Saturday, May 17, 2008

On The Trail of a Fox....

I played golf today and it was the most beautiful day that I could have ever hoped for. Rain was in the forecast and there was no shortage of clouds, but it was so perfect! I said "Pish Posh" to the widiots (weather idiots) and I'm so pleased that I did. No, it wasn't because I played all that great. It was because the other golf girls & I went to another golf club today because there was a one day tournament going on at our club. The club we went to today is public and is called Nueva Vista. It's an easy course, most of the time. Very women friendly as far as the placement of the ladies' tees, which is always a perk. There is always an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife while playing at Nueva Vista.

Today, we saw a huge number of enormous jackrabbits with ears as long as their bodies. I swear. They look pretty lean but those ears make them look downright comical along with their big ole feet & skinny legs. They were chasing each other, which was amusing, but for all I know, it was their mating dance. I'm rather dense that way.

We also saw many birds that we don't normally see at our club on the total opposite side of town. We decided that it must be because of the Mississippi Kites who have taken up residence at our club. Besides golfers having to avoid the vicinity of their nests (during nesting season) so as to not get dive-bombed by them, we decided that they must also chase off certain types of other feathered friends. So, it was rather interesting seeing those others today.

In the end, I shot 107, which wasn't worthy of anything so grand as a toast, but I was okay with it. I damn sure didn't plunk 23 consecutive shots into the water, so I was happy. I shot 58 on the front (which was fairly inept), but then I shot a 49 on the back, so I know I could have done better. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I didn't get home until after 6:00 PM and when I walked through the front door Mr. Snooty announced he was making dinner tonight and I threw my arms around him and kissed him for being one of the greatest hubbys around. I wasn't really worn out, I just didn't want to have to fix dinner, so that was very happy news. One deserves praise for such outstanding behavior, don't you agree?

This is my grouping of Oleanders in the backyard. I didn't plant them until the children were grown because they are poisonous. Animals seem to just know. Children, it seems, do not.

The next thing I knew, Mr. Snooty went outside for something, then quickly opened the door & motioned me to come look. I knew it would be the fox. I had just gotten home & hadn't yet really unpacked from the day's game. I raced back to the front hall, grabbed my digital camera & dashed back to the rear door. MR. S was just saying I was going to miss it, while I'm fumbling & bumbling & trying to get my camera on and dialed to the correct setting (which is still a challenge). I reached the bottom of our back stoop just in time to see her gracefully glide the fenceline behind the Eleagnus bushes. She stopped briefly and looked me directly in the eye with absolutely no malice whatsoever, just her sweet, bright eyes & grin. She is a beauty, that Felicia.

Snooty Cat Trouble never misses an opportunity to roll in the dirt. Especially the day after the maid comes. Bitch.

And Trouble (AKA Stubbie Troubie) is a total shameless slut when it comes to begging for belly rubs. Shameless, I tell you! Just looking at her makes me want to sneeze 9 times in a row.

Needless to say, Felicia ever so casually slipped between the missing board in our fence and disappeared between the wood fence and the original cinderblock fence. We believe that there is an opening somewhere in the cinderblock fence and that within the cinderblocks she has an entire network of foxholes. You know, the Fox Underground Network. I really do think she knows she's safe here. Her haven. I can't imagine evicting her & the fam now. How cruel would that be? They've been here almost as long as we have.

As cagey as sweet Felicia the Fox is, I will not rest until I get my picture. This is turning into a mission, really. It's my Summer Mission 2008 to get a really great shot of Felicia and/or the babies.

Oh look! There's that cat again....


Katie Ryan said...

Ok. I'm waiting for my picture of Felicia. I can't wait.

hermomsometimes said...

Snooty, I know you are one of her special blog friends.Just to let you know breyedgal (I think that is her blog name) at The Color of Home. She is haveing computer problems. She has to get a new computer before she can blog again. So keep checking her site and she will be up and running one of these days. If I know her it won't be long. I'm sure she is going through withdrawal right now.

By the way, I truly enjoy your blog. I do have a few years on you but you remind me so much of my sister in North Carolina. Who has the greatest personality a very fun person, just like you.

Keep on Keeping on..............

Anonymous said...

Oh man I thought you would have that picture!

Still hoping!

Mental P Mama said...

Felicia....come out, come out wherever you are!

Mamahut said...

I love your kitty, I have a yellow guy that matches, (no tail). Can't wait to see Felicia. I wish we had foxes instead of all of the stinkin coyotes.

Snooty Primadona said...

I know, I know! I'm trying so hard to get her to come out for a quick picture. She simply doesn't seem to get it and obviously thinks this is a game. I swear, this evening I'm going out there armed with my camera & lawn chair and I'm just going to sit & hope the battery doesn't run down before Felicia happens by.

hermomsometimes: Tell Tammy I figured that was what the problem was. I hope she gets it up & running soon because we miss her here in the blogosphere!


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