Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Joys of Christmas.... Or Not

After attending the Griswold party we came home to discover there was nothing for the poor cat to eat, so I ran up to the nearest convenience store for a can of tuna (she won't eat cat food). After paying for the tuna I left to get in my car and a strange woman came up to me, saying she was sorry to ask, but she needed help with either a place to stay or the money to find a place. I'd heard on the news that Salvation
Army and other shelters around town were all full.

My first reaction was to tell her no and bolt for the car as quickly as possible. Then, that question came to my mind. You know the one. What if it was Jesus testing me? So, I gave her every penny I had in my wallet, which only amounted to approximately $37.50. When I told Mr. Snoots and SD they just rolled their eyes and laughed at me for being such a sucker. Perhaps I am, but I felt good knowing I'd helped someone to have a warmer Christmas (as opposed to believing she was a con artist).

Yes, I'm one of those people who still believes there are lots of good, honest people left in the world, whether they have fallen upon hard times or whatever. I'm also the person who can only toss so many coins into the Salvation Army pot before she begins planning new routes to avoid them. They always tug on my heart strings too hard.

Last night I went to see the yearly light and music show that a local paraplegic works on all year. As always, it was so fun and he has music to like 8 different songs in a row, all set to the beat of the lights. 

As I'm sitting there recording one song, a young man comes up to my car from behind, startling me. I nearly dropped the camera. Luckily all he wanted to know was what radio station to turn to for the light show music. But he still startled me pretty badly so I decided it was time to head home before something else happened.

Anyway, this is the best recording I was able to get:


Lori Browning said...

I like to think you did the right thing as well.

Tammy said...

I loved that you helped that woman! Not many people would. Love the light show! We didn't get a chance to drive around to look at lights this year, so I appreciate you posting your recording!

TSannie said...

You did good, my friend, you did good. And I'm proud of you.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Good for you Mrs. Snoots.

Mental P Mama said...

You done good. Cynics be damned! Happy New Year!

Roan said...

I'm always torn when someone asks for money. I was duped once by a lady in the Olive Garden parking lot, in Dallas. It was a new request. She asked if I could spare some money to buy detergent to do her laundry. Well, since there was a laundromat right across the street, I thought she was for real...until I saw a story about her on the news. But, like you, I like to think there are still those out there who really do need help.

The light show is beautiful.

imbeingheldhostage said...

:( Awww, I can't see it on my mobile. Anyway, I would never roll my eyes at you & completely follow my gut. I don't EVER want to explain to Jesus why I had so much and couldn't give away a little. Well done Snooty!


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