Thursday, December 4, 2008

Five Days Of Thanksgiving... Part Two

Leaving the Driskill Hotel, SD and I drove out to Westlake Hills for the party at her friends' parents home, which was interesting and fun, as always. I was lucky to get a picture of the three former roomies, together again.

This house may not look like much from the front, but it is just amazing. The parents of SD's friend own something like seven bar/restaurants on 6th Street and have been successful with every one of them. Now, the sons are getting in on the act, so it has become a family affair of sorts.

When it was time for everyone to head out for the stadium and The UT vs. Texas A & M game, we headed in that direction as well. As it turned out, SD's other friends' parents were not tailgating this year, so we missed out on that. However, I was able to manage a few (somewhat blurry) shots of the various locations where there were tailgate parties, while SD screeched past them driving my car. "Hurry up Mom! Take the shot!" Yeah. Thanks SD. I now also have a slight case of whip-lash...

Next, SD and I went to her old hangout, Cain & Abel's where we waited for game time and got in some really great *girl talk*. SD was meeting friends for the game so I dropped her off as close to the stadium as I could possibly get, then headed back to the hotel.

Now, here is where the real drawback to eating out for Thanksgiving lies. Mr. Snoots and I were then faced with the fact that there was NOTHING open Thanksgiving night, we had no leftovers, and we were both starving. So, I went in search of something, anything. We were desperate, I tell you. After 30 minutes of searching in all directions, I finally gave up and went to Jack-In-The-Crack, where they told me they are open 364 days of the year. They are closed Christmas Day. Somehow, that just didn't make me feel any better. It was a sad, sad moment for me. It got even sadder, later on that night, when the grumbling volcano in my stomach began to erupt again.

Anyway, I got us each a sirloin burger and fries. Yes, I abhor fast food and claim to never eat it. However, I was starving and desperate. There were no stores open anywhere, so I had no choice. I ate about a quarter of mine and threw it in the trash, mainly because I'd gotten cheesecake for us as well, which I intended to devour. Then, the gymnastics going on in my stomach went to a whole new level of performance and I suddenly realized that it was going to be a long night. Unfortunately, I was right. Next year we are having our own Thanksgiving... because I really miss those delicious leftovers. Truly.

I never left my room or the hotel on Friday. It's like Friday never happened because it's just a blurry memory. Mind you, the hotel has no pay-per-view movies, no rentals, and only one movie channel. If that wasn't bad enough, the Internet went completely out on Friday and by the time we left on Sunday, it still hadn't been restored. So, if I'd actually had the strength to sit at the computer, it would have been a no-go. How special is that? So, I laid in bed and moaned. And Groaned. And Tossed. And Turned. In between trips to my nice little private bathroom. At least I had that. It saved my life not having to share. Really. You have no idea.

Friday night Mr. Snoots stayed with me (Yes, there was a college football game on. Yes, we were in separate rooms.) and gave the kids money to go on to Sullivan's without us. Wah! Wah! They didn't even bat an eye, then they were gone before I could get out of bed to say anything (you know, like bring me some food.). So, the hubby went to Panda Express and brought me some questionable egg drop soup. He had also gotten some Cheez-Its at CVS Pharmacy, which I gagged down along with the egg drop soup. It was way better than not eating anything at all, which was my alternative choice. Soup and Water. Sounds like punishment of some sort, doesn't it? Well, it was...

Saturday morning I got up feeling something like 85% better than the day before, so I announced that I was indeed going to The Draft House to see "Twilight" with Mr. Snoots and SD. I just figured "Hey - the relapse is over and done with. Yeehaaaaw!". So, in my usual Devil-May-Care attitude toward illness of any kind, we happily entered The Austin Draft House at Noon. When you go into the theatre you take your chosen seats and peruse the menu. Before you know it, a waiter appears to take your orders, which you give him on the piece of paper provided. SD and I ordered a Bucket of Coronas to start.

I ordered the "Love At First Bite" pizza, which featured slices of ribeye steak, red onions and garlic, but I was only able to eat one piece. Mr. Snoots got the chicken wings and SD had a cheeseburger. The lights then go out and the trailers and other interesting films begin. You don't want to miss the the trailers in the beginning, as many are made in Austin and are very entertaining. I'm hoping this explains the lack of pictures. I'm pretty sure if I tried to get in a picture then, we'd have been tossed out of there, with no refund.

I could almost swear they bought all of the seats in the house from old theaters that had once provided loges or smoking lounges. They were wonderfully comfortable and then you have a low wooden table that runs the length of the row, where you place your food. The waiters are so nice and didn't seem intrusive at all, yet they were always nearby when you wanted them. It was truly a treat for me. I am so short that in a regular theatre, I always have difficulty seeing over or around the person in front of me. Not this day. It's the way the theatre was intended to be... for short and tall alike.

On a side note... I must tell you that the youngest *Vampire Cullen Son* Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone in real life) is from our town, which I was completely unaware of until SD reminded me. I can't believe they only gave him one line, because he's very talented. He's been dating a childhood friend of SD's who is drop dead gorgeous and practically lived at our house throughout elementary school. However, I don't know for sure if they are still dating. Anyway, I thought he was just yummy in the movie (I mean... if I thought kids the age of my own were hawt). Maybe he'll get more lines in one of the sequels. But, throughout the movie he had the most adorable look on his face. I think it was supposed to be sexy to teenage girls, but I thought it was just cute. The kid definitely has appeal.

So, we all enjoyed the movie then returned to the hotel afterwards. I had to run over to the University Co-Op to get a couple of presents, which actually took less than an hour, then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Which is when the dreaded grumbling volcano began orchestrating in my guts again. I laid down for a while to see if it would pass, but it refused to go away so I announced I wouldn't be going out, which was okay with Mr. Snoots because he wanted to stay and watch the OU vs. OSU game anyway. Outstanding way to spend yet another evening. Thank God we had our own bedrooms or I might have gone stark raving mad. However, Mr. S was kind enough to go to Panda Express again, to get me some more egg drop soup. Which I ate with the weird Cheez-Its. Again. I think Mr. S went somewhere else for his dinner, since it smelled a damn lot better than mine. Did I ever mention that I detest egg drop soup? I may never eat it again. Ever.


brneyedgal967 said...

LMAO - this reads like a sitcom. So sorry to laugh at your volcano stomach and shitty dinners... it's just too funny not to. The theatre sounds wonderful, I think there's something like that here but I haven't taken advantage of it yet - we usually wait for the DVD.

And yeah, Thanksgiving leftovers are the best!!

The Incredible Woody said...

I'm so sorry that your stomach wouldn't cooperate with the plans! Poor you!!

Anonymous said...

Love at first bite pizza! Volcanic stomach! I wish your trip had been smoother. Was it the fast food do you think?

WomenBloom said...


I wish I'd known, you could have come over for leftovers. We had a 19 pound turkey and gobs of fixin's. Can't imagine not having my turkey and dressing for Tday.

Next time you make it to Austin, the Midlife Gals and I want to meet you for drinks!


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Are you standing out of the sunroof for that shot? Now that is dedication! I love the pictures you did manage to get tho.
Sorry to hear you had to deal with the volcano on your trip, that sucks. I cannot say egg drop soup would even be in the running for me and add in the cheez-its..Wow, you are brave.
Hope you're feeling better.

June Bug said...

That Volcano-Syndrome has been going on with just about everybody at work. So far they haven't shared it with me! I'm glad you made it through Thanksgiving.

Meg said...

Hi Snooty dahlin'! Glad you survived Thanksgiving. I can't stand egg drop soup either! Those are great pictures,Austin is wondeful!

Stay warm!

Snooty Primadona said...

Tammy: Trust me, I'm only here for your entertainment, lol.

Incredible Woody: Yes, and no one wanted to pamper me and say "Poor Bunny."

Diane: Yes... I have my suspicions it may have been the FF. My body just goes berzerk when I feed it crap. Must make mental note to eat more caviar. That's healthy, right?

Allison: I was definitely feeling sorry for myself with no leftovers. Had I known you had so much, you'd have had a hard time keeping me away. Hey - I'm always good for cocktails... since it's always 5:00 somewhere.

PP: Yup, I was hanging out the sunroof like a teenager. Frankly, I didn't even know you could do that, in MY OWN car, which cracked the daughter up.

JuneBug: This stomach thing seems like an epidemic almost. Everyone seems to have just gotten it or just gotten over it. Scary really.

Meg: I know! I hate leaving Austin every single time... well, except for maybe this time. Egg drop soup is wretched. Okay There. I said it.

sista #2 said... just blows that your volcano has been blowing chunks.

Stay away from fried foods!!!!!!!!

Hope you are feeling better :)


Blarney said...

Yeah ~ I'm gettin to that point with eating out ... it's either in there givin' me a ache or exiting the next closest orifice like a volcano. Ewww ... that was bad ... sorry.

noble pig said...

Do you think it was Jack In the box? I mean it's weird that the same virus would erupt again...oh that's just too bad! Glad it's over!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Other than the crappy stomach, I was turning inside out with jealousy through this post. What a GREAT way to see Twilight!!! ONE line? Jasper is a quality Vampire and they gave him ONE line?!

Thanks for all of the photos, I love living through you :-)


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