Friday, March 7, 2008

Stuck in A Whirlwind...

My whirlwind trip to & from San Antonio was not the relaxing trip I had anticipated. The 5-1/2 hour drive down was pleasant enough, but when I arrived, I experienced another major *senior moment*, *brain fart*, *menopausal breakdown*. It was freezing in San Antonio thanks to a cold front, and I had not gone prepared. In addition to not having the right clothing, I also realized with a great deal of annoyance that we leave for Los Angeles in 5 days. From that moment, I couldn't relax until I was home. This was not due to anything my hostess did or didn't do. She was gracious as always. It was like I had arrived in a panic and it wasn't going to go away until I was safely home.

I'm the kind of person who likes to start packing a week or so ahead of time so that I can be leisurely about it and make sure that I have everything. This always seems to allow me the time to pack way too many things, as I invariably do. I'm not certain as to why, exactly, but I seem to hit a panic mode if I don't stick to this repetitious order. There's no telling what I'll wind up taking with me on an adventure, which is why I have to stick to my somewhat odd routine.

At any rate, I guess I've been blogging too much or something, because I had not paid the slightest bit of attention to a calendar and gawd knows I can't see the date on my watch, nor do I ever check the date on my computer. So, when I arrived at my friend's home she mentioned how fun that I was leaving for L.A. in less than a week. I just kind of looked at her like "HUH? I beg your pardon?" Once I realized I'd made a faux pas in my judgement of *Snooty Time* I was ready to hit the road home.

However, we dined on a dinner of succulent Raspberry Chipotle Pork Tenderloin, Fettucini Alfredo, salad and garlic toast. We drank a lovely domestic merlot and visited for a while, but as it turned out, my friend was just starting to get sick when I arrived. She & her hubby went to bed early, as did I. By the time I left the next morning, she had a temperature of 104 degrees, which of course, really threw me in a panic to depart. I CAN'T GET SICK BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR CALIFORNIA (or after, for that matter)!!!!! Being the paranoid *Howard Hughes* type that I am, I retreated to my sitting room to have a 20 minute session with my hand disenfectant.

The next morning, I hastily yelled my thank you's and farewells down the hall towards her room and made my exit as quickly as I possibly could. What are good friends for, right? As I drove away, it proceeded to rain in a very hard, pounding manner, for nearly the entire drive home, which actually wound up being more like 6-1/2 hours instead of the normal 5-1/2. Thankfully, I had "The Last Juror" CD by John Grisham, to listen to, which was not great, but surely a good enough read (or listen). By the time I arrived home I was thoroughly exhausted & had somehow inexplicably been deprived of my friend's humor & company.

So, now I feel as if I'm stuck in a whirlwind until we leave for California. (I'm also popping vitamins & extra Vitamin C like crazy.) I'll never speak to the bitch again if I get sick (just kidding, honest).
I never did see Charles, as it was his day off. Guess I'll have to wait until the next trip. Meanwhile, I'm furiously running about, getting things ready for our trip and trying to get over my recent bad haircut (which I refuse to talk about).


elizasmom said...

Oooh, oooh! Me too! My husband is used to my insanely-far-in-advance packing by now, but he used to give me SUCH a hard time when I drug out the suitcases 3 weeks prior to a trans-Atlantic trip.

Janie said...

Oh, my gosh! Hope you stay well! Have you purchase some of those EmergenC drink packets? you just throw them in a bottle of water. You can get them at Walmart or at Natural Foods.

brneyedgal967 said...

The morning I left for Houston, I got up at 6am, packed - got Monkey Girl up at 7:30, took he too school and then I was off to the airport. I figure if I forget anything, a jacket, a pair of shoes - good reason to buy another.

I have plenty of other obsessive compulsions, but I don't share that one. It is a funny read though, if you don't mind me laughing at your panicked state - I could totally see it. I am an obsessive hand washer though and I can't stand it when I see someone with dirt under their fingernails - I just want to scrub their hands. After I put on latex gloves, so I don't touch their diseased hands in the process.

Beautiful shots of what I assume was your quaint princess accommodations at the bitch's house?

Seriously, hope you don't get sick - this darn flu is making the rounds. Hope your friend is feeling better too.

Snooty Primadona said...

So far, Howardette Hughes here is still well. I refuse to get sick!

elizasmom: yes, the HU always laughs at me then packs in 5 min. flat, the rat.

janie: thanks for the tip.... just went to Walmart & stocked up. Great tip!

brneyedgal967: You can always laugh at my panicked states... because they're so ridiculously laughable, lol. And yes, those were my princess accomodations @ the bitch's house, lol. It turns out her illness was due to too much vodka the night before I arrived. (I think she faked the 104 degree temperature, the lazy hussy.)

At any rate, I'm in *PACKING MODE* from now until we leave. And yes, if I forget anything, it will simply be an excuse to buy SOMETHING NEW. Wheeeeee! Hopefully, it won't have to be shoes, which could conceivably be quite painful.


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