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The FLDS Splinter Sect Is Back In The News With A Child Abuse Suit... Time For Another Rant From Snooty

Of course, we knew it would happen again, eventually. A 38 year old male sect member. Raymond Jessop, of the splinter FLDS group here in West Texas is on trial for child sexual abuse (married to a 15 year old girl who bore his child). That, my friends, spells child abuse. Furthermore, it was learned in court recently that the girl had been *reassigned* to him from his brother, so she had clearly been *trouble* for the sect from the start. Testimony today was pretty earth shattering for residents at the Yearning For Zion Ranch, as if they thought this day would never come.

Not only were sexual abuse allegations confirmed by the testimony of a former female member, but illegal accounting was being done as well. We all know they are responsible for a great portion of the welfare scams to date. Since the many wives of one man can't be legally married to him, the women file for welfare and food stamps. They've been quietly bilking the welfare system for quite some time. The time for it to all stop is long past due, don't you agree?

The Salt Lake Tribune has been covering the process of the trial with great interest and offering blow by blow coverage, which you can find online HERE.

One of the saddest aspects of all this is obviously, the children. But, it also casts a shadow on the Church of Latter Day Saints, who have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any of the fundamentalist splinter sects. Nor do they support them in any way. So get that straight right now. I think most Mormons are more horrified by all this than I am.

Somehow these fundamentalists were able to basically fly under the radar for far too long and I'm always satisfied to see one of these men getting their comeuppance. I do hope they enjoy their prison sentences and may they be rewarded for their efforts while in residence there...

This next part in bold is what I wrote when all of this first started, back during the week of May 23, 2008: 

I was sickened to the point of nausea upon hearing tonight's news about the Third Court of Appeals Judge in Austin who ruled that all of the authorities involved in removing the children from the compound, did so without proven cause. Which means children and mothers will be returning to their cozy little (ahem!) inbred homes.

Am I missing something here? Is it not illegal in this day and age to practice polygamy? Since when did it once again become acceptable for very young girls to marry and have sex with a much older man who already has a harem of wives? Are we actually spinning back in time? This whole disgusting situation gives one pause to ponder. Oooops! Silly me. It's all under the umbrella of Freedom of Religion. Hmm... I wish that made me feel better about all of this, but it fails to do so. You know, I've seen these women and their children at the local grocery stores from time to time, but never had any idea this is the kind of regime they live under.

I mean you can call me crazy or blind if you'd like, but has anyone ever noticed how much all of those people look alike? Hello. There's a valid reason for that. Uh-Huh. It makes me remember back when HBO had their series Big Love on for a couple of seasons. Honestly, I watched it out of morbid fascination and got hooked. Because I thought it was just TV, as usual. Huh-Uh. Nope, it depicted these people on a very realistic level, especially after what I've seen in the news.

The inbreeding is obvious, even if they had not all been dressed alike with the same hairdos. (That alone is so creepy it makes my skin crawl.) The men don't all look the same or dress the same. Which leads me to believe that their whole lame system is based on degrading women and reducing them to nothing, in order to control them. Clothing as control. No individuality as control. Taking new wives as control. Being *reassigned* to another husband as control. Constant pregnancies from the early teens as control. Making them work like horses as control. No personal money as control. The list goes on Brothers and Sisters. The list goes on.

On one episode of Big Love I recall hearing Mary Kay Place's character trying to explain to one of the other wives' children how everyone was related and I have to give her a ^5(high five) for even remembering the lines for her character. The top of my head was on the floor trying to recover. It was mystifying, really, because the list was long. Unbelievably. Long. But this is merely *small stuff* compared to the real life version of the story.

Next, we have the massive amounts of money this sect has acquired by collecting welfare aid from the government. Those would be our hard earned dollars at work, Ladies & Gentlemen. Are you feeling warm & fuzzy about this yet? In Arizona alone, last year $8,000,000.00 was received in aid for these unwed mothers and is referred to by cult insiders as "Bleeding the Beast" which is primarily bleeding the U.S. Government of as much money and aid as they possibly can. It is in their doctrine. They even consider this act to be virtuous and that it is owed to them by the government for the past injustice of making laws against polygamy. Well, D-U-H. Polygamy was the practice of unenlightened, uneducated, ignorant and uncouth people. It is so difficult to believe that this kind of archaic practice is even in existence in this day and age. That is why it changed in this country. It is wrong, whether disguised as a religion or not. Old men having sex with 13 year old girls is wrong, is it not? Don't answer because it doesn't matter. I. Think. It's. Wrong.

I remember Dateline doing several pieces in a series on catching child predators. Old men who met what they thought were young girls, over the internet, came to a house to meet them and they each got busted on TV as well as by the law enforcement officers. I must admit that I cannot see a difference here. Dirty Old Men and Young Girls. Same difference.

Old Men. Young Girls. NoNoNoNoNoNo!! A Million Times No. Oh, wait! I forgot that they are protected under the Freedom of Religion part of the First Amendment. Now, I've carefully studied the First Amendment and I cannot find the place where it says it's okay to have multiple wives (ie: a harem) and have sex with underage girls, making them pregnant with their own nephew or niece. I almost forgot that our Forefathers had no earthly idea that such injustices would come to be, through their efforts to create a free country. Trust me when I say that today there were corpses turning over in their graves, all over the country. The corpses of the great men who founded this great country, with some of them giving their lives in order for us to have such freedoms. If they were alive to speak as to the true meaning of the First Ammendment today, they would be horribly shocked & ashamed by what has happened to such an important thing as the original intent of this document, that took them so long to complete with such insight & precision.

So, what part of all this am I not understanding? I challenge anyone to help me understand this entire train wreck, because I know you can't. I know you can't because it is wrong and deep down inside, those people know it. You know it. I know it. It. Is. Wrong. Period.

I am a huge believer in the First Amendment rights, but NOT when it involves children having sex with old men and having babies out of wedlock who also bilk our government out of millions of dollars every year. Perhaps I am, indeed, not the brightest crayola in the box, but I don't get it. I don't care if it is doctrine taught from birth or not. I don't care that they say it is their religion. That's merely a manipulation of words. Plain and Simple.

So, the upshot of this post is that I think that Third Appeals Court Judge had a good long look at the entirety of this situation and, realizing the overwhelming aspects of trying to sort out such a gargantuan mess, decided that it was better to just let them go back and inbreed together until it kills them all. If that is truly the case, then she copped out and took the easy road. I applaud her for bailing in the face of something concerning human decency. What a wimp!

Otherwise, I just want to say Shame on that Third Court of Appeals Judge in Austin. I mean, what's next? That it's okay to have sex with animals in public? I'm certain that you could find a good argument for that as well, huh? Surely there is some little hole somewhere in a document, that you will find. Maybe next you can free serial killers from jail. Sounds like it's right up your alley. Which I hope they find their way to.

Oh Dear. It seems I have have gone off on yet another rant. Oh well. Deal with it.

If you would like to read the Supreme Court of Texas ruling, you can go HERE. If you want to read my second post about this subject, you can find that HERE. Also, I nearly croaked when I discovered this FLDS web site


TSannie said...

Wrong wrong wrong!! Great post on a horrible travesty!

Staci said...

The country has went so far to remain "politically correct" that we've forgot, somewhere along the way, that human decency is the most politically correct thing one can do. This whole thing just sickens me too.

Rian said...

My friend used to live SLC and she says Big Love is very close to the truth...the little quirks of the Mormans in their daily doings.

This is a very interesting read:

The Incredible Woody said...

Can I get an amen?!?!?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Oh Snooty, I love your rants!


imbeingheldhostage said...

I'll always willingly "deal with" your "rants" as long as you continue to rant fairly.
THANK you for the disclaimer on Mormons. I can't begin to tell you how I cringe whenever a polygamy story comes up anywhere because I know it will always be linked back to us and you're right-- we're as mortified as anyone about this. I, for one, am REALLY tired of paying. I pay AZ taxes that apparently go straight into feeding these groups.
Great post.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Awesome post!

Heather said...

Another Amen! I'll also add this: Why the hell does this country release violent sex offenders so they can commit more horrendous acts?

However, I have to admit I'm hooked on "Big Love." I think part of it is because I find it so incredibly hard to believe this kind of thing still goes one. It doesn't seem to real to me, but I guess it is.

Great post.


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