Friday, November 20, 2009

Eeeeeeeeeeeek! It's A Mouse In The House...

Sometimes I just really don't give our cat Trouble enough credit. I joke all the time about how she can't catch anything but a dead bird. This morning I was looking all around for her, but couldn't find her anywhere. Then, I heard some movement in the living room. She was over by the sofa intently staring after something. I thought it might be a lizard, so I peeked down in between the sofa and lamp table, and this is what I saw:

I have a feeling that she brought this little critter in from outside, since she's been guilty of it many times in the past. If you don't give her a *once over* before you open the door to let her in, there's no telling what she'll sneak in.

So, good old Trouble Cat is pretending she is good for something after all. She acted like she saved me from this little mouse. She's such an impersonator of a mouser! She keeps going through a sequence of catching it and letting it get away. So then, the little mouse gets away and it squeezes itself through the caning around the bottom of the loveseat.

Then, Trouble catches it again when the mouse tries to exit. Then it starts all over again. Apparently, it's a bit more of a struggle coming out through the caning than it is going in. I have no idea if she ever caught the little guy or not.

It appears as though Trouble has either lost the little mouse or has already eaten it. Seeing that she is still intently watching the sofa area, my guess is that she lost it again. However, she will sit and wait until the mouse tries to make another run for it. Then, she'll capture it again. It's really just a game of Cat & Mouse, you know, and no animal loves *The Chase* better than Trouble.

Oh wait. This is the position Trouble Cat automatically assumes whenever I walk in the room. She also does this when I'm in the loo. She is a shameless slut for belly rubs. Shameless!

It sure is a good thing we're not paying her or her ass would be fired. That little mouse is probably still alive and waiting to run across my face once I'm asleep. You know I'm right. That little mouse was able to squeeze itself through a 1/2" diameter hole, which is the size of the caning on my sofa and loveseat. I guess it can probably squeeze itself underneath a door with carpet under it as well. How comforting. Oh Yeah! I'm really going to sleep well tonight.


Pam said...

I love mousers...I have had two wonderful cats in my life who earned my undying affection for their mousing abilities.

One left me a RAT on the welcome mat outside our new home. Luckily for me and her I had on shoes when I stepped outside and onto said rat - thankfully Duh, yes that was her name, had already dispatched the rat before I stepped on it. I still shudder when I think about it. At the time we had a vacant acre lot to the south of us and one across the street. Never had any other intruders.

My pest control people say that Sweet Pea, being a Yorkshire Terrier, has probably kept the vermin out, too. I hope her scent will last through the winter!

Cathy M said...

So far I haven't had any problems with mice in this house. In my old house with my old cat, the kill count was Midnight 2, me 3. I don't think Crash and Burn would be much different, that like to watch the crickets that come into the house.

imom said...

I've had all manner of "gifts" from my cats over the years. The one that took the cake was the live bird that flew all over the house in a panic before it was caught and put outside. I hope you were able to sleep knowing there was a mouse in the house, I don't I wouldn't have.

Mental P Mama said...

My sweet Noelle was the best mouser! Good luck with this one!


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