Friday, June 26, 2009

Desert Duffers Golf Tournament Weekend And Fox Pictures

Be sure to click on the pictures for a full size view.

Felicia stopped to pose for me one evening, on the fence to the garden.

We are leaving today to go play in a two-day golf tournament outside of Dallas with our large golf group called Desert Duffers, so I thought I'd leave you with the most recent pictures of our little fox family.

And I know you'll all want to tune in on Monday to find out about whatever misadventures I've found myself in during this tournament. As always, it should be interesting to see if I show my ass again. It's been hellishly hot and we all know what happens to me in the heat, when I'm drinking and playing golf.... Thank goodness we're playing with friends that are used to my antics. Truth be told, I think they all like it when I misbehave and they tend to urge me on. However, Mr. Snooty doesn't like it, but he should really be used to me by now.

Anyway, this is the first of three tournaments we have with this group every year, so if I'm not naughty this time, I'm sure I will be the next time.

Also, several of the hubbys play guitar, so we usually sit around at night, singing and listening to some really amazing guitarists. Hell, we might even sing a round of Cumbaya (Koom-By-Ya).

Most of the time, Felicia seems to be resting while the pups are either asleep or off hunting with their Dad.
Her favorite new place is up on the cinderblock fence, amongst the Trumpet Vine.

The pups are really growing and seem to be getting some wise advice from Mr. Owl.


The Incredible Woody said...

I cannot wait to hear all about the fun times. Go kick some ass, Snooty!!

TSannie said...

Those are just the neatest photos!

Best of luck with the golf tournament!

snooty daughter said...

She is totally giving you the evil I want to eat you eyes!

Flea said...

I won't lie. I came just to see Felicia. She's such a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Poor Felicia. It's got to be rough having that many kids!

Snooty Primadona said...

I forgot to mention that the 2nd picture is actually of the Dad, Fernando... Isn't he a piece of work?

Daryl said...

I love these posts about Felicia .. but I gotta agree with Snooty Daughter .. she's givin' you the evil eye!

Hope the tournament was not too hot and a lot of fun

Heather said...

Don't listen to SD, Felicia and Fernando are your buds. I can just tell. She's been reading too many fairy tales.

Can't wait to hear about your golf tourneys.

Something tells me if we ever played together we might get kicked off the course. Let's do it! ;O)


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