Friday, February 1, 2008

Saving Jane - "One Girl Revolution"

My latest passion is a group called Saving Jane from Cincinatti. Marti Dodson is the lead singer & grounding wire for the group. She writes all of the music & lyrics with the help of her bass guitarist, Jeremy Martin and what the group delivers is sheer magic. Besides the brilliant lyrics & great rock & roll music, Marti's voice range is amazing & often steamy. Marti Dodson refuses to sell her music with sex and I definitely like that. Why wasn't there music like this when I was growing up? Maybe I wouldn't have slept with that first guy if I'd had music telling me I didn't have to do anything I don't want to. She definitely works at empowering women with her dazzling lyrics & catchy tunes. Their first disc was "Girl Next Door" (which is great... not one bad song). However, the band's latest efforts produced their second disc "One Girl Revolution" which exceeded all of my expectations. Saving Jane reflects their gradual maturity and is a totally amazing effort. Again, not one bad song on the entire album. I've had it in my car cd player for 5 months and still haven't gotten tired of it. I urge everyone to at least give a listen and I'll rate this group a 10 (on a 1 to 10 scale).

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