Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And Just Let Me Say This About That....

Regarding golf. I have much to say but will try to keep it to a minimum.

I find it an ongoing challenge to keep from breaking into a primal scream every time Mr. Snooty or any other man tries to tell me what I'm doing wrong or better yet, what I should be doing. But, I am the poster child for restraint here. I realize full well that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and that we are worlds apart. I wasn't always the picture of restraint. It used to make me crazy and nearly resulted in Mr. Snooty & I never playing together again.

Until I realized the poor dear creature couldn't help himself. It's in his DNA. Bless his pointed little head, I do love him so. Which is why I decided to begin ignoring approximately 65 to 70% of his well meant remarks about my game. If he were even remotely within vicinity of being a good golfer, I might reconsider, but hey - let's call a spade a spade. He plays golf with a man body and I play golf with a woman body and we play about the same. Aside from Anika Sorenstam, very few women can compete on a man's level professionally. I'm not even talking about ballpark vicinity of that. We are hackers. Both of us.

Of course, each of us has days of total clarity on the course, although few & far between, but we each relish in whatever we can cling to. So... Why is it that I never feel compelled to say things like "Honey, you just looked up, that's all"? or "You just raised up, babe." or "You keep your head down honey, and I'll watch the ball." or "You just need to calm down & quit worrying about everything. Relax." or "Oh, you just need to follow through on your shots." or "You can't 3 putt, babe." or "You just didn't have that lined up straight." or "Whoa! That one's way too fast. What were you thinking?" or "Well, you don't want to be short." or a gazillion other sayings that make me want to scream. I've learned to be tolerant now, but I still long to utter those very phrases to Mr. Snooty. Sometimes, at least. But, being the woman that I am, I constantly hold my tongue in check.

Now, we do have one friend that is part of a couple we play with often, that I always listen to. He's a very good golfer & has helped my putting more than any man alive. I worship him. But, he is really good, so he has the right to tell me things, and I have the right to ignore them, which I seldom do. However, his wife hates the pointers, which I, of course, understand full well.

Which brings me to the days I play with my best golfing girlfriends. I cherish those days and we always have a blast playing together. There is no competition (other than each of us against the course) and there is no critiquing. We try each other's new clubs & we take turns teeing off first and we have waaay more fun than the guys could ever imagine. We have cocktails when we feel like it and we giggle a lot and we ache for one another's bad shots & we cheer for one another's splendid shots. It truly becomes a completely different game than the one played with the male counterparts included.

Let me just say this about that..... we might not be as serious about the game as the men are, but we sure have more fun. ;-)


:-Daryl said...

You know, or maybe you dont, but I really like your style ... not only the way your write but the way you play and your honesty. I wish you or I lived closer because I know you'd be great fun to shop with ... :-Daryl

Mental P Mama said...

If I hear "Keep your eye on the ball" one more time in my life, I will spend the rest of it in prison. I kid you not.

Treasia said...

I've never played golf but would love to learn. Trucker has never played either, so we might actually be equal on the golf course.

Snooty Primadona said...

Daryl: Me too. I'm beginning to wish I was closer to all of my blogging buddies. I don't really do anything but golf with my golf buddies. I know that's strange, but golf is how we met, so we just see each other 4 days a week for golf.

Since my best friend died 2 years ago, I have no shopping buddies here anymore. Maybe I'll have to come to NYC again sometime. Now that would be some serious shopping!

MP: Yup, one of my pet peeves too. What gets me is that although I NEVER SAY A WORD TO HIM, he seems to think it's necessary to keep telling me all those things. It's like okay, don't you think I've heard that a thousand times? I'm not a moron, yet it makes me feel like one, lol.

Treasia: I'm not sure you want to open up that can worms, girlfriend.

noble pig said...

Oh yeah they can't help it. It's ANNNOY-ing isn't it.

If you could'd have a better...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Don't they know we don't care.

*So glad you found the wine.

Mamahut said...

More alcohol Snooty, more alcohol.

david mcmahon said...

``fore''-warned is ``fore'' armed!!

Asthmagirl said...

Yeah... there's some people I wish I lived closer to for sure! I've never golfed but I'm getting your drift on the comments.

The old goat and I fish together and I had to let him know that his never ending advice wasn't helping the marriage. After a year or so when I began to out fish him, the advice became much softer. I think he really had great intentions, but it's hard to listen to the same stuff over and over with others around. It makes you sound like a dolt! I will admit though, he can still cast further than me! My mechanics are not as good as his. But I still catch more fish!

Thanks for your visit today! I love it when you stop by!

kellypea said...

My hunkster figured out a very long time ago that his mortality is directly connected to his ability to not offer me suggestions about how to do anything. Ever. Of course, that rule does not apply to me. I've always loved golf, watching Arnold & Jack when I was in high school, but have only plaid 3-4 times in my life. My hunkster loves it, but doesn't practice enough. My best friend keeps trying to get me out there, but I'm sure I'd embarrass the hell out of her by hitting everything except the green.


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