Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mother Nature Is In Menopause Along With The Rest Of Us... And She's Not Happy

Mother Nature blew three consecutive storms into our neck of the woods, each one with a variety of hail sizes. The first storm brought thunder, rain and pea sized hail. No problem, right? Right. The second storm was another story entirely. It sounded as if Thor was up on our roof hammering with his very large sledgehammer. It was actually quite scary to hear and when it finally moved on, the damage was noticeable. It was the largest hail I've ever been personally witness to, many of which were the size of a ping-pong ball. It cracked the glass in one of our skylights and we don't know the extent of damage to the roof yet. The upside to this will be that we will get a new roof, in addition to new glass for the skylight, courtesy of our insurance company. It seemed like Mother Nature was having a hot flash and she was not the least bit happy about it.

We had numerous tornado warnings, which thankfully passed us by. We have a storm/bomb shelter located under the guesthouse in back, but I've never yet been down there. That's right. In the 23 years that we've lived here, I've never been brave enough to go down there. It does have a light bulb but that has never seemed to quell my insane fear of basements. I have peered down into it but it would take more than a tornado warning to get me down there. It's dark, it's creepy, and it has spiders and bugs. No thanks! I'll take my chances with the tornado. Of course, that would most likely be while I'm kissing my dumb ass good-bye.

This morning local meterologists are saying that we had winds up around 70 mph. For once, I believe them.

Did I mention how happy I am that I haven't planted my veggie garden yet? Oh yes, I am! It would have been completely pulverized by the hail. Sometimes procrastination works in one's favor.

What's really crazy is that there were people out driving around while hail the size of ping-pong balls was pounding us. I mean, WTF were they thinking? "Oh, look honey! It's hailing ping-pong balls! Let's go for a drive." There is no cure for that kind of stupidity.

This morning there isn't a cloud in the sky, as if the storms had never been here.

Happy Easter (and Passover) to everyone!


The Incredible Woody said...

Good Lord - look at the size of that hail!! Glad you are safe!

Yes, you figured me out. It was the thought of those 100 miles that sent me into the cast - haha!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you had storms. Mother nature can be a real grump this time of year!

Happy Easter Snooty!

Living on the Spit said...

I probably would have been one of those idiots out there driving around in the hail storm...and searching for the tornadoes.

Mental P Mama said...

I would've been in the basement. This old Tennessee gal has a great deal of respect for wind. Stay safe--and Happy Easter!

noble pig said...

OMG those hail balls...sheesh!

Happy Easter to you!

Treasia said...

So happy to have you back Snooty. I missed having you around.

Glad the tornadoes went around you and you didn't have to see one up close and personal. Jesus at the size of those hail stones. We had a storm as well but our stones were around dime size. Sounded like a war zone around here for about 30 minutes. Princess woke up and came running downstairs cause she got scared to tree might fall in on her.

imom said...

That's what I call monster hail! We don't get anything like that in the northwest, thankfully. I hope the damage to the roof isn't too great.

Happy Easter to you Snooty.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Girl, we had that crappola too...Prince looked outside and said what does that look like to you and I said "An insurance claim", lol. I don't think that anything got to mussed but if it wrecked my corn that I just planted....I'm gonna be ticked!!
Hope you had a splendid Easter and...

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Cookie said...

Yikes! I'm glad that I dont' live near you. I was just moping about some rain.

hermomsometimes said...

Look at the bright side, you get a new roof. I do hope you have full replacement insurance.

That's how we got a new roof a few years ago. We had a bad storm with large hail. There was damage all over town. The insurance guy came out, looked at our roof and said "it just looks like age to me not storm damage". Ha, I told him to climb his sweet little ass back up that ladder and look again. He did and we got a new roof compliments of the insurance company.

Heather said...

We arrived to Hilton Head for spring break and watched the rotation in the clouds of very nearby tornadoes. Very freaky. But there is a difference between watching the "cloud show" as Golfing Son called it and driving around in hail.

Glad you are safe, make Mr. Snoots clear the cobwebs in the shelter --just in case.

Far From Perfect said...

Whats up with the weather your way??? You have more then your share that is for sure. I am sure our area is just getting started with the crazy weather season... we spend many a night in the basement.

Daryl said...

Whack-a-doo weather everywhere ... here is still a battle for spring, winter is insisting its gonna stick around for a while ... FEH

T said...

I popped over from Woody's blog to take a peek and love your blog!

My hometown was getting the same weird weather (a town right over from us was nailed by a horrendous tornado!) and I think mother nature is in need so some serious hormones!

I'm looking forward to coming back often.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Sorry, I was reading these in my reader which means no commenting-- I did show send on a link to show someone your crazy golf ball hail!!

I think under the circumstances, even I would go down with the spiders and believe me, spiders and I do not get along.


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