Monday, August 9, 2010

Okay, I've Had It With Blogger....

Even though I made a new post yesterday, it still isn't showing, so I'm shopping for a new blog home. Blogspot has done nothing but give me grief for the last month. I've spent countless hours reading all the crap tips they suggest you read if you have problems and then still nothing changes. First they obliterated my blogroll, now my posts don't show up on the proper date, half the time that I leave comments for people, they never show up, and my format is all messed up. This is a craziness I can do without right now, thank you.

Yesterday's post:

If Animals Could Talk, Oh The Tales We'd Hear....

Yesterday I was trying to remember how many pets I've had in my lifetime. If my memory isn't backing up again, I believe the total is:

3 rabbits (Crusader, Bam-Bam, & Tory),  

4 Guinea pigs (don't remember their names), 

at least 8 hamsters,  

several chameleons,  

6 or 7 fish,  

3 parakeets:,  

1 Desert Lynx: (named Richard The Lionhearted),  

7 dogs of different breeds: (Paley - the German Shepard, Charlie - the Poodle, Casey - the crazy Dalmation, Peggy -  the Rocky Mountain Spotted Beagle, Poco & Snooker - both Brittany Spaniels, Zelda - the crazy Irish Setter, Jasper - the black Labrador Retriever who could clear 8 foot fences with the ease of a cat, and Lulu - the Cairn Terrier),  

2 horses: (1 named Sunshine & 1 named Denver), and  

15 cats: Trigger ( black cat), Charlie (seal point Siamese), Tigger (grey striped American Shorthair), Greta (calico), Tigger II (same as the first Tigger), Muffy (Persian), Fluffy (Persian), Tigger III (grey tabby - Siamese mix),  Pinky (orange & white tabby), Bozo (solid black Persian), Pinky II (same as first Pinky), Trouble (black & white tuxedo), Trouble II (same as the first Trouble), Pepper (a ring-tailed Manx who could leap tall buildings), and Trouble III (another tuxedo black & white). 

Of all the cats I've had, I was the most fond of Pepper the Manx who could leap tall buildings. However, her favorite pastime was hiding in large boxes full of packing peanuts and would jump out like a Jack-in-the-box at whatever animal or human happened to be walking by. She was a hoot! 

Oh, and I have to say Trouble 2 next because we used to catch her in the living room playing the piano. I. Am. So. Serious. The funny thing was that as soon as she noticed someone was watching she would stop. I have video footage of it. She would sit on the bench like a child practicing scales and it was a scream to watch.

Over the years, I've often wished that my animals could talk to me so I could find out where they've been and what the heck happened to them. Of course, that could never be but I have become better at interpreting what they want from me, although that doesn't derive any answers. It's little wonder then, why Dr. Doolittle and Dr. Doolittle II just crack me up. I could watch them both a zillion times and still laugh just as loudly every time I see them. It never fails to make me howl when the sheep come to Dr. Doolittle and say, "Our butts hurt!".

Once, when our first Pinky cat was about 12 years old, he went missing for 3 days. Everyone was sure he was a gonner but I just had a strong gut feeling he wasn't dead.  At the end of 3 days, we pulled into our driveway to discover him sitting on the front porch. He looked odd and the closer we got to him I realized his collar was up in his mouth, practically strangling him. I immediately rushed him to our veterinarian who told me it looked like he'd gotten caught on a fence (probably chain link) and the skin around the corners of his mouth was beginning to grow around the collar. She had to surgically remove the collar, but he was otherwise just fine. The funny thing was that the scars left Pinky with a permanent grin, which was a perfect fit to his sunny disposition. Still, just thought of him hanging on someone's chain link fence makes me sick every time I think about it, to this day. However, Pinky didn't go out much after that but lived to the ripe old age of 19.

Another time, Tigger III disappeared for 10 days but I just had a feeling she was still alive somewhere. At the end of 10 days we went out to the guesthouse to get our luggage for a trip and the minute we opened the door, she came screaming out of there like a rocket being launched. Apparently, she had slipped in there when one of us wasn't paying attention. I still believe the only way she survived 10 days out there was to drink toilet water and eat mice. She didn't go out much after that either.

We once lost our favorite hamster and spent a month looking everywhere for the poor little thing. We never did find him until one day I smelled something really awful and the smell was coming from my golf bag. Upon investigation, I discovered his poor little decaying body at the bottom of my bag. Apparently, he could climb up and in but was unable to climb back out. That still makes me sick to this day. He was the absolute funniest hamster we ever had (yes - they can be funny). We once taught him to ride a tiny tricycle that had been the former holder of a pair of salt & pepper shakers and he'd ride around in circles all the time after that. I still kind of miss the little guy. R.I.P. Dippy. I bought a new golf bag after that incident. 

One time our cats found this white rabbit and brought him home. He loved to play and the cats loved him. Watching them play was hysterical. Then one day, a man and his son came to the door looking for their rabbit. They thought we'd stolen it but I confessed and told him the cats were the responsible parties. The father looked at me like "Oh yeah. She's gone". Whatever. Evidently, our house was more fun.

Oh, and let me say that Lulu the Cairn Terrier was my favorite dog even though she once ate a brand new, never worn, pair of Sesto Meucci sandals. I cured her of that bad habit right quick.

Now it seems our current (and only animal) Trouble cat has had something happen, but she isn't revealing anything besides some bruises, some puncture marks (which could & probably will abscess), and a few scratches, along with a generally pizzed off disposition. I can't seem to make her feel better so we're off to the vet tomorrow. I'm certain that we've spent thousands of dollars on our animals vet bills over the years, but there is no way I want to see an actual figure on that amount. No doubt I'd have a stroke or a coronary.

So, like I've already said, if animals could talk, oh the tales we'd hear


Suburban Princess said...

Oh yes I often wonder what my dog is thinking :O) Prolly the same as my husband is thinking 'I wonder if there is anything to eat' LOL!

Bodaciousboomer said...

An animal lover after my own heart!

My mom always told me that when our pets die they wait for us at the rainbow bridge. I'll have a whole pack waiting for me!

Beth Dunn said...

I've never had a problem with my blog but keep me posted if you get a new home!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love the jack-in-a-box kitty! So did you keep a box full of packing peanuts just sitting around to scare visitors? I totally would have:)

Patricia Hannigan said...

Great post. It was probably Dippy's golf obsession that did him in. :o0

TSannie said...

Aren't pets just the best? Loved the stories of yours.

Lauren and Daryl both told me my blog post is written in wingdings. It' looks perfectly fine on my computer...I really dislike blogger.

TSannie said...

Aren't pets just the best? Loved the stories of yours.

Lauren and Daryl both told me my blog post is written in wingdings. It' looks perfectly fine on my computer...I really dislike blogger.

TSannie said...

Aren't pets just the best? Loved the stories of yours.

Lauren and Daryl both told me my blog post is written in wingdings. It' looks perfectly fine on my computer...I really dislike blogger.

TSannie said...

Aren't pets just the best? Loved the stories of yours.

Lauren and Daryl both told me my blog post is written in wingdings. It' looks perfectly fine on my computer...I really dislike blogger.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Funny, I was just cursing at blogger and came over here to unwind ;-)
You have a fantastic memory! Wow, you could have had your own farm.
I can't think of pets that we've had because I start weeping just beginning with the most recent (nothing like your poor hamster story-- so sorry about that one!).

And about that post. Could you have started it on another day and so it posted chronologically (like back when you started it)? I've done that a number of times.

Let me know when you move please :-)

Kitchen Rat said...

I sooo understand this. We are at 8 existing non-human family members. Two dogs, two horses, four cats. My daughter, at one time, had 3 hamsters and was having a little trouble managing all of them. So I picked one up and said this is mine. At the ripe old age of 47, I had my own hamster. His name was changed to Popcorn. Originally, it was Ivory, thinking it was a female. He was doing some un-female hamsterlike things to Miss Mocha. Popcorn was great. He was a singing hamster.

Snooty Primadona said...

SP: Yes, dogs & men are simple like that.

Boda: That's the most wonderful thing I've ever heard! Now I'm kind of looking forward to the day...

Woody: Are you kidding? Of course I did! She was the same cat that slept with her little head on my pillow every night & would pat my face gently w/ her paw. She was sooo special.

Patricia: I know, right? He was funny but fell into the wrong hole, which is better than our baby bunny who jumped in the toilet & died. Oh, the stories!

Annie: All I can say is *HELLO*! Just what I'm talking about. It made me laugh hard anyway, so I'm leaving them, LOL!

Jeri: Well, yes, you know I did but when I tried to fix the date it went all wanker on me. I've always been a bit obsessed with my pets... well, most of them anyway.

KR: I can honestly admit that most of the hamsters and 3 cats are buried in a secluded part of the garden, beyond the backyard. The kids would gather their friends & we'd have funerals, then they wanted a new whatever as soon as the burial was done, LOL!

Mental P Mama said...

What are we gonna do with that Annie???? And it seems Trouble is a good moniker for that one;) Hope all is well. I think you missed your calling: Snooty P, DVM has a nice ring to it.....

ReluctantYankee said...

I'll be by with my two horses, three dogs, two pot bellied pigs and one chicken...looks like they'll have a great home...(wink!)

Diane said...

Here's hoping Trouble feels better soon.

I hate blogger. Half the time it won't let me comment.

North of 25A said...

Wouldn't it make a great book to put together funny pet stories? I love the piano playing kitty; that beats my corn on the cob eating cat any day.

Heather Jones said...

This is fantastic. I don't think a day goes by without my mom and I laughing about something the animals did that day. I love them all so much (except Golfing Son's African Dwarf Frogs-ICK!)

I HATE BLOGGER TOO! One stupid code got into a post of mine and screwed up my entire format. WTF? I would happily pay someone to help me when I have these problems, but there is no one to call. HATE BLOGGER! HATE BLOGGER!

Bodaciousboomer said...

Hi Liz. If you can please pray for our little Gizmo. He's so sweet and so desperately ill. I knew you'd understand. Thanks, Michele


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