Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Last Night In Santa Monica... With A Bonus Celebrity Sighting

After the exhaustion brought on by touring Disneyland and the California Experience, we were headed to a restaurant/bar in our daughter's hood. It's called Baby Blues Barbecue, located in West Hollywood. I'll apologize ahead of time for the quality of my pictures. The place was dark (duh, it's a bar) and I tried shooting with and without the flash, to not much avail.

Guess what we started out with? Yup. That's right... Martinis. Dirty martinis that were the best we'd had, I believe. SD had a dark brew of some unknown (to me) name.

Since we were all tired to the bone, we skipped an appetizer of any kind and dove straight into ordering dinner. However, look at these sauces they have on every table. The Porno Sauce is the XXX hot sauce and yes, it was HOT! I think it was vinegar in the Grey Goose bottle.

SD ordered the Beer Braised Beef Brisket, which didn't appeal to me in the least, but she really likes it. All our meals came with a side of cornbread, which was old and had been kept in the warmer too long. I was very disappointed.

Mr. Snoots ordered the Fried Gulf Coast Catfish, which he said was good, but not the best he's ever had. He said the creamed spinach was okay, but nothing to crow about, as was his feeling about the stewed tomatoes. I think SD and I ordered the same side of Fried Okra, but it tasted as if it had been sitting for a very long while. Fried Okra cannot sit too long under a heat lamp or it becomes tough and stringy. This okra was definitely tough and stringy.

I was glad that I chose the Barbecued Shrimp. It was fresh and cooked perfectly. I love it even better when it's served with lime. So, that was a treat. However, I ordered the side of mashed potatoes, which, alas, were also old. Apparently, this would explain why the bar side was more crowded than the dining side of the restaurant.

While there, I did notice a jazzman who plays horn having dinner with a friend, but I still can't think of his name. He's famous in the world of jazz. Anyone recognize him? I'm sure I'll come up with his name someday. Where's Vinyl Villager when I need him? He loves jazz. However, this wasn't my *celebrity sighting*.

Anyhoo, the next morning we had an early departure and needed to return the rental car, so we left the hotel VERY early. It was all worth it, trust me. I finally had a bonified *celebrity sighting* at the airport, and I was able to take a couple of very discreet photos of this, one of my favorite *food celebrities*. We even ate at his restaurant while staying in Santa Monica. Yes, you guessed it! It's Wolfgang Puck, who was getting on our plane to go to Vegas (which is where we changed planes).

I even had an opportunity to sit next to him on the plane (which hubby urged me to do), but I was too chicken. I really should have sat next to Wolfie, but I just plain lost my nerve. I could just hear him telling people about the annoying little West Texas housewife that chattered non-stop, so I didn't go there. Oh well. At least I got my proof in pictures...


TheVinylVillager said...

oh my gosh, as much as you love to cook and you passed that opportunity??? Snooty I am disappointed!

Staci said...

I have absolutely loved your California stories. And to top it off...Wolfgang! How lucky can a girl get?

Mental P Mama said...

We met him at our table, too! And Mr. Snooty should never order fried catfish out of the Delta.....

TSannie said...

Too bad your last meal was less than memorable...
And I can't believe you, of all people, chickened out of sitting by Mr. Puck! Silly girl! (And just so you know, I would have been too chicken as well;-)

Beth Dunn said...

How funny you've been writing about him and there he is!!!

That is so the secret.



PS I'd have wall wall carpeting in my bedroom too if I could.

imom said...

I always look forward to your food photos! Good stuff! I wouldn't have sat down next to Wolfie either... I'm pretty shy that way.


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