Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ready To Take A Run Down The Mountain With Me?

So, I've been working out on my new Skier's Edge machine every single day and I'm loving it more and more. I haven't missed a single day yet, but I'm still weak, needing to build more muscle before I can truly rock the machine the way I need to. My legs tend to start quivering from exhaust after about 7 minutes, so I still have a long way to go.

Anyway, I had Mr. Snoots take a little video of me on the machine to show you how it works. You can actually see that I'm not going all the way down on either side, which is what I should be doing. Also, I'm having difficulty keeping my heels down, meaning that I'm kind of all over the place on the foot pads, which is a no-no. So, I'm doing lots of stretching before getting on the machine in hopes that eventually I can keep my heels down and stay in place (without having to twist my face into the grimace that you see in the video.)


Mental P Mama said...

Awesome! You should send it to them and star in their next commercial!!!

Scargosun said...

That is one of the coolest things ever! Look at you skinny mini!

Betty Roan said...

You make it look easy, but I'll bet if I gave it a try I wouldn't think so. ;)


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