Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 32nd Anniversary Mr. Snoots! It's Been Quite A Ride Mi Compadre....

Okay, here it is our 32nd wedding anniversary and today I gave you a card that was maybe 20 years old. I'm really sorry, my love. I bought you a really funny and cool card, but somehow misplaced it. However, I assume you're used to me and my ways by now and you know I'll find it by next year, right?

I hope you know that I would have left the house today to get you another card, but my blog friend Lauren over at The Mental Pause Chronicles had a horoscope thingy up on Monday, so I followed the link and read mine that said to be careful this week because some crazy drunk might try to run me over, so I was really afraid to leave the house. I was especially afraid because yesterday a girl was killed on my route to the grocery store at exactly the time I would have been en route to said grocery store, as you well know. I really am sorry that I was afraid to go out today. I'm also afraid of getting the swine flu, which seems to be running amok, locally. I know I'm getting to be somewhat paranoid but I know you'll stand by me, right?

I know you still love me because you brought me flowers and made me a lobster dinner in spite of the crummy card you got from me. This is, alas, what marriage is all about... forgiving the little things and looking at the bigger picture. Two wonderful children who don't live at home any longer and thirty-two years of wedded bliss... or something vaguely resembling that. You know what I mean. It hasn't all been roses, but we have survived to make it last longer than any of our friends. (Does that say something about us or our friends?)

Anyway, in sickness (remember that weekend you'd been w/ the frat bros in Vegas? and I'd been in Mexico w/ the wives and we both came home sick and had to fight one another for first dibbs at the toilet?) and in health (remember the day you called me after your 6 month check at the doctor's and said, "The doctor says I'll live another six months" and I freaked out and started demanding you tell me what was wrong and you said it was nothing but a joke? I thought I'd die. Or kill you first. Then die.

One year I was in the depression of miscarriage and you stood by me. You helped me stay strong, even though there were others to come that we were yet unaware of. Two more, to be exact. Then, we were finally blessed with two beautiful, funny, intelligent children.

There were years I was too busy with the kids to pay you much mind but you still stood by me. You would rock them to sleep and tell them stories, which gave me a few desperately needed moments of quiet at the end of days I thought I'd go stark raving mad.

There were years that my family was trying to rip my guts out with their bare hands, making me crazy, but you still stood by me and defended me. Then you made them go away and leave me alone. You. Are. My. Hero.

There were years of plentiful money and flowing oil and gas, but then the lean years came with the bust of the early 1980's and we stood strong, although often weakened by the twists and turns our lives would take. We were never sure of how we'd handle it all, but we knew we still loved each other.

There were even years when we doubted the strength of our love and our marriage, but somehow managed to make it back to love. I thank you for surviving that time with me.

The year your parents both got diagnosed with cancer, was probably one of the toughest years we ever had to bear. We lost our best friends, didn't we? We spent that year taking turns driving them to chemo and taking care of them. We buried your mother in February, then buried your Dad on our wedding anniversary that year. Needless to say, we didn't celebrate the union of our marriage that year. Still, we stood together with what strength we had left.

Not long after that, our son took a foray into the deadly world of drugs that lasted 8 years and there were times I thought I'd die, but you stood by my side, helping me to remain strong, knowing what we had to do. We nearly lost him, but with the help of God, and each other, we were able to finally reclaim him. So, I guess the teenage years were oddly the worst of years with son and the best of years with daughter, although he has more than made up for it now, huh?

When my best friend *Suze* died suddenly, you stood strong for me although I know it couldn't have been easy. It was a hard year for me to get through, but you still stood by me in all my madness.

It has never been an easy road with me, has it dear? Well, it hasn't been an easy road with you either, Mister. What it has been is a journey of discovery, of ups and downs, of good times and bad times, of arguments and problem solving, soccer trips and basketball games, of having money and not having money, baseball games and football trips, cheer-leading practice, PTA meetings volunteering until we were weak with exhaustion, late nights when the children were sick, girl scouts, karate lessons, mind expanding slumber parties until we wanted to strangle all the kids, yard work, neglecting yard work, summers at the lake, skiing every winter, Six Flags every summer, Schlitterbahn several summers, Sea World, sports camps, summer camps, birthday parties, holidays, box seats at the Angels games in summer, carpool and homework and all of the other filler that goes in between. You of all people, know that there are far too many things to list. Yet, you still stand beside me through it all.

Then at long last, we were once again alone, both wondering if there was enough left to pick up the pieces of parenting and the toll it had taken on us as a couple. There were so many years that we passed one another coming and going with one child or the other, headed in opposite directions. There wasn't time for much else, was there? Somehow, we found that there was a glimmer of a spark that still glowed between us and we were able to get that sucker going again, weren't we?

It might not be the mad passionate love of our youth, but it's the only love I want Mr. Snoots. Just your love. Just you.
You and me, my love. Until we get too old to help the other. Until that time arrives, let the good times roll, baby! 

I am yours, forever and always.....


Pink Martini said...

Yours is a beautiful and very touching story, Snooty. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life together. Happy anniversary and here's wishing you many, many more. :) xoxo

Cathy M said...

Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful love letter/card. You've had quite a life together and it can only get better.

Heather said...


What wonderfully written ad heartfelt words. You have a very special relationship. Hold on tight. There aren't many of those in the world!

Finally, despite truly hard times you always seem to find the good, smiles and laughter. You inspire me.

The Incredible Woody said...

That was beautiful! I hope you two have a very Happy Anniversary!!!

Mental P Mama said...

That is wonderful! Happiest of Anniversaries, and I am so sorry for being the root of your agoraphobia this week;)

TheVinylVillager said...

this is beautiful! (and did not depress me at all, but instead sort of filled me up with happiness for you guys!)

Hope Mr. Snoots appreciates it!

Snooty Primadona said...

MPM: Oh sure, like I'm not OCD.

Hubby had seen all the EMT & police cars on the way home yesterday. An 18 year old girl died in the accident. It was honest-to-God my very route I take when I go to the neighborhood store, at the very same time I usually go. But, people were driving so crazy the day before that, that I just said I was staying home. Horoscopes and gut feelings. Thank you, my friend.

imom said...

What a wonderful love letter to Mr Snoots! I just love the pictures! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Snooty Primadona said...

VV: Yes, he does appreciate it. He read it before he left for the office this morning and gave me a good, long passionate kiss (okay, 2-3 seconds is long these days).

Daryl said...

Happy Anniversary .. you two are fabulous .. and make the best couple (after me & ToonMan, that is) .. wishing you many more .. xox

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Happy Anniversary and many more. You had me laughing at first and now I'm crying. You've had your share of joy and sadness, huh? Wow! I'm so glad that you stayed together through it all.
My Hubby and I buy each other Lottery tickets instead of cards. Can't win if you don't play!!

Stephanie said...

Who needs a new card when he has this? What a lovely tribute! Happy anniversary!

Snooty Primadona said...

Momster: Damn! I can't believe I didn't come up with that all by myself. Ahh, senior moments are the Best!

Thanks Steph. You've got your work cut out for you too, but if anyone can do... it would be you.

TXQ said...

Lengthy blogs are usually forbidding, but this one was definitely for reading.

Very nice, Snoots. Worth a lobster dinner no doubt.

Michelle said...

Thanks again for visiting The Hubby Diaries.

I just wanted to let you know that I added your blog to a "lovely award" backlink meme today.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh you made me cry (and then bite my husband's head off for interrupting my thoughts). Beautiful beautiful anniversary post. Here's to many more years of wedded bliss, Snooty style!

P/S cards are overrated-- I'd take a wonderful post like this over a card any day!

Flea said...

This is as beautiful as it gets. Here's to many more long and happy years together!

"There were years that my family was trying to rip my guts out with their bare hands, making me crazy, but you still stood by me and defended me. Then you made them go away and leave me alone. You. Are. My. Hero."

That's probably the sweetest sentiment of all.

Staci said...

What a beautiful post, Snooty! And your family is lovely too. You truly have it all!

snooty daughter said...

I love this post!!!!
PS- the Regis Philbin thing is ubercreepy


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