Friday, August 13, 2010

Under The Scrutiny Of Dragonflies....

Every day when I go to my friends house to swim there is a trio of little blue dragonflies that like to dance about my head like tiny faeries as I go about my swim/treading water routine. They really are fascinating and it seems to me that they play little games together, with me as their object of amusement. When I make any splashing noises they immediately come to inspect the source of said splashing and like to get all up in my face, retreating as quickly as they they ascended upon me. So, today I wrote down my thoughts as I water danced with the dragonflies. Here it is:

When the brightly glistening dragonflies enter my
Quiet world of softly moving water
You cannot hear a sound

It is a silent little part of the universe that we share
My lovely little gossamer-winged friends
And I

I try to carry on mad hatter conversations with them
Only to realize that it's like trying to
Understand the sound of one hand clapping

Upon their close inspection of me
I suddenly understand that it is the beauty of silence
That we share each and every day

They dazzle me with helicopter maneuvers over the surface of the pool
The gracefulness of their movements so fluid
Which leaves me wondering what they find so interesting about me

Yet I am both grateful to and in awe of these delicate little creatures
 And the enchantment they bring me on their fragile wings.....

Then of course, I decided to do a Google Search on dragonflies and was mortified to discover that they have their gills (their propellers) in their rectums. Ewww! Also, they are descendants of prehistoric Raptors. What? That's what I refer to as entirely too much information. I just wanted to hear a pretty little faerie tale, not read the damned truth! I am so not enamored with them any longer. Okay, maybe just a little...


scargosun said...

This is the second cool post I read today about insects! Honey, Rock Dawn wrote one about a cool moth. Loved reading your thoughts about the fairy flies. :)

Mental P Mama said...

I love them. I think they have spirits. Even if their propellers are in their behinds....

The Incredible Woody said...

I had a head-on collision with a dragonfly while riding my bike once. Crashed right into the tip of my nose! Hurt like crazy!

Patricia Hannigan said...

Of Raptors and their Rectums That could be the title the poem... ;o)

But seriously the poem is beautiful and dragonflys are so cool.

Great post. Happy Weekend.

Bodaciousboomer said...

Did you used to write "Deep Thoughts on SNL? That was some funny poop kiddo!

Heather Jones said...

LOL! I loved your poem. Hubbie always ruins songs for me by telling me what they are really about. I HATE that!

Queen of Halloween said...

I used to feel the same way about them until I found out that they are Raptors to Mosquitoes. This is their main meal! These guys are now my best friends! I like to think of them as GOOD fairies indeed...great poem/thoughts by the way.

BJ Roan said...

LOL! You had me! I read this wonderful, soothing poem. I was right there floating on the water, feeling the gently tug of the water and watching the dragonflies flit by..and then the real Snooty appeared. Laughing here. ;)


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