Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cabo San Lucas... The Dolphin Encounter

On the third day of our trip we were scheduled to go into town and have our *Dolphin Encounter* at Cabo Dolphins. Let me just say that I could be happy simply living with the dolphins, but since that's not possible, Cabo Dolphins is my closest chance. Such gentle, amazing creatures.

Transportation to and from the dolphin facility (in Mercedes vans no less) is included in the price and they were punctual both ways, proving to be an efficiently run attraction. After a 7 minute talk (from Mariu, our adorable Mexican trainer who spoke excellent English) on how to behave with the dolphins, we were in the pool and soon swimming with our 9 year old female dolphin named Tamarina. The dolphin was adorable even though she tried to French Kiss Mr. Snooty when it came time for his big photo op with her. What a hoot! I've never seen him laugh so hard, seriously. Anyway, we all got to take an individual ride with a choice of the dorsal fin on top or the pair of anterior pectoral fins (you hold on to two fins while the dolphin swims on its back). Mr. Snoots chose the dorsal ride so I opted for the pectoral ride. We also each got to dance with her, pose for pictures and kiss, of course. Tamarina was quite the ham and truly knew how to work the crowd. Before parting, we all had the opportunity to feed her some salted fish and the tour was finalized with a wonderful show from all the performing dolphins.

I'd give you more pictures but we haven't figured out how to get them off the CD yet. Same goes for the DVD video. We're ignorant about such things but I'm determined.

I don't know how other places with a Dolphin Encounter are rated, but Cabo Dolphins is a well run attraction and we enjoyed it more than anything else we've ever done. We were part of a small group of 7 people, which seemed perfect to me. There were also 2 other groups (in opposite corners of the large dolphin pool), one of which was all children, and we couldn't help but giggle when we heard them squeal in unison at the antics of the amicable dolphins. The adult trainers who work there take their care of the dolphins very seriously and you can tell how much they love their charges.

Our best friends flew into San Jose to join us in Cabo on day 4, which really made the trip fun. Since I had made all the reservations, I was totally relieved when they loved the resort. They, too, fell in love with the magic of Cabo San Lucas.

We dined at Alexander's one night (which was great), one night at the hotel's Steakhouse (which was horrible), and one night at Pan di Bacco (which was great), laid around the pool playing an occasional poolside game via the pool entertainment staff, with the masses, and had a total blast people watching. The marina in Cabo is also great for watching the masses.

Our friends left the day before us so we dined alone together at a lovely restaurant called Romeo y Julieta, located just off the Cabo Marina. It was totally wonderful and we'll definitely return on our next trip to Cabo. We were exhausted by this point so dinner was quick for us. The Caesar might have made me a bit queasy, made with too much mustard, but I still ate it. The next morning we left at the freaking crack of dawn, thanks to American Airlines and my inability to understand online reservations. Still, it was a wonderful vacation that I hope to someday repeat, although at a different resort. We always need new experiences, right?


Roan said...

Dolphins are amazing! I suspect that would have been the highlight for me. The resort looks posh. Hopefully you will figure out those pics and post some more. Have a gread weekend!

I Am Woody said...

Oh my! I've been so out of the loop! What a fantastic trip!!


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