Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looking Forward To The Future....

I probably shouldn't be buying ANY new things for when we someday move, especially since we don't even have our house on the market yet. However, we will be selling most of what we have and going for a different *style*, when we do finally move, so I'm trying to offset total costs by buying a little here and there. I wouldn't want my dear Mr. Snoots to have a stroke over buying everything at once. Besides, this should be a process. Back when we married in 1977, I was 25 years old and had no earthly clue as to what my style was. 

Looking back, I realize that I didn't really even HAVE a style. I was an idiot and bought things appropriate to my idiocy. Between the items we bought back then and the items we *inherited* over the years, I see that I cannot even call it eclectic. My home is full of things that really just don't even *go* together.

So, when I found this awesome little table at a garage sale for $40.00, I had to take it home. It was pretty beaten up and had numerous scratches and nicks. I spent some time repairing the damage with Scratch Cover, which worked perfectly rather well.

The table now resides in our front entry hall, by the front door. I don't like our prized Rolling Stones framed poster above the table, but I'm planning to move a mirror/coat rack there and move the poster out of the sun. 

Yesterday, I spray painted the coat hooks on the mirror/coat rack to go with the knobs on the table and they look great. All of a sudden I've become obsessed with spray painting just about everything I can think of besides the cat. I'm thinking the chandelier in the dining room might be the next spray paint victim, among other numerous items.


Okay, since this post has taken me so long to get around to, I now have updated pictures. Unfortunately, I'm just not sure I really like the outcome. I'm thinking I need to raise the mirror/rack at least another 6" to 8" OR put the Rolling Stones poster back. I'm not sure. Since I haven't gotten to do ANY redecorating in 34 years, I'm just completely confused. All. The. Time. Right now I feel like telling myself to just pick a damned style and stick with it. Wonder how well that will work in the long run, LOL!

I am such a *wannabe* decorator. I always have been. However, when merely dreaming about what you'd like, it's difficult to see a finished product since you've only been dreaming for the last 34 years. Nothing to show for all those dreams, really. Nothing tangible. I'm not even sure everything that I like will even look good together. So, what the Hell was I thinking to change (or originate a personal style all my own) my non-existent decorating style? I mean, I like almost everything I see.

I feel like a total novice at this point. So, I assume it would be smart to only go with the purchase of one piece at a time, right? I really just want a more comfortable environment that is now more conducive to the way we live.....

Any pointers from you decorating mavens would sincerely be appreciated. I'm starting to feel SO overwhelmed.

On another note, we have had 2 fox sightings this week but our painter (yes, just one painter for a 3200 square foot home) is now here and has begun painting the outside of our house, so it may just be what runs the foxes off again. Hope not.

Did I mention we're I'm changing the exterior colors on the windows and trim of the house? Yup. I decided to go with a combo of pale gray body, black trim, with cream colored accents. I hope I know what I'm doing....


The Incredible Woody said...

I may be a maven but definitely not of the decorating kind. I have no style - just a big mishmash of crap!

But I do love, love, love that Rolling Stones poster!

Mental P Mama said...

LOl...By the time the painter finishes, it'll be time to repaint where he started!! Maybe Mr. Snooty can go out and help him;) It's looking pretty in that front hall!

Bodacious Boomer said...

The foxes are back! How great is that? We're still waiting for rain here. We were hoping that tropical wave would come our way, but it looks like it's going to N.O. area instead.

Sorry, I don't have any Martha advice for you. My only rule these days is less is more. Trying to get Doug to go along with it is another thing though.

Queen of Halloween said...

I tell my customers when asked about that same question and my suggestion to them is this...
Take photos of the area in question with and without furniture in the shot. Then take pictures of your proposed item and by using photoshop tools, super impose one on the other. So much easier to lift and redecorate without the expense and chance that you won't like it. I've even done the same with fabric changes. I am NOT a teckie type of person and even I find it easy to do this. You seem to manage your photos well so it shouldn't be too hard. I even suggestion this when planning building additions.
Hope this little tip helps?
Love what you have done so far only the tall flowers ruin the look...try putting them beside it on the floor?
Again...great work and keep trying!


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