Friday, March 5, 2010

After 24 Years We Have A New Kitchen Faucet... For $1100.00? I. Don't. Think. So.

After suffering through a couple of weeks of the dishwasher overflowing on the kitchen island and thus, the floor, we decided to have a new faucet put in and get the overflow problem taken care of at the same time. I called our regular plumber and we talked about faucets for a few minutes. I told him I wanted one of the new ones that pull out and he knew exactly what I wanted. I had been looking at them online and knew what the prices and models were that I was interested in, so he said he could get me one for around $270.00, about $350.00 with installation. After momentary nausea, I agreed.

Mind you, we're not getting new sinks or anything else with the deal. All we were getting was the pull-out faucet and the soap pump... not a new garbage disposal or anything frivolous.

So, a very lengthy 2 weeks later (I could have gotten it faster on Amazon) the plumber's (butt crack) assistant shows up. Oh. Joy. Surely you recall how very fond I am of his disgusting backside. He and an assistant spent three hours repairing the dishwasher overflow (caused by a kinked rubber hose that HE INSTALLED IMPROPERLY to begin with) and installing the new faucet and soap pump. I hid in the den/office, praying that he wouldn't call me into the kitchen with one of his lengthy, detailed, stoopid dissertations because then I'd have no choice but to view that which I did not want to see. Again.

Thankfully, Mr. Snoots came home from the office early. Otherwise, there might have been bloodshed. He busied himself doing chores in hopes they would be leaving soon, which they didn't appear to be in any great hurry to do. So, he finally sat at his designated evening post (chair) in the kitchen, reading the newspaper and listening to the evening news. I was still hiding out in the den with my iTunes turned up so I didn't have to hear anything. We're not Ward and June Cleaver by any means.

At long last, they finally departed but it was too late for starting dinner so we ordered takeout. We both loved the new faucet and the no-longer-leaking dishwasher valve. We marveled at why we had waited so long to do this, but were both happy and content. For $350.00, or so we thought.

Then the bill for said work arrived on Monday morning. HUH? Surely it was a mistake. $1,100.00? You bet your sweet nothings it was a mistake and I was spitting-nails-mad. I've had a call into the owner of the company, for him to call me back. He needs to know that I'm not paying that bill. Furthermore, I'm not paying the labor they charged because the plumber's crack idiot was training some other idiot who would soon be sporting his own plumbers crack, no doubt. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck although they apparently thought I had. Neanderthals.

I fully intend to tell him that I'll pay the price he quoted me over the phone. On the bill, they charged us over $460.00 for the faucet fixtures and I found it at Amazon for half that amount. You must know as well as I, that he only paid wholesale for it, right? If he can counter offer with a reasonable price, I'll be happy to pay it. Otherwise, our attorney can rip him a new conscience, which he offered to do on contingency.

The moral to this story is.... don't try to rip off loyal customers you've had for 24 years who actually pay their bills. Frankly, for what I've had to endure, they should be shaving dollars off the bill for the entire plumber's crack exposure ordeal. However, I'm willing to let this pass if he can come up with a workable amount. So far, this is not a acceptable deal, by any means.

My next faucet project was going to be the guest bath but Mr. Snoots says he's not going to pay that kind of money and he's right. I'm not either. So, we might perhaps be in the market for a new plumber... If I don't get the fairness of price I expect, after being customers for 24 years. Get. Real. Mr. Butt. Crack. I charge extra for having to look at THAT... Besides, I watch HGTV and I know that there is no faucet installation that takes 3 hours. Hello!

Whew! I'm glad to have gotten that out of my system. Thanks for letting me vent.


Mental P Mama said...

Every single thing we have repaired in the last year has been 11.00. What is up with that????? I cannot wait to get out of this money pit. And stand your ground! I am spitting mad!

Diane said...

Tell it sister! I'd stand my ground on the $360 price. And any good business person would agree.

Suburban Princess said...

Wooooooooo that's harsh! I cant believe the nerve of these contractors! I learned a long time ago not to let them go ahead with the work until they give me, in writing, how much it will cost, exactly...and no more!

The Incredible Woody said...

Whip some ass, Snooty!! I am amazed at the nerve of people.

Our ex-yard man is tops on the brilliant list. He told my husband about a certain customer that had asked him to have a tree removed from her yard. He got the price from the tree guy and added $1000 to the price. He forgot that the customer was the sister of a friend of ours. So yeah, we spread the word that she really just needed to call the tree man on her own:)

Mental P Mama said...

Make that 1100.00 -- except for the garage door, that was 1300.00. GAH

Treasia Stepp said...

Lordy be Ms. Snooty. What was their reason for it being that much higher? Ridiculous it is. I don't blame you one little iota either.

TSannie said...

HGTV's gonna make a lot of plumbers and other contractors honest up! Stand your ground!

Roto Rooter is the way to go. They come in, give you their price (that doesn't cost you), if you like it, fine, if not they leave. I'll bet you could buy the faucet from Amazon and they'd then install it.

Daryl said...

What a rip off .. and I am with the others stand your ground .. I bet once you let him know about the attorney waiting in the wings, he will reconsider being such a butt crack!

Sjn said...

When our blue-poly cracked and leaked in the front yard, we had to get a plumber to replace it. They sent an 80 year old man and a teenager. The man was training the kid, it took all frigin' day to dig the hole and replace the pipe. They charged us labor for 2 men. Oh no, you don't. I argued that bill too and only paid them the hourly rate for 1 man. Not my fault they sent 2 incompetent guys.

Lyn said...

I think there should be a reduction based on the intrusion into you aesthetic sensibilities. Think I saw this(or similar) case on "The People's Court"..good luck!!

Clippy Mat said...

luckily my man about the house knows how to do plumbing and most other DIY so I am spared this blatant daylight robbery. What a disgrace!
Stick to your guns.

Heather said...

That's it! I think I may have to learn how to "plumb" myself. I hate stuff like this.

That way, I can come do your plumbing. You can just pay for materials and golf!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, for 1100.00 you should've had them do two. What a bargain! NOT. Some people would roll over and accept that, and that's how they make their money, isn't it? I complained to Amazon the other day for--get this-- preparing my order too quickly for me to add something to it for free shipping. It was a tongue-in-cheek compliment and they responded by refunding my entire order. I feel bad. I would NOT feel bad for getting that plumber bill refunded.


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