Monday, May 18, 2009

The Timely Return Of Felicia The Fox And Other Things I Haven't Been Blogging About...

For many months, we've been wondering if Felicia The Fox was still alive and well. We didn't see her all winter and I was beginning to think she'd met with some sort of fatality. Then it dawned on me.

Our son has visited FOUR TIMES with his dog since Christmas. Being the smart fox that she is, Felicia was avoiding the Pit Bull Terrier *Deja*. Come to think of it, I realize that I didn't spend much time outside until I knew the dog wouldn't be here again. I'm sorry about Deja's fate, but she was taking a definite toll on my backyard. My yard, vegetable garden, and plants are like my babies. I love them and they love me back.

Today I've been up since dawn planting my vegetable garden (beyond this garden gate) and didn't see Felicia all day. I finally came in to shower and get cleaned up before Mr. Snoots got home. When I finished, I went in to the kitchen to start dinner and when I glanced out the kitchen door, there she was in all her beautiful glory. She really is a stunning creature.

When we came home from Las Vegas, Felicia had left her *calling card* of rather grainy looking poop, out by where I park my car. That was my first and only clue that she was still with us. Hey, I speak that language. It was just her way of letting me know that she's still here and marking her territory.

I was so thrilled to see her this evening I almost ran over and hugged her. Of course, that would not be a good idea, considering that she's a wild animal. However, we've lived harmoniously for so long, I feel almost as if she's an old friend, returned for a visit.

So today, my heart soars for the return of my old friend, Felicia. Damn! I really need to get a life, don't I?

I wonder if I'll get to see her pups this year…

I spent the weekend repotting plants and just trying to get the patio into *summer mode*. Scraping off the West Texas dirt is always a challenge. Too bad you can't pay someone to do this... I mean the way I would do it. You know. Like a *mini-me*. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Why is it that you can pack for a five day trip in 24 hours and yet have it take a week to get unpacked and back to normal? Oh, that's right. Laundry and ironing. Bleh!

As soon as I get caught up around here at home, I'll get up to snuff on everyone's blogs. Once I get the patio in order and the vegetable garden planted, I'll be back to maintenance and thus, blogging.

The next task I have to tackle this year is separating my bed of Day Lilies and my bed of Columbine. I'll either have to give some away or transplant to the backyard. Or both. Both beds are totally out of control and I've let them go for several years now. I can no longer dilly-dally for fear of losing them altogether.


Flea said...

She's so beautiful. I'm glad she's back!

TSannie said...

So glad she's back!
Not a suitcase, but I've been transitioning my winter to spring clothes for, oh, 5 weeks now. Considering our cold weather, I shouldn't have bothered. Dammit.

Anonymous said...

The red fox is beautiful. We had one visit us this year in CT due to the very cold winter we had. I think she was looking for mice or maybe an unlucky squirrel?

Living on the Spit said...

So good to see Felicia again. She is so gorgeous.

Take your time and re-coop. Partying is hard work!

Mental P Mama said...

I am so glad she's back! And if it ever warms up here, I need to get to my garden, too;)

T said...

WOW - she is beautiful! You're lucky to have her visit you.

I hear you about the flower beds - I think I skirted having to separate my Hosta's this year, but will have to next year.

imom said...

She is gorgeous! I hope you get to have a peek at her pups!

If we were neighbors I'd take some of the day lilies and columbine off your hands!

The Incredible Woody said...

Ironing? Really?

Daryl said...

Oh she's back .. I am sure you're right she was hiding from the dog ... if I had a garden bigger than my window box I would ask you to send me some of the columbine, I love them

SJN said...

she'd probably eat my Chihuahuas!
my new post should read "time to vote... pick me, pick me!"
come over and follow the link and vote for your fave inspiration board!

Treasia said...

So happy to see Felicia back home. I have become quite fond of her myself.

I have been working on getting lots more planted in the garden today as well. Right now it's break time and I was checking in on everyone.

imbeingheldhostage said...

What did I miss? Last I heard you were worried about son dropping off the dog with you...maybe I don;t want to know.
Welcome back Felicia!!


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