Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Always Seems To Happen.... AND A Giveaway From "Etiquette With Miss Janice"

Last Thursday I played in my first Club Scramble of the year. When we were broken into teams I ended up with 4 men I had never before met. Now, I love playing golf with men, especially in the scrambles. However, the entire group I was playing with are new members and very young (I'd guess late 20's to early 30's). Since they had never met me, they didn't know what an awesome putter I am. Therefore, once play began, they felt it necessary to tell me precisely where to putt the ball. When anyone does that, my entire game falls apart. I abhor being told what to do, much less when I'm preparing to make a putt that I can sink without anyone's help. It's an entirely different deal if I ask, which I didn't. Apparently, I must come off to them as some sort of idiot who doesn't know the game of golf, but I do. Really. I do.

What resulted was, I could not hit a tee shot to save my life but I don't usually worry about that in the Scrambles because the A and B players can almost reach the green on their tee shots. They always seem to hit the ball really far but you never know where they will end up. Luckily, my short game is my saving grace. I can pitch, chip and putt with the best of them, but the conditions have to be just right. In other words, I do not need someone I don't even know, instructing me during game play!

We ended up with two Birdies and the rest being Eagles and one Par. I sank the two Birdie putts but once they started trying to tell me where to hit the ball, I could no longer sink a putt. Grrrrr! I really prefer playing with *The Old Guard*; the older men at the club. They seem to know better than to try and tell a woman where to putt her balls and they are all very gentlemanly. The younger men... not so much. Bless their hearts, they do have a lot to learn.

So, tonight is another Scramble at the club and I fully intend to go. And, if anyone tries to tell me where to putt I'm just going to say, "Ummm... Excuse me, but I've got this!" I'm just praying I get on a more genteel team tonight. Or perhaps I'll get on a team with someone I actually know. The reason I even started doing the Scrambles is so that I could get over my fear of playing with strangers. I'm not so sure that's going too well...


AND, Miss Janice from the blog "Etiquette With Miss Janice" is celebrating National Tea Month over at her blog and she is having a giveaway for a wonderful Iced Tea Set, so please go over and sign up. Miss Janice is all things Southern and genteel and she really knows how to set a divine table.

Janice also introduced me to a new product I'd never before heard of. It's called Comeback Sauce and sounds like something I could overdose on. Seriously. Here in Texas we like to top our saltines with good old Southern Chow-Chow or my Balsamic Vinegar and Habanero Tomato Chow-Chow, but I'm always open to change. I'm sure I can come up with at least a dozen uses for the Comeback Sauce. At any rate, give Janice's blog a *look see* and sign up for her giveaway. You might even win! 


Tammy said...

Bless their hearts, but please shut their mouths!!

Snooty Primadona said...

Yes, I'm just trying to come up with a genteel way of telling them to go to Hell. ;-)

Suburban Princess said...

Snoots just tell them you know exactly where they 'can putt' their balls! In your purse where they belong!

Sjn said...

men... why do they always think they are better at sports?!
When my putting is on I can take 'um on too. You keep scrambling Snoots and relax and have fun, and sink those putts!


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