Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Time For Another Road Trip... So It Must Be Spring Fever

Yes, I'm getting *itchy britches* again and it's not just from our ant infestation, although my skin has been constantly crawling since that discovery. This is the time of year that I'll do almost anything to avoid Spring Cleaning, which is a hopeless battle here in West Texas anyway. Besides, we haven't been out of town since Thanksgiving, which always makes me *antsy* too. Also, our son is coming for another visit during his Spring Break from school and bringing his little doggie (ha!) with him again. So, if I plan to not *go off* on him about the dog, I'm going to need a break before his arrival.

This morning I dropped Mr. Snoots at the airport so that he could hop a plane to Albuquerque, where he'll meet up with one of his business partners who has his own private plane. From there, they will meet up with another partner (an unmarried woman who lives in Santa Fe) and fly the private plane to Phoenix, where they a have a business meeting scheduled for Monday morning. I would love to have tagged along, but that idea was quickly squashed by Mr. Snoots. Fine. I didn't want to go anyway. I wish.

I had planned to catapult myself, by way of many back roads and Interstate 10, to San Antonio during the hubby's absence until Mr. Snoots told me he had to take MY cell phone. What? I can't travel 10 hours total road time without a cell phone. What if something happened out in the middle of the damned dessert while I'm alone with no way to call AAA or the DPS? Hrumph! No way Jose'. Not me. While I did manage to survive road trips without a cell phone for most of my life, I cannot live without it now. So, I must wait until he returns Monday night, which means I won't be able to leave until Tuesday morning. It also means I can only go for a couple of days, since our son is coming in on Friday. Whoopee.

However short an amount of time it will be, I still need it. I need to see my friend, and drink too much, and be serenaded by Mexican Mariachis, and kick my heels up, and stay up late at night giggling. I. Need. This. Badly. I need to remember what it's like to have a good friend to do all of these things with. I also need to go to my favorite fresh seafood dealer and stock up on more goodies from the ocean. Groomer's, here I come! I need to go to Mi Tierra's for margaritas. I need a break from my mundane everyday life more than anything. I don't care if my plants are screaming to be watered. I don't care that the outside (in front & back) is covered with at least a half inch of dirt from the winter months and needs someone (me) to make it all clean again. I need a break.

Okay, now I'm really perturbed. Better yet, make that hurt and pissed off. Mr. Snoots just called me to say he arrived safely and that I would LOVE the place he's staying, then proceeded to tell me all about it and how they were all having a Pool Tournament and having drinks. Oh, that just makes me feel so much fucking better. Now I'm in tears. He did, however, say that if, by chance, he ever has to go back, then I can come. Thanks a lot, honey! Like that's ever going to happen. Take care of bidness and get back home. So, I'm sitting here bawling and feeling sorry for myself... Boo Fucking Hoo.

Is anyone else feeling as cooped up or as whiny as I'm feeling today? What are you all doing to keep that claustrophobic or sad feeling at bay? Why the Hell does Spring always do this to me? When will my post-menopausal hormonal emotions ever go away? Why should I even care?


Buddha's Place said...

Boo fucking hoo for me too! I still have 3 weeks until I leave for California. I'm not gonna make it.
Hang in there, you only have two more nights and you get to leave :)
This is just my opinion but I think MR Snoots needs some of them carpenter ants in his side of the bed while your gone...

Living on the Spit said...

My UTI turned into an awful kidney infection...heavy painkillers help tremendously with the homicidal tendancy I was feeling earlier...paid twice to see the doctor and for new perscriptions.

Wanna trade?

The Incredible Woody said...

I'll be there just as quick as I can - we'll have margaritas!!

noble pig said...

So why couldn't you go...couldn't you have stamped your feet harder...seriously...a pool tournament! Whatever.

Snooty Primadona said...

Thanks. I'm over it now. I guess I need to wait a couple of hours before posting anything, when I'm upset, lol. I'm damn sure not 12. Really!

I pampered myself with getting carryout dinner from Outback. I'm fatter & happy now.

Rickrack and Pompoms said...

I hate menopause hormones, just when you think they are gone they sneak back. I like you need a trip soon, but my life won't let me. Hang in there and drink a margarita for me too!!

Anonymous said...

I just booked a trip myslef to Durham, N.C. i love a good vacation ... and this one is all by myself and I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I've been a restless soul lately. But without a destination, I've been bad and done a lot of shopping online. Unfortunately, it didn't cure the restlessness!

numberonesistah said...

I hear ya Snoots. It looks like the annual Sistah Retreat is getting cancelled this year. Tanked. Dead as a doornail. The fat lady has sung.

I do NOT want to spring clean even though my house horribly needs it.

I do NOT want to go back to work although I have to in 2 days.

I WANT to get away with a bunch of friends that don't care about my muffin top and if I've shaved or not.

I WANT to laugh my damn ass off.

Where's my drink at....?

Snooty Primadona said...

#1sistah: I so hear you! Maybe we should try to make a new retreat that costs less & is in a more convenient location. Like your house or Tammy's, lol. Hey, we could do it here. Our best friends have a pool & would let us stay there while they're out of town. It would be just like a vacation! Whadya think?

Sassy said...

I haven't gotten around to the spring cleaning yet...but hey 14 layers of dust is as easy to wipe off as one and in Arizona...I would be dusting everyday....but I'm here in AZ where your hubby wouldn't let you come which is crap...and why not? The weather here is GORGEOUS right him say you can come here when it is 120 degrees....NO FUN! We have some really good mexican food too that you would enjoy...I'm sorry you were left home...I would have been ticked off especially with the unmarried partner going....hmmmmmm and you needed a break...for crap's sake!


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