty... Get your ass in here now or you are out for the night!
6. How was your day, babe? (or honey or darlin' or dear, etc.)
7. Oh Shit.
8. Love ya... Mean it!
9. FUCK (okay, I decided to be honest after all)

Eight Books I Have Read Listened to Recently:

1. Glass Castles
2. True Evil
3. It Ain't All About Cookin' (Paula Deen)
4. The Last Juror
5. You've Been Warned
6. Eleventh Hour
7. Hard Truth
8. Hatch Chile Pepper Recipe Book (available ONLY AT the older Austin Central Market, in person)

Eight Movies I Have Seen Eight Times:

1. Out of Africa
2. Last of The Mohicans
3. The Postman
4. Dances With Wolves
5. Wuthering Heights
6. Under The Tuscan Sun
7. Sense & Sensibility
8. The Day After Tomorrow
9. Saving Grace (Wait! I have more!)

Eight People I Have to Invite to do This Meme: (and actually, if I tag you & you're too busy to do it, then by all means Blow It Off! This is supposed to be fun & it won't ruffle my fur in the least. Also, if you want to participate, please feel free to wait until after Independence Day, but be sure to let me know either way!)

1. Tammy (The Color of Home)
2. Daryl (out and about in new york city)
3. Treasia (Confessions of a Mid-Life Trucker's Wife)
4. Meg (Lucchese to Louis Vuitton)
5. The Queen (Queen of the Planet Hot Flash)
6. Sistah #1 (Holy Crappers)
7. Sistah #2 (Holy Crappers)
8. Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest (

Anyway, IF you decide to do this, just have fun with it!!


Meg said...

Love it thanks sweetie! That Hatch chili recipe books sounds like the bomb to me. Only in Austin at THAT Central market, really? Bummer, I will have to see what my Central Market can do for me to hook a sista up! Have a fabulous Monday, take care of YOU!


Mental P Mama said...

Great job! I love learning more about my new peeps!

Mamahut said...

(Hee, hee) Here kitty, kitty come in or you will stay out. Why do they do this to us? Love it!

Snooty Primadona said...

Meg: My daughter gave me the book & said she couldn't buy it online, so got it when she went to Austin last month. They don't have Central Markets in L.A.. She said she thought she was going to have to donate a body part to get it, lol.

MP: I know! I always think they're all going to be pretty much the same answers, then I'm delighted when they're not.

mamahut: Yes, they can be agravating little critters, can't they? I also love it when they stand in the doorway as if trying to decide whether to come or go. Sigh.

Hottdog said...

Looks fun!
I'm gonna have to try it!
if you don't mind my asking-how much did your blog layout cost?

p.s. my name is Desiree ;o)

Daryl said...

How funny ... I did do it ... BUT Mental P Mama tagged me like 2 weeks ago and I only just go to it this weekend ... it was VERY hard to come up with 8 movies I had seen 8 times!


Daryl said...

AND I linked it to you too!

Snooty Primadona said...

Desiree: I love, love, love that name. Lovely name. I'll email you about the new diggs. ;-)

Daryl: I was afraid that was going to happen since I don't have that many peeps, lol. But, thanks for linking to me too. :-P

Janie said...

Those are great! How's your back? I gave Kev your blog address today so

Flea said...

I LOOOOOOVE your new look!

Snooty Primadona said...

Oh Thanks, Janie. Now I'll have to find another Chiro, lol. I'm always so nice around him. Now he'll know the morbid truth, lol.

Flea: Thanks! It was done by Nap Warden who did Meg's @ Lucchese to Louis Vuitton. I love the *Alter Ego* Me. It's also my cat's alter ego since she lost her tail a few years ago.

brneyedgal967 said...

Loved your list- I've seen most of those movies also!! I did this meme last week... sorry. I should've tagged you with it. LOL

Janie said...

No, girl, he's got a sick sense of humor.


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