Monday, October 20, 2008

I Just Had To Stop And Laugh At Myself Today...

Looking back over my post about what to wear in Las Vegas, I suddenly got really tickled at myself for even worrying or giving a second thought to what I'd wear in Vegas this week. As if anyone in Las Vegas besides me gives a damn what I wear. Las Vegas is all about the casinos seperating you from your money, with a few great side shows thrown in to distract and entertain you. Which is fine, really. We all basically go to Vegas to be entertained, right? No one should ever go to Las Vegas expecting to win money, right?

I started wondering what the odds would be of me meeting up with an (ahem) *older* Robert Redford type, similar to the character played by him in the movie "Indecent Proposal". Hee hee hee hee hee! I practically fell on the floor in hysterics, laughing at the absurd and wacky ideas that cross my mind at times. I'd say the odds of that happening are probably, at the very least, 500 to 1. Fine then. Higher. Whatever. Maybe if I paid him. Yes, that would make more sense, wouldn't it? Except I'd have to have me a much younger slice of pie if I'm paying, right? Okay, no younger than 10 years or it would feel incestuous. Ewwwww.

Then, I started thinking about Beverly D'Angelo's character in National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation, meeting up with her idol (choke, cough!) Wayne Newton, which was actually a parody of the "Indecent Proposal" movie. Wayne was so hot for her, which I think gave mothers all across the world a new release on whimsical fantasy life. Not me, mind you, but many, for sure. I've always thought Wayne sounds like a girl. Still, the idea of that happening is rather fun to ponder. Well, it is for me, anyway. For a minute.

So, I began thinking that since nothing like the aforementioned scenarios has a hope in hell of happening, why am I worried about what I'm going to wear? Gee, I don't think Mr. Snooty is going to get a wild hair and ask me to marry him all over again. He hasn't gotten a wild hair in at least 25 years. We aren't going to see any shows because this is the time of year when the big shows are on hiatus.

In short, all we're going to do is wager away our allotted hard earned dollars with total abandon and eat ourselves into wanton oblivion. We plan to go downtown to the Golden Nugget to gamble on the cheap tables one day, but otherwise, we'll probably stay at our hotel/casino, The Wynn. I plan to have a mini spa day, but at the hotel's prices, I'm sure it will resemble something more like a micro mini spa day. We fly into Las Vegas on Thursday morning and we leave on Sunday morning. So, why was I so worried? It will be over before I've hardly blinked my eyes.

I'll tell you why. Because I forgot I'm old. Yes, apparently, there is a perk to aging and losing your mind after all. Periodically, you forget just exactly how old you are, allowing your imagination to get carried away, thinking of yourself as the voluptuous young flower you once were... a hundred years ago. Yes, and the older you get, the longer the periods of time spent in fantasy land. That can't be all bad, huh? Except when your fantasies run into your realities and you begin actually thinking it matters what you look like in a world of young, hard bodies. As if.

However crazy I might be... we WILL NOT be doing this while in Vegas:
I get dizzy and nauseated just LOOKING at the picture.


Mental P Mama said...

Oh Snooty, I am sure you will look fetching! Have fun;)

Flea said...

I think when we get to Heaven our bodies will be 20. That's how old I still am in my mind. You go have fun.

TSannie said...

I forget I'm old constantly. I'm always quickly reminded by a glance in the's not pretty.

scargosun said...

You know I just got a shot of adrenaline when I looked at that last pic. How do people do that?

I am glad you are more relaxed about your packing. From the pics I've seen, you look good in everything anyway. :)

Debbie said...

Hi SP! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World! Just wanted to let you know that you are all lined up! Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

Debbie said...

Oh and don't forget to get the HTML code for the BATW button for your sidebar...

And BTW...there is no way I would get on that thing in that last picture either...nut way!

TheVinylVillager said... NOT do that. If the Stratosphere keeps up their rooftop rides as well as they keep up their decor, that thing is apt to fling you back down the strip to the Wynn. I expect once the economy recovers a bit, the Stratosphere will be the next hotel to be imploded.

Have fun!!

sista #2 said... are NOT OLD!

Go out to Vegas and shake what the BR gave ya......have a blast!


B. Roan said...

So, does this mean you are going to grab a couple of pairs of sweats and head out the door?

Personally, I think you should try the ride. Think of the thrill. Me? Never!

Enjoy your trip. BJ

Janie said...

Girl. You are not old. But you did forget to call me for lunch today!

Or...maybe I forgot.

What did you say?

I'm so stupid. I thought y'all left for Vegas and you were already back.

But hell no. You've not even left yet!

You could be wearing polyester pantsuits and SAS shoes like those little old ladies with pincurled white hair, and have a kleenex sticking out of your front pocket. Used, at that. Noone would be the wiser.

noble pig said...

Is that the latest and greatest on top of the Stratosphere? At least have lunch or dinner up there and watch the cooks who do take the plunge. And eat at Le Cirque at Bellagio or Bellagio's Sunday Brunch...yum.

Anonymous said...

Please do not look at my post yesterday... you will get very dizzy!

I think you'll look fab no matter what. Your clothes are darling! But you're right... the most important thing is that you have a great time with Mr. Snooty!

I can't wait to hear all your stories!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh come on, imagine the great photos you could take from up there! do it do it do it!!!! have a spectacular time!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Have Fun
And remember
You can act any age you want in Vegas ..........who cares you'll never see those people again!!!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

go ahead on and dress to the NINES. Make the sweatsuit wearin' mommas jealous.

Like Mr Snooty said "Go For It!"

Have fun!

Mz. Nesbit said...

it's ok that you care about what you wear!!! you want to look good and be comfortable right? and caring about what you're gonna wear is your way of "getting ready" for the trip. :o)

Insane Mama said...

Itdoesn't matter what you wear, you will be the hottest girl there
PS, thanks for you rkind words, I'll let you know where the new blog is when I figure it out!


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