Saturday, August 9, 2008

Golf Cart Surfing And Margaritas With Fred And Bessie

Anyone who even slightly suspected I might be nuts is probably sure of it now. I've ridden around town with the travelling bevos perched on my car's dashboard, taken them to the museum, and now I've taken them to play golf.

I normally play with the girls on Wednesday and Friday but this week our day was moved to Thursday. So I packed up Fred And Bessie and we hit the golf course, teeing off at 10:00 AM. They loved riding on the dashboard of the golf cart, which is what gave them their next idea.

Fred and Bessie decided the golf carts were just too much fun and insisted they wanted to surf on top of the golf cart. I provided them with some sticky stuff so they wouldn't have an accident and off we went. You should have heard their squeals of delight! Wheee! They were just hilarious. SURFING U.S.A.!!!!!

I put them out to pasture for some much needed grazing while we were waiting for the slow old farts in front of us, which the bevos were most grateful for. As a matter of fact, they ate so much grass I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get them back in the cart. However, we managed, and moved on to the next hole.

They served as a most complimentary gallery and I shot a really great round, although I didn't break 100. Fred & Bessie loved watching my friend Judy play, as she is really good.

When we were finished with our round, we turned around and played in the Scramble hosted by our club each Thursday. Unfortunately, no one won the money so it carries over to next week. It should be around $1,000.00 next week.

Notice how I have them far enough away from me so as to not harm them, just in case I shank one.

After we finished we headed to a favorite local Mexican food restaurant called La Bodega, where we had Margaritas and dinner. Fred & Bessie chose not to have Margaritas, but thoroughly enjoyed the hot sauce & chips. Frankly, I was so tired that I forgot to take any more pictures. The Margs were also having their way with me, so we headed home after that, with no fanfare.

After some much needed rest, we'll be out and about and ready to go on our next adventure.
Which I believe will be lunch with Janie of Sounding Forth. It will be the first time Janie and I have met In Real Life, even though we live just minutes apart. Fred & Bessie are our *Visiting Ambassadors* you know.


Insane Mama said...

Snooty- Seriously, I am here if you need help. I am, you don't have to go through this insanity alone.

imbeingheldhostage said...

addicting little things, aren't they?!

Snooty Primadona said...

Yes, I think I may need a great deal of help, lol. I'm totally getting addicted to these two zany bevos. Who needs real people when you have the bovines? he he

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

After missing a few days on blog...I jump back on to catch up, but I think I'm missing something here...have Fred and Bessie always been a part of you or is this a new and recent development? Is it a new kind of therapy I need to check out? :) I lOVED the memory lane of oldies you brought up...and I appreciate the pictues of the Petro Museum, that was I'm sure interesting! Whatever they are to you...Fred and Bessie are extremely entertaining!! IT will be interesting to see them develope and grow...adore them!!

Mamahut said...

They may be your new good luck you have to forward them at some point? I would say they ran away if it were me.

noble pig said...

I'm jealous of the cows, I'll admit okay! I want to go to Mexican dinner and golf...harrumph!

Flea said...

I love the idea of Fred and Bessie as therapy! They look like they're having so much fun. Was the salsa spicy?

dlyn said...

Gotta love those bovines - they are a fun lovin duo!

Trisha said...

It sure looks like Fred and Bessie are having a grand old time with you! Glad that they didn't wander too close to you while you were hitting on the course - that could have been a bad thing!

The golf cart surfing was sheet genius! Go cows, go!

Mental P Mama said...

They could have caddied for you...Did I say how much I miss those little buggers?

Daryl said...

I continue to be SO jealous of all the fun you are having with them ... maybe they will make it to NYC and I can meet them in person


Janie said...

Snooty - woohoo! I get to meet you, and Fred and Bessie??? Yeehah! We just flew back in from Dallas for Pam's husbands's 60th surprise birthday party...and I didn't take my computer, so I didn't know about lunch.

But I. Am. On.!!!

Looking forward to it. Call me in the morning on my cell - I'll e-mail it to your silver address.

Anonymous said...

Golfing with cows? Sheer genius. Was the lawn crew livid about their leavings?


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