Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camera Critters Sunday Meme... Who Ate The Watermelon?

Yes, it's once again time for the Sunday Camera Critters Meme.

Misty Dawn over at Camera Critters presents this fun meme every Sunday, just in case you'd like to join in. Thanks MD!

Our funny Cairn Terrier was named Lulu and we lost her two years ago after 16 wonderful years of her companionship. This is one of many funny Tales of Lulu.

One summer while at the lake, we had guests visiting which usually meant that poor Lulu Dog had to stay at the house while we all went out on the boat. It always made her sad but when we would come back off the lake she was always there to greet us.

This one particular time, we had stopped at a ranch that grew watermelons in their pecan orchard, that is on the way to the lake. As always, I bought a seedless watermelon and took it with us to the lake house, to share with our guests & their children. Lulu was still pretty much a puppy so we made her stay at the house rather than letting her get lost in the wild shuffle of bodies on the boat. As we had always done in the past, we left the watermelon on the floor for fear it would roll off any of the counter tops. We wouldn't have wanted that to happen.

Anyway, once we came in off the boat, I saw the watermelon and thought that it looked funny... you know,odd. That's when I realized that it had an enormous hole in it. Just as I said "Who ate the watermelon?", here comes Lulu with her head down (never a good sign). I then began to notice a pink tinge to her mouth area and put two and two together. Lulu had discovered the joys of eating watermelon and apparently had known that what she did was not a good thing. I was just beginning to learn about the Cairn Terrier's rooting capabilities. They are truly amazing.

Cairns were bred in Scotland for the purpose of killing rodents and other pests around the castle. And boy, can they ever get after just about anything that moves! She was even known to kill a scorpian or two at the lake. She'd chomp down on it like it was an appetizer as we watched in horror. Then she'd give us this look that said "What?".

The picture isn't very good, but here she is in all her watermelon chomping glory. The culprit herself... with hang dog look and all. I miss that crazy, funny dog and probably always will, rest her little soul.

To read about the history of Cairn Terriers Click Here.


Flea said...

So she got through the rind? That's amazing! What is it with dogs? Ours has been known to eat fresh tomatoes still on the vine in our garden. Stupid dog. Or an entire rotisserie chicken while my back is turned.

Hey, do you have bovine visitors coming soon?

noble pig said...

I am shocked a dog would do that but it would make me laugh nevertheless. That's a funny story and thank goodness you got a pick!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Thats funny!!

Treasia said...

What a cute story. I'm surprised she managed to get through the rind on it.

Insane Mama said...

Did she eat the whole thing?? I'm a camera critter member also

B. Roan said...

Great blog name. The story made me laugh, as did seeing the culprit and her handiwork!

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

AAAwww she was adorable. Didn't the rind make her sick?

Snooty Primadona said...

Flea: I know, I know! Sounds crazy but that dog could bore through almost anything. Cairns can be terrible yard diggers if not properly trained.

Yes, I understand that Fred & Bessie were being held hostage until their *hottie* replacement (homemade hot sauce) arrives, lol. Let me just say that I am excited beyond belief. Since we never have visitors, I'm preparing the guest room for our bovine friends, not to mention making a list of things to do & places to go. Do you think they'll enjoy a round of golf? I promise not to cuss. I can, really, go without cussing for long periods of time. I can too!

And no, Lulu did not eat the whole thing. When we offered her some more, later, she looked a bit sickly. Guess she'd had enough, lol.

b. roan: Thanks for stopping by & glad you enjoyed it.

Gretchen said...

My dog Adonis loved watermelon rind. He was entirely too civilized to take without being offered though (unless it was a cookie or carrot). :)

Janie said...

What a great story! I love cairn terrors.

I mean terriers.

Remember that lady, I think her little shop was Sassy's? She raised cairns and showed them.
Awesome, smart (most of the time) dogs.

Daryl said...

Oh she was a sweetie ... Of course you still miss her ...


Misty Dawn said...

WOW! That is amazing, funny, and dog-gone precious all at the same time! Hehehehehe I'm still giggling.

i beati said...

You are the reason I am still reading mid week cute cute cute the chronology above is good too sk


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