Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Laziest Blogger On The Planet.... Perhaps I'll Get An Award

Yes, it's true. I have officially become the laziest blogger on the planet. No, I'm not threatening to quit blogging again. I'm simply stating a fact. I'm not sure whether it's really being lazy or just not having anything meaningful to write about. Lord knows that never stopped me from blogging before. There is plenty proof of that, for which I apologize posthumously.

Things have been a little crazy and totally boring around here. How can that be, you ask? Well, last week I went through the second phase of my teeth implants (the metal anchors are in!), went to the eye doctor, ordered new glasses, painted a wall in Mr. Snooty's new office, worked on the ottoman slipcover I'm attempting to make, then sat around waiting on things to start happening. Yawn. Things like new windows being installed, the rest of the exterior of the house getting painted, the yard guy coming to clean up the carnage of this winter, the fridge/freezer to be repaired again, and all of the other things that currently need to be done. It's the never ending story with old houses.

I'm not really very good at waiting, being the impatient nelly that I am. I want to blink and see it all finished, at the snap of my fingers. Like in the old TV show "I Dream of Genie". Guess that won't be happening any time soon. I've also wanted to get started on the two 1970's tables I'd bought back in the fall (for re-dos) but the crazy wind would have to stop for that to be possible. Why, oh why, did I buy spray paint for them?

The harder I try to move things along with the house, the slower everything seems to go. Some days it frustrates me to the point of insanity and I want to just give up. I mean, by the time we do eventually move, I'll be so far out of shape that I might never find my way back. I need want a pool and I need want it now. That is so not going to happen any time in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, even if we were to get our house on the market, there is nothing available to buy right now. Nothing we would want, anyway. There are less than 200 houses on the market here currently (with a population of 120,000 +) and even if the houses have a swimming pool, they also have huge yards to care for. Definitely NOT what we want, by any means. So, I feel like we're stuck between a rock and a hard place, with no relief in sight. The oil business has made for a totally wacky economy here, although we know full well what it's like to be completely broke when a boom goes bust. Right now, restaurants can't even hire workers because everyone is busy working somewhere in the *oil biz*. It's the nature of the beast, as they say.

While I'm pleased that our housing market is so good, I also see that we are faced with a great dilemma. Right now you can't even rent an apartment in this city, much less rent a house. Besides, I refuse to move twice this time. I did that last time. We spent 9 months in the most gawd awful rented 2 story townhouse (with just the bare necessities, the rest in storage) while we searched for a place we wanted. It was 9 months of living hell, trust me. Both of our children were toddlers and still in diapers, so we spent an outrageous amount of time at our lake house, without Daddy. It was the only way I could hang on to my sanity. You're probably latching on to the thought that I don't like moving at this juncture. You would be right. I had enough of moving, growing up with my gypsy mother (The Brown Recluse).

Having said that, I also believe that staying 25 years in the same house is just short of insanity. Moving to a new home makes one ruthlessly purge, whereas just cleaning out the junk doesn't quite achieve the same results. Once you put thought into moving by the cost-per-pound, you tend to get pretty wicked with the disposal of unwanted *stuff*.

I guess I just revealed my dirty little secret. I'm having difficulty really cleaning things out, so I've made the decision to adopt the *cost-per-pound* way of cleaning and organizing. It cracks me up how differently I view things now. Before I can even ask myself the question, "Do I need/want this?", it's already in the giveaway or throw away pile. Nice! It doesn't really matter if you're moving 6 blocks away or 600 miles away; the cost of moving your home and all its belongings has gotten astronomical. So, aside from furniture, I'm beginning to see nearly everything we have as trash or treasures. I'm slowly packing away all the treasures since I'm not willing to let some big bull of a guy pack my glass pretties  for me. I learned my lesson well last time. Don't ask.

Our painter, Mr. Molasses, is back (after his apparent cold weather hiatus) and in true form, as always. God grant me the serenity. If he launches into one more dissertation about the importance of doing a job right, I might have to hurt him. You know. Considering that I had to fix all of his little faux pas in our daughter's old room. Actually, I still haven't repaired or *made right* everything yet. He broke SD's *pocket door* that separates her bathroom and bedroom (somehow) while painting it, so I have to hire a REAL carpenter pro to come repair it. After his leaning on the bathroom cabinets while painting (WTH?) I now need to replace the hinges, which means replacing the other hardware too. The fun just never ends around here, I tell you!

I finally put the counter top paint in my car to take to Ace Hardware for the addition of the color I've chosen. Yes, I've been dragging my feet on this project. It scares me that I might totally screw it up, so I procrastinate. Maybe this week I'll actually get that color added and get started so that it'll be done before Thanksgiving. Yup. That's my goal. I'd hate to rush things you know.


Mental P Mama said... the time you get that house ready to put on the market, you're going to love all the new stuff so much you'll stay!

Snooty Primadona said...

Ummm... No.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Hi Mrs. Snoots. Just popping in to say hi before we go to Austin.

Beth Dunn said...

We all get lazy and boring. I'm the same way. But sounds like you have a lot of projects to keep you busy. I'm redoing my bathroom and it totally freaks me out.

Betty Roan said...

I have so many projects I need to do that I'm overwhelmed and don't do any of them. At least you are on the move. Mr. Molasses! Love it!


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