Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig... Can I Tell You How Elated I am To Be Home?

Whew! I'm not sure I've ever been so happy to be home. The first couple of days of the trip were outstanding... until I got smacked in the kisser (I mean the ass) with the same stomach virus I'd had before. I then spent almost the entire remainder of the trip in bed, afraid to eat anything at all. Mr. Snoots tried to get me to go to the hospital, but just the thought of having to wait for hours and hours in the Emergency Room, made me scream "No!". There was no way in Hell that I could possibly be even be more than a few steps from my own personal private bathroom. No Way! Huh-Uh! Not doing it.

So, both Friday and Saturday nights, we sent the kids out to eat without us. Actually, on Saturday I felt much better and decided I could go see "Twilight" at The Draft House. When we got there I decided that the most edible thing on the menu for someone with tummy troubles would be the pizza, which I only ate one slice of, along with my Corona beer. Still, I was feeling fine and loved the movie.

Afterwards, I had to run over to the University Co-op (over by UT) to grab a few quick gifts, which went fine. By the time I made it back to the hotel, the deep grumbling & pain in my tummy had taken up residence once again. By the time it was time to go to dinner, I was once again locked in the bathroom telling everyone to go without me. Since the OU-OSU game was on, Mr. Snoots said he'd stay with me. Uh-Huh... Exactly. He wanted to watch the game.

So, he went out and got himself some dinner (some kind of carryout) and stopped to get me some soup, which I was very grateful for. I then took enough Immodium AD to stay plugged up for the next month, at least. Hey, don't judge me. It worked.

Today, before leaving, we met the kids for breakfast at one of our favorite Austin spots, Polvo's. Snooty son had to work today and SD was leaving on a 7:00 PM flight back to L.A., so we met at 9:00 AM for breakfast and were then on our way home. I drove all the way home, but I still haven't eaten, for fear of another relapse. I'd rather die than eat fast food or any resemblance thereof, thank you. In addition, the hotel lost all internet on Friday and by the time we left, they still didn't have any service. I am soooooo glad to be home and back to my own wonderful internet provider. I'll never complain about them again. I swear!

Anywhoo... I have wonderful pictures from what little we were actually able to do and as soon as I get them uploaded to the computer and all, I will make that post.


Snooty, The Picture of Health (I used to be! Really!)


brneyedgal967 said...

Not the stomach virus again! Nooooo! Twilight was pretty good, wasn't it? Of course, the bookis better but I thought they did a decent job with the movie.

I just got home myself. The dogs were elated to see me. So happy they could pee - and one did, she's an excited piddler. Oh well. My mother spent Saturday in bed and in the bathroom also, not a stomach virus but the aftermath of too many cosmopolitan's - I got pictures of her schnockered - soooo funny.

Glad you're home and can't wait to see the pics!

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get to enjoy all you had planned. Damned that bug!! We had it here too. The Diva had it Thurs & Fri and now I think Peepers has a form of it.
Looking forward to the pictures.

Janie said...

Girl. I hope you get better soon!

noble pig said...

Oh no, I can't believe it came back...not on your amazing weekend! Well I can't wait to see the pics and listen to the stories!


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