Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just Call Me The Gutless Wonder... I Didn't Get Inside

Yes, it's true. I am a Gutless Wonder. But, I have an excuse... the dog ate my homework. No, really, it was 106 degrees in the shade when the party started. If you've been reading my blog, you probably know what happens to me in the heat. Thankfully, there were clouds & lots of trees to save me from Heat Induced Tourrett's Syndrome, which we all know I suffer from. Of course, I got plenty of pictures of the party outside, but when it came down to pulling some kind of stunt to get inside, I just couldn't muster up the nerve. Okay, I'll admit I did try a couple of doors when no one was looking, but they were locked. Honestly, I needed to have a partner-in-crime and a few more cocktails, so I wasn't as bold as I could have been. The garages were all closed as well and the front door had a sign that directed you to the Port-A-Pottys if needing a restroom. God Forbid I should ever resort to that... I live down the street. So, I failed in my promise to produce pictures of the interior of the house because it was apparently under Lock Down.

The party was grand, the food was delicious and the country band was absolutely the best local talent I've heard in ages (but, don't go by me... I don't get out much). There was an acoustic guitar player, a bass and three girls who sang & played fiddle like nothing I've ever heard before. They were so talented and really entertaining.

We saw lots of people we hadn't seen in awhile, but I think the majority of the crowd were employees of The Lord of the Manor (formerly the Alien). There were tons of children running around enjoying a station where they made cotton candy, another where a man made animals from balloons, another where they had face painting, and then three large jumping thingys for kids. I have no idea what they're called, but here is a picture.

The food was catered by a local barbecue establishment (considered by many to be the cadillac of barbecue joints in our neck of the woods) and they served a mean brisket, Polish sausage, a mean barbecue sauce, potato salad, cole slaw, bread. You know, the standard barbecue fare. Mr. Snooty was greatly disappointed that they didn't have peach cobbler this year. Instead, they created a delightful station of fresh fruit, although I didn't see many takers on that offering. I partook and enjoyed it thoroughly. The strawberries were so sweet they almost hurt your mouth. The same went for the melons & pineapple & grapes. I liked it very much & wish that I had been able to sneak some home. Because now I'm hungry again. Which is so typical. I seem to always spend too much time talking at parties. Then, a little while after I get home, I wish I'd shut up & eaten when I had the opportunity.

One of the highlights of my evening was getting to hold our best friends' (our Galveston friends) newest grandchild. Their daughter works for The Lord of the Manor and loves working for him. Anyway, is this not a totally precious little princess? I danced with her for a while & she was a perfect little lamb. And she smelled like sheer Heaven. I wanted to keep her & take her home but her Mommy wasn't about to let that happen. Oh well. I did offer my babysitting services and the Mommy's eyes lit up, so maybe she will let me keep the little darling sometime soon. Talk about a little angel.

Here's a picture of the band, I cannot begin to tell you how great they were. They played Texas Swing (like Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys) and those three girls that sang & played fiddle were simply amazing.

This is a picture of a friend I like, that we ran into at the party.

Then, Mr. Snooty decided to take a picture of me (when I was finished with going around trying doors, lol) in their Gazebo. I asked him if he would please remind me to suck it in next time, as in hold my big belly in. He replied with "What belly?" God, I love that man. In case anyone is wondering why I have on long sleeves... it's because of my saggy upper arms. I've tried lifting weights & doing girly push-ups but I inherited these floppy arms from The Brown Recluse. See picture.

I'd say there were around 250 to 300 people there. It was very festive and we had so much fun that it was difficult to leave. But, Mr. Snooty did stay up past his normal bedtime of 8:30 PM... all the way until 9:00 PM. So, I had a great time & got to stay 30 minutes longer than normal.

Actually, I would have stayed longer if there had been someone there I could have stayed & visited with. Even though the party went on until about 10:30, most of the people we knew were gone by the time we were leaving. So, we came home and I sat on the front porch and listened to the music until they were done. The sun had finally gone down and the West Texas breeze kicked in and it felt good. Until the first mosquito bite. At which point I wisely chose to retreat to the air-conditioned comfort of my home. To treat my bites before I scratched them. I'm just such a nature girl these days.


Asthmagirl said...

I'm with Mr. Snooty.... What belly?

It sounds like a good time. I'm envying that food. Yum. I have a little trouble with the music because I don't know who the Texas Playboys are. Are they like Asleep at the Wheel? I saw them years ago and I think they're from Austin.

So glad you had a wonderful time. Sorry about the lock down... but I'm smiling as I imagine you trying every door!

Philly said...

Snooty, I gotta tell ya that I'm a wee bit dissappointed in your investigation skills. You needed Sista #1 and #2 there!


Mental P Mama said...

Great shots! Why oh why were you wearing long sleeves??? I had a hot flash looking at that! Next time, have a few more drinks and get in there!

Meg said...

Now THAT is my kind of party! YOU are my kind of woman indeed! Gosh, I do miss West Texas and Western Swing! YOU look FABULOUS!!! By the way I love this girl's dress the one directly across from yours, green print FAB also~

You are so much fun, I wish we had met each other when I lived there!

Treasia said...

Now that is one more large party. It's as big as our town's celebrations during the year. How sad is that? LOL. Beautiful little baby you're holding as well, she is a cutie pie. What belly? I didn't see any ole stinkin belly.

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Volunteers to be the partner in crime...

Krysta said...

Why didn't you try a window? or feign heat stroke? or have the mother of that precious baby get you inside somehow?

gaining some lb's said...

You looked lovely in your investigative attire!!!

I cannot believe the doors were locked....did you try the windows?

That man can throw a party!!
I want to be on the next invite list!!!!!


Daryl said...

You look great .. love the belt.. and come shopping with me and I will find you tops that hide the crepe but dont go all the way to your fingertips .. hon, everyone, except Madonna, who is over 50 has crepe on their arms .. really

And you got some good photos .. looks like it was a MAJOR blow out .. maybe you can go borrow a cup of sugar and get to peek inside some time...


noble pig said...

Wow, what a bash!

Next time wear your Spiderman outfit and web up to the open ustairs bathroom window. You'll get in.

What belly?

Janie said...

Snooty, I think you look great!

I cannot identify one person in those pictures...and I know lots of people that work for him. I mean, I definitely am not in his "running" group, but we do have lots of mutual friends, because of our work in the same industry.

I. Must. Be. Slipping.

Just saying.

Mamahut said...

It looked like a great party, glad you had fun. Can I steal the baby?? Please? I would give a ton of money for your belly, you silly girl.

Snooty Primadona said...

asthmagirl: Well, I guess it's a good thing I didn't turn sideways or you would have gotten a huge shot of the belly. Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys are a true legend of Texas Country Swing. Bob Wills has been gone a long time but his music will live forever.

#1: Yes, I know, it's embarrassing that I was such a wimp. I would have been really brave if I'd had a partner. Mr. Snooty is no good for that. He just yawns & wants to go to bed & read, lol.

MP: The really funny thing (that I didn't know till last night) is that they were out of town the entire time the employees were moving them in. I HAD MY CHANCE THEN & DIDN'T KNOW IT.

Meg: Yup, this party was right up your alley. I loved it but I prefer smaller gatherings myself, lol. Hell, I don't even know that many people (that I could invite).

QuEEnie: You probly need to live a little closer to be my p-i-c, unless you don't mind coughing up money for the ticket, lol. Clearly, I needed someone to agree with me when I said "Come on let's do this...."

krysta: Because when I'm alone I am a total spineless wimp.

#2: Thanks! I tried as many places as I could without looking desperate. I'm just a bowl of Jell-O without a p-i-c.

Daryl: I haven't found anything this year that doesn't look like a tent on me, but NYC shopping w/ you would be a gas. *Sigh* If only. Texas women seldom allow things to get as bad as my arms & legs. Everyone here (just like L.A.)spends alot of moola on looking good. I'm not sure I can live through or stand another surgery, so that's not an option. Besides, I don't like the styles this year.

NP: Damn! I gave away that spiderman costume, lol.

Janie: I know! Mr. Snooty was born & raised here and knows tons of people. We saw a handful of couples that we know. I felt like yelling "Who ARE all these people?"

mamahut: I get her first, lol. Actually, she was just starting to have a little poopy when this pic was shot, lol. I promptly handed her back to her Mommy, lol.

P said...

you looked great in the pics.
By the way, its starting to look like your Texas might just turn out to be as good as you said it is. I'll start blogging with all the details when I get my Internet hooked up. My iPhone isn't good for blogging. Anyway, so far so good.

Janie said...

Snooty - re: not knowing all the people... - whew. I thought I was losing my touch. Thanks!

Snooty Primadona said...

P: I hope you love it. But what a rotten year to move to Texas. We have triple digits predicted here everyday for the next week. It's not usually this bad. I hope you'll never want to leave... Can't wait to hear the details and how the kids like it. The Cultural Arts Scene in Houston is amazing and there's never a dull moment. And, you're less than an hour from the beach.

insane mama said...

You look fantastic, although your investigation skills need... HELP!
those things that kids jump in, they are called "jumpies" ... I think

imbeingheldhostage said...

I feel like I was there. Isn't it a hoot that you're walking around with a camera to document things for a blog?! And how people smile because they have no idea...
Anyway, I enjoyed myself, thanks for letting me come along.

Hottdog said...

you looked fabulous! i love your skirt!! :o)

Ricë said...

so you didn't get to go down the Butt Spark Slide? easily the highlight of the house, as far as i could tell.

brneyedgal967 said...

That sneaky Alien. Throwing a party like that, with a car like that out front... totally throwing people off and possibly becoming a likeable creature.


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