Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Been Just One of Those Days....

I had my last appointment with my brain doctor this morning so I didn't get much sleep last night. I
kept having weird dreams and waking up. It was exhausting really. I also knew it was supposed to be freezing temperatures (after being 80 degrees 2 days ago). So, in my dreams I kept thinking the doctor's office would call and cancel for today and I could stay in bed and sleep. You know. Since I couldn't sleep from worrying about going, meaning I'd just have to make an appointment for another time and go again. Then I'd go through the whole sleepless/dreaming routine again. It doesn't make any sense to a sane person, does it? I didn't think so.

So, I dragged myself out of bed, got ready (dressing warmly and felt like the little brother in "A Christmas Story"), even put on makeup so the doctor would know how nuts I really am and left for my appointment. The car door was so frozen I could barely get it open since I forgot to warm it up, which I figured gave me ample opportunity to run back inside and call the doctor's office to make sure I was still expected. Yes, I did. And no, they had not cancelled today. Trying to act like I already knew it I told them I'd be a few minutes late instead. I was. However, since I was his *miracle patient* who had cheated death, they forgave me and laughed at my jokes about all the other crazy drivers I'd seen. I was out of there in less than 25 minutes and told I wouldn't need to be seen again until next December. Apparently, he thinks I'm good to go. Little does he know what permeates the dark tracks of my mind. It's a jungle in there.

Since I was all dressed up and trussed like a turkey I decided to go shopping even though I didn't need to buy anything, which is when I love to shop best. Aimless impulse shopping. And I was thoroughly aimless and abandoned. I spent a shameless amount on several Christmas ornaments I didn't need but since the place was so empty it felt like I was giving to charity. But not really.

Next, I stopped at my favorite *Mom and Pop* nursery for 3 large Poinsettias and almost swallowed my tongue at the price. But, they are always nice to me and never fail to carry things to the car for me, which should be worth something, right? Besides, it oddly made me happy.

My last stop was the grocery store where I merrily ran around throwing things into my mini shopping cart until I saw the long lines at the *regular* (in other words more than 10 items) lanes. I retreated to an aisle that seemed deserted and dumped the unnecessary 4 items onto a nearby shelf, thereby qualifying me for the fast-moving (10 items or less) lanes. Unfortunately, I somehow removed my chicken salad sandwich in that sneaky fiasco but didn't find out until I returned home. No lunch. It's obviously rotting on some shelf in the children's toy aisle, waiting to be discovered by some hungry child.

Anyway, once I arrived home and unloaded my loot, I was in a euphoric trance as I rearranged my Christmas tree to make room for my new unneeded ornaments. I remained in that trance for the rest of the afternoon as I fussed around the tree and primped my lovely Poinsettias. I'm now convinced our tree is worthy of some kind of award, like maybe the OCD Award or the Over-Decorators Award or something.

Soooo.... Tell me what you think. Have I finally gone around the bend? So much for the brain doctor. What does he know anyway? I'm all for embracing our mental incapacities to the best of our abilities!

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