Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Might Be A Golfer After All... Who Knew?

First of all, I hope everyone has a fun & happy Fourth of July!!!

Yup. Go figure. Last weekend I looked like I'd never picked up a golf club in my life. This weekend I looked like a sand-bagger because I've played so well. I did not do a single thing (that I know of) different.

Yes, I admit it was nothing but ugly last weekend. I'm talking about my golf game. I played the roles of reigning Queen of Shankopotamus, ruler of bad putts and master of absolutely nothing related to golf. I suppose everyone has days, even weekends like that on the course, but I felt like the only person ever. Even though I shot a good round for me, a 95 (which gave me a 68 with my handicap), it wasn't even close to being good enough to beat the other duffers, or even half of them. It's hard to believe my partner and I got second place last year. Frankly, I was ready to go home, sell my clubs, and never play golf again.

The heat and humidity were absolutely stifling and I was sure I'd die before we finally hit the 18th hole. Of course, I had my wide assortment of little tricks to keep cool with me, but they weren't much help in the triple digit heat & high humidity. If that wasn't bad enough, I'd also forgotten my hair dryer and my digital camera. The absence of the hair dryer alone would send me into frenzy, but the camera just took the wind from my sails.

Let me see if I can explain this. Whenever I play in a tournament, I must have everything go perfectly before the round. My outfit has to look great, my legs need to be shaved, my hair and nails need to look good, and I need everything where it belongs in my bag. In other words, I don't need any last minute upsets of any kind. Golf is a very unforgiving game as well as being a very humbling game. I want things to be the same every time, without fail. I am then able to focus on making every shot with the same set-up and same precision. When my pre-game organization gets screwed up, so does my game. Yeah, I know. Call me crazy, but that's how I roll. Oh, wait. It sounds more anal retentive than anything, doesn't it? Oy.

So, needless to say, my game last weekend was all out of whack and I wasn't a very happy camper. We didn't party with the other duffers and we didn't stay up late. Normally, I would have, with or without Mr. Snooty. Frankly, the heat just sucked the life out of me, so I retreated to the confines of our air-conditioned room while I licked my wounds. For once, the heat rendered me speechless…. Go figure.

Today, I played in a tournament called The Firecracker, which is another *shamble*. I am, of course, the D player in an A-B-C-D tournament team. This tournament is at our home club, so I was much more comfortable knowing what to expect. Besides, they had me pretty well padded with good players, so that I couldn't do too much damage to the team. Our team ended up with a 49 today, which put us in second place! I made a total of 5 eagles today and I was on Cloud Nine. What am I saying? I am still on Cloud Nine. It was an awesome day of golf with some really fun, good players, so of course, I'm not going to quit playing now. It seems I go through this sort of thing at least twice a year, so maybe I should just admit when I'm in a slump and quit saying I'm going to quit playing.

So, I shall leave you with a few shots of a hummingbird it took me a good 30 minutes of sitting still, to get a shot of. Tough little guys to capture, I assure you. Also, I've included a few new pictures of Felicia. The pups are as big as she is now and it's getting difficult to tell them apart...


blushing rose said...

Awww! go gettum, girl! You can do it ... chuckle! May your day sparkle & shine. TTFN ~ Marydon

The Incredible Woody said...

Hooray on the great game this weekend! I'm like you - I have my rituals and if things are not right, then dammit things just are not right!!

Great shots of the hummingbirds! You have more patience than me:)

cornbread hell said...

oh my! unshaved legs?
i am just beside myself.


Heather said...

Of course you weren't going to quit golf!

I am very particular about my rituals too. They really only affect me, except I won't putt out of turn. It always turns out badly. I got rushed during a tourney once and turned a birdie putt into a three putt. YIKES! Never again.

So congrats on the victory. You must enjoy everyone of them in golf, because it seems like there are always more losses--at least for me!

Sjn said...

I loved reading your golf post, along with the random unrelated photos ;-), but not having your camera tells that story.
Yes... golf can be like that. Always a challenge, but at the same time rewarding. We keep coming back don't we!

noble pig said...

Now that we live on a golf course I watch everyday the golfers teeing off right off my dining room. I see the rituals, I get what you mean. You are not alone!

imom said...

I'm glad your golf game bounced back. I don't think you would have liked giving up golf!

Great shots of the foxes and the hummingbirds.

I hope you had a great 4th too!

snooty daughter said...

Congrats Madre!!!!!


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