Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ruidoso, New Mexico... A Deceptive Mystery of Sorts

We just returned from several days of skiing at our closest ski area, Ski Apache, owned and operated
by the oh-so-often deceptive Apache Indian Tribe. Let me explain by number.

1. After 25 years the website for Inn of the Mountain Gods STILL DOESN'T WORK properly. After making online reservations, one must still contact reservations at the hotel to secure a room. They add new pictures, new menu items, remodel the entire hotel, adding more rooms, and still the website can't seem to deliver even the smallest improvement, or just retain the info for that matter.

2. The hotel still boasts fine dining at their upper end restaurant "Wendell's". Although we had an amazing Caesar Salad made by our waiter at the table, dinner still took more than two hours to deliver. There were only 9 tables of people (2 tables of which were 4) and 3 waiters. Unacceptable. I could have handled at least half the tables even though I haven't done so in more than 40 years. (Shut. Up.)

3. The web cam at the ski area website boasted great and plentiful snow. The reality was that there wasn't much snow and what there was, was *made* snow. It was slush in the sun and like black ice in the shade. I have certainly skied better snow, even in Ruidoso. It's not a new concept. Had I known how truly dangerous the skiing was, I'd have gone shopping in town instead of wasting a whopping $115.00 for less than 30 minutes of skiing. Enough said there.

4. When I first checked the Ski Apache web cam (on the Ski Apache website), the gondola was running. When I arrived at the ski area 45 minutes later, no gondolas were running and there was no wind nor extreme conditions preventing it from operating it during normal hours. Hmm. Color me confused. So, if I wanted to get to the top of the mountain I had to ride 3 exposed (to the elements) lifts. Did. Not. Happen. The huge parking lot was nearly empty upon my arrival, which shocked me, although I'm not sure why. I've been there many times before when the ski area was void of skiers.

5. Following our last excursion to stay at the IOMG, I refused to even enter the casino during this trip. The Apache Indians may shun us if we wear anything made of snake (or reptile), but I in turn, refuse to lose my money to their obviously shoddy gaming establishment. They do not deserve any of my money, thank you very much. If I'm going to gamble away my money it will be to people (like the best hotels in Las Vegas) who treat me well and kiss my fine derriere while I'm losing my hard earned money. IOMG is not that place. Furthermore, they allow smoking at the tables but do not allow drinking at the tables. What kind of crazy ridiculousness is that? Get me drunk for free and I'm all about losing money. What part of this seems confusing? Oh. Dear. It must be that devil firewater they all seem to find so addicting. Since I'm 1/16th Cherokee I do not understand this craziness. I can handle it. Why can't they? C'mon. Really?

6. Inn of the Mountain Gods also offers NO PAY PER VIEW movies in the rooms nor spa services. In my opinion this is sheer idiocy. We would have watched multiple movies (at whatever price), and I would have totally accessed the spa and all its services, and they would have made money. (Can we spell revenue lost through laziness?) I simply do not understand this absurd oversight. Stupid non-marketing, really. Even in Las Vegas I can get BOTH AMENITIES. Uh-Huh.

7. Our last night there we ordered room service filet mignons and all the sides for dinner (only one side was offered for your effort of showing up in the dining room) and it was more prompt and much more delicious than our first night in the restaurant. Seriously? What's that all about?

8. I did ski one day but the conditions were horrendous and I didn't ski very well. Being a fair weather skier I'm convinced that had the conditions been better I'd have been Hell On Wheels Skis. The sun was out and it was seasonably warm, but the snow itself sucked. It was scary and it was dangerous and I didn't like it.

9. I so wanted to do the Apache Zip Tour until I discovered that it can reach speeds up to 70 MPH. during your *tour*. WHAT? Umm... No. Not I. I'm brave if I reach that speed with my car. I'm no longer a speed freak in any way, shape, or form. Besides, the PRACTICE ZIP LINE is located at the bottom of the mountain, something like 30 to 45 minutes away. Honestly, I just feel that they don't have all the kinks worked out yet (yes - excuses, excuses), so I'll wait until I'm sure they are good to go.

10. Yes, I've become a wimp. I can live with that. Also, I can't stand the Apache Indians and their mistreatment of their clients bread and butter, the tourists. I'm now looking for whiter slopes with friendlier folks, still within reasonable driving time... I'm a tree. I can bend. I can also pray.

In addition to all I've stated above, Ruidoso and the surrounding area have been devastated every year for the past five years (maybe it's been 10 years). Fire. Flooding. Drought. Fire. Drought. Very, very sad indeed. Lost businesses, lost homes, lost valuable employees, lost friends, lost forest, lost wildlife, lost ski area terrain. The list goes on, as must I. Ski Apache will, I'm sure, continue to to let what they've built deteriorate as well as discourage future tourists by continuing their deceptive ways. Not much has changed in the last five years, nor the last 30 years. The Apaches still run the only game in town and I'm Cherokee. Perhaps that is my problem and I am at the end game with Ski Apache, as well as being done with the entire tribe....

Now, it's time to get back to golfing... Just as soon as the weather warms up.

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