Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Think it Might Be Spring Fever...

Well, I'm going stir-crazy, I think. Or it might conceivably be just a case of Spring Fever. I don't know, but I am definitely restless & not sleeping well. Then again, it might just be another big fat heaping helping of Menopause. There's a surprise.

So, I'm taking off to see one of my best friends tomorrow. She & her hubby live in San Antonio and I haven't seen them for 6 months, so I'm going to brave the 5-1/2 hour (that would be 11 hrs. round trip) drive to San Antonio and escape from here for a couple of days. It doesn't take much to make me restless lately. Judging by what I can remember of my past, I'm fairly certain this is due to Spring Fever & I'm also fairly certain I go through this almost every year. It begins to scintillate in the back of my mind then totally BALLOONS into almost a clausterphobic state of being. Clearly, I need a break from my easy life(?). That sounds entirely insane doesn't it? Luckily, once it's gone, it's gone & forgotten.

It's too early to start my vegetable garden. It's too windy to play golf or make the patio into our Summer haven. My allergies are too bad to take walks with all the wind. It's too early to prune anything or set plants outdoors. It's prior to April 15th, so I haven't had any sales in my online shop. No one ever seems to shop much before April 15th, which I so totally do not comprehend. I shop online no matter what time of year it is. No one seems to be spending anything as of late. Except me, that is. Sooooo... it seems time for me to bolt for a couple of days.

I love going to visit my friend because she is one of the all-time great hostesses. Besides, she has the most wonderful *house man* named Charles who must be 70 by now. Charles has been with her family forever and now resides in their *guest quarters*. He just seems to appear from nowhere whenever anyone needs something. I think he might be a psychic and I adore him.

She has an enormous antique antebellum poster bed in *my* guest room that I have to climb up an antique tapestried foot stool to get into. It's made up with wonderful vintage linens & blankets that are often trimmed in hand made lace . It always makes me feel like I'm climbing up into the bed like the Princess & The Pea, but I'm usually comatose & don't feel a thing once I've slid underneath the cool covers. Plus, she has blackout curtains & keeps it cold inside, so I can sleep like a hibernating bear. She also has the most divine little touches of luxury all around for her guests. I always feel like the primadona I am, when in their home.

My friend is originally from an old New Orleans family and I believe that is just how her family was reared. She never forgets even the slightest little things and she almost always has guests. Little wonder. It's better than staying at the Four Seasons for free.

She is a wonderful cook and always just overwhelms me with everything she makes when I'm there. She goes to the store & stocks up on the things I like, when she knows I'm coming, which is like a gift from the heavens above. They also have a wonderful outdoor spa that can put my lights out with the greatest of ease. Her whole house is like a baby blankie for me and I need a fix of that. Best of all, she makes me giggle until I can't see straight and we usually stay up half the night talking & giggling. What better therapy is there than that, huh? Just show me one shrink that can do that for anyone. Of this I am absolutely certain: Friends are the best & most valuable form of therapy on the face of the earth.

I think blogging might be #2.

So, I suppose you can say I'm going to San Antonio for a couple of days of *Spring Fever/Menopausal Spa Therapy*, sort of. It's the ideal cure for my Spring Fever and whatever else might be ailing me. Thankfully, a couple of days will be all I need.

I'll try to flash a few digitals while I'm there & post when I get back.

Happy Trails! :-)


brneyedgal967 said...

Hope you have a safe drive! And dang, your description of the comfy bed, dark room, cold temps -- sheesh, I would be in bed the WHOOOOLE time and be one real crappy guest. Just sleep alone is up there on one of my all-time favorite activities. It should be an Olympic sport.

I'm sure you'll have tons of fun and be sure to have a few martinis and shrimp!

Janie said...

Wow...does your friend need another friend? This trip sounds delightful!

Have a blast!

your daughter said...

Have fun Madre! I'll be here... living the life of a poor, starving entertainment employee. At least you can shower me with food and gifts when you get here :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great break!


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