Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Discovery & A Stellar Recommendation

Remember when I bought a new Roman Shade for our den/office door from Lowe's? It looks so cute that Mr. Snoots decided that we needed to buy Roman Shades for the den/office windows. OMG! I was in shock for several days at the mere suggestion. I mean, really....... after 25 years? Are you sure this isn't a rash decision? Would you like to think about it a bit more? Before he'd had a chance to change his mind, I'd already gone on line and ordered custom made Roman Shades with free shipping from a marvelous site called After entering the measurements for my blinds at numerous sites on the internet, I jumped at the chance Select Blinds offered. Still, there is always that *skeptical* question that lingers inside each & every one of us that has a brain. Will it be good or will it be regrettable?

I first tried Jacque Penney, where the price was well over $900.00. Next I tried Sears where it was over $1,000.00. Home Depot made me want to swallow my tongue at seeing their price. Huh? Seriously? I can't imagine what they might cost through a decorator (you know, with the decorator's cost added in). After perusing several other websites, I was done. I measured my window once again to be certain I was being accurate (because sometimes I have a brain fart and don't get it right). Fine. I might have measured an anal retentive 4 times, just to be sure. Call me crazy.

So, I placed the order and held my breath. Now another marvelous thing about these people is that they give you a few days of Grace, in which to change your mind about color or measurements or whatever. Who does that? No one I've ever heard of, trust me. However, I was solid in my decision. So, they arrived last Thursday and we mounted them on Saturday. We actually took a while to get them done because we thought they would be like every other blind we've ever hung. Difficult. Not so. They were the easiest ever. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Hello. I'm good here. Not only were we given free shipping, but they also cost a grand total of $490.00. Ka-Ching! These people are not paying me for this free advertising, although I feel as if they should be. This is one helluva plug for them. I will NEVER purchase Roman Shades anywhere else. Honestly. I heart these people!

The custom Roman Shades are beautiful, well made, of high quality, and they arrived in a timely manner. Win. Win. Win.

The best part of all? They were both fully lined and each measures 58" in width and 72" in length. You can even do the math and I challenge you to find a better deal on Roman Blinds as far as installation goes. They were easier to install than the ones we bought from J. C. Penney's, particularly, the ones we installed in the first guest room.

I will forever be a fan of Select Blinds DOT COM. Stellar company. Woot!


Mental P Mama said...

They look wonderful! What fabric is that? I am writing this down!

Tracey from ⓽ said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for the tip!

Beth Dunn said...

Can't believe the price difference. So happy you are pleased. I loved window treatments!

Roan said...

They are gorgeous! I'm jotting down the website just in case I decide to replace those totally unattractive mini blinds in the guest room.

Anonymous said...

hi there they are built using brackets contact above
c d


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