Friday, December 11, 2009

We Have Major Dilemma At The Former Casa del Sol in West Galveston Beach... But We Haven't Stopped Laughing Yet

First of all is our dilemma. Our friends have all this fabulous (expensive) teakwood furniture on their 2nd floor patio that we can't actually get to. Frankly, the miraculous part is that the furniture is still there. Anyway, because all the storm shutters are locked  down (which means us boneheads can't figure out a way to access the patio and thus, the patio furniture), there are a number of varying opinions. If someone out there is knowledgeable about this kind of thing, please leave a comment PDQ. So, the guys have all been trying to figure out how to retrieve them through some architectural miracle with ropes and pulleys. Am I the only one that sees disaster written on the wall here?

Then some genius (certainly not I) suggested heaving them over the side to land on mattresses (much the same way one would leap from a burning building onto a safety net, which drew nothing but hisses and boos from our close friends. Guess we'll nix that idea.

So far, this has been one of those experiences that are so painful and gut wrenching, that you seriously can't stop laughing for fear of reality setting in. Perhaps it's a basic human survival tool that some of us have inside us, and possibly what drew us all together as friends in the first place. I at least know it's why we've remained friends for so many years. We're all as stubborn as Hell in our own unique and annoying ways, which has obviously paid off for us, as a group.

Our hubbys were all friends from the time they were in grade school, although college and marriage separated them in the early years of adulthood. We all seemed to come together at a time when our planets were aligned with Mars or something. Of course, we've sweated through 3 divorces with one friend, but he seems to have at last settled down with this wife. Our other friends were once married to other people, got divorced and we introduced them, of which we're very proud. We've all been through tough, painful, hilarious, crazy times together, which I believe is our greatest bond of all. It's the very glue that keeps us all close.

So, this has been an easy task as far as *getting her done* goes. Even during extended moments when everyone was getting cranky and sometimes even snippish, someone would toot and say something like "Does anyone smell anything?"

To which we'd reply, "No." Then he'd start laughing and say "Oh, you will." Then we'd all run screaming out of the room until we were sure that it was safe to go back. Meanwhile, we'd waste like 15 minutes just trying to recover from the fits of total hysteria. I mean, this is a difficult time but because we're all slightly insane and a bit more than eccentric, it seems to be working just great for us.... yet again. We kooks kind of need to flock together for survival purposes and it seems to be keeping us somewhat a bit more sane than it probably should have. So far.

Or we talked about *so and so* that passed out on the third floor patio chaise every night because there was no hubby snoring next to her out there. Or about the 56 year old moron who decided if she could still do cartwheels in her mind then she must be able to do it for real. Hahahahaha... So. Not. Funny. MUCH!

We really worked our large and little derrieres off today but somehow managed to have a riotous time while doing so. Of course, we had to rehash all the old stories, in which each one of us is allowed to be ourselves and therefore, the total butt clown of the situation, whatever it may be. And we've all been there, probably several times over (Okay, fine. Multiply by whatever number you like). It keeps life interesting at any rate.

So, there you have it... my synopsis after day one.


Flea said...

Oh ugh. I wish I knew how to get those things open, but I don't. Google it!

Snooty Primadona said...

As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Our men folk did us proud today & we were able to get it all done & into the 26' U-Haul. Did I mention there were also 3 big mover guys to help, otherwise we'd all be hospitalized?

It's a good thing too, since I forgot to allow comments when I posted this morning.


snooty daughter said...

Good work!!!!! Glad it worked out :D

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you figured it out, cause I got nothin'!!

I just have to say that y'all are so lucky to have each other. Sounds like, even though the situation is serious enjoyment is being had too!

noble pig said...

This post made me smile from ear to ear...I am laughing with/at you.


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