Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Idol 2011.... New Judges, New Attitudes.... I Don't Miss Simon

I fully admit that the only American Idols I've ever jumped on the bandwagon with were the season openers, at which I howled with laughter at the people who were delusional in thinking they could sing. The new 2011 season has finally challenged all that. I can honestly say that I've never seen so much new, untapped, raw talent gathered in one place. There were seriously fewer giggles in the opening auditions this year.

Although I was disappointed there were fewer funny auditions, I am truly bewildered with this year's offerings. It will be no easy feat rising to the top of the pile this time around. The contestants are going to have to really bring all the talent that they've got to every single competition. 

Now, Simon was never constructively critical, he was mean critical, which never helped a single soul. This year's judges are much kinder to the spirit of those who would be going home, which I consider to be a *good thing*. Simon was a jerk wad who jumped at the chance to break the human spirit.

Although J-Lo started out timidly in her rejections, she ditched that attitude fairly quickly. Fortunately, she is turning out to be an excellent judge, with heart, soul and expertise. As for Steven Tyler, he started out having difficulty with rejections as well, but he's such a professional in every way, he immediately showed that he is also an excellent judge of talent. Besides, I know exactly what he's saying when they *bleep* him. I love it! He is the quintessential *old school* rocker, which I can identify with. In my opinion, Steven Tyler will rock even long after he's gone. He has repeatedly beaten the odds in a world where most of his peers were on a path to Self-Destruct. He has endured many things and should really be regarded as somewhat of a rock 'n roll guru.

There are so many talented people that I can't even narrow it down to my one hand (5 fingers) of favorites yet, which in itself, is crazy. There are country singers, rock 'n roll singers, jazz singers, pop singers, and rappers. There is an insane amount of talent and yes, even the rapper was good (words I never thought would cross these lips fingers).

Having never really been a fan myself, I urge you to give American Idol a look this year. You might like what you see. I do and I'm a fan for the time being....


Tammy said...

We are so on the same page! I plan to do an Idol post tomorrow! You beat me to it, haha!

I Am Woody said...

I'm not an Idol fan. The only time I have ever watched is when I happen to be with a friend that was into the show. I have a friend here in Cali that is an Idol-ite so I have watched a show from this season. I have to say that I like Stephen Tyler. He is spot on.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Well if you say I should check it out then I guess I will. Normally I stay from it like I do a gigolo with herpes.

Beth Dunn said...

I'm the same way, I'd only watch the bloopers so to speak. But I like the new judges.

Roan said...

Despite Simon, I've watched Idol since the 2nd season. I've never enjoyed it more than this one, with the new judges. Steven Tyler is a hoot! I agree, there is a ton of talent this season. It won't be easy to win this one. I do like the carrot-top kid's voice.


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