Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Take On Airport Body Scanners... Are We Really Sheep Being Led To The Scanner?

When I first began hearing all the hoopla about the airport body scans I thought it was ridiculous, having believed our government in their promises that our privacy as well as our security would be *better protected*. I honestly fell for that line of baloney. Now that I've read more about it, I'm definitely not convinced that the body scans do anything to protect our privacy OR our health OR our security. What the body scans do is, quite honestly, exactly the opposite of what the government promises they would (or should) achieve. No surprise there, to me anyway. The government is constantly making decisions for us (on our behalf, because apparently we're so stupid) that gains them more control over our lives and fulfills campaign promises made to large corporations during said campaigns. Our trusted congressmen and senators are right in the smack dab middle of the whole can of worms. This is a well documented fact in nearly every campaign known to Americans since the early years in our start as a country.

Let me just say right here that it's high time we STOP BEING SHEEP and dummy up to what the politicians in this country are dishing out to us. This is a bi-partisan issue and not between donkeys and elephants. This is about standing up and demanding our country back.  They are selling our collective souls to the Devil himself, being awarded with *get-out-of-jail-free* cards for doing so, and I'm definitely not on board, folks. If you are, then you need to do your homework so that you can see exactly what is happening to us as a people, right before our very eyes. Seemingly with very little protest, to speak of. This is all just another knot in the rope our leaders and politicians oh-so-casually tossed around our necks when most people weren't paying attention.

During our struggle (as a country) to come to terms with this age of amazing and puzzling technology, it's important to not forget the scary predictions made by astronomers and authors of the past (predictions that have more often than not, come true at some point). Geeze, did my entire generation not read Ayn Rand, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury or the predictions of Nostradamus? How can people be so complacent about such issues as the government running our lives for us because apparently we're too lame-brained to run our own lives and make our own decisions? This is scary stuff, people. You should all be worried about the amount of control the government can wield over us and our lives, lest you become the one being watched, monitored and otherwise scrutinized on a daily basis, wherever you travel or whatever you want to do. This is something that will soon be a reality in our world of *instant  information*. Talk about a paper trail. In this age of high tech, it's scarier than you will ever care to admit to yourself. As far as America being a free country... I. Don't. Think. So.

Sorry. I allowed my passion for freedom to run away with my keyboard again. The truth is, Americans are becoming less free by the day, thanks to the government, who thinks us incapable of thinking and making decisions for ourselves. We seem to be bombarded on a daily basis with way more information than we ever wanted (or needed) to know. Check with me again when I have Alzheimer's or Dimentia, but until then, I demand the freedom I was afforded at birth (as a NATURAL CITIZEN) in this country. Frankly, these days it seems like you have far more freedoms and exemptions in this country if you are NOT A CITIZEN. Really, how totally nutso is that? Does this happen in most other countries around the world? Not bloody likely.

Now, the new body scan machines our government paid a shameful amount for, are in place  all about the country, (there are currently 80+ airports with these scanners) to further deprive us of our rights as citizens. Our (naked) body scans while going through American airports, can apparently end up on uTube and destroy lives and reputations with just the click of your *mouse*, all the while zapping us with radiation that is government-regulated in ALL OTHER aspects of our lives, which means that how and when we receive x-rays is otherwise governed by the very Yo-Yo's elected to run this country. Airport body scans are not. Say WHAT? 

The radiation we receive (from dentists, general practitioners, and now airport body scans etc.)  builds up in our bodies just like plaque builds up on our teeth and we receive it every single, solitary day, from a number of items we utilize in our lives. When our bodies have had more than enough radiation buildup, they rebel by forming cancers. It doesn't matter the amount of exposure, it's still building up in everyone's DNA. Then, *the medical/pharmeceutical world*  just wants to cure it with more radiation. Do not, even for a moment, think that this is in any way safe for us as human beings. It. Is. Not. I watched radiation treatments kill my mother-in-law within a 6 week period of time, while trying to treat her pancreatic cancer. It is indeed, a double edged sword.

People who are terrorists will always continue to find ways to penetrate whatever security we have in place at the time. They always have. They always will. That is precisely WHY they are called terrorists. Terrorists are insane and will go to any lengths to harm and terrorize our society in any way they can. They are experts at making us AFRAID. Fear tends to make us *sheeple*, which makes it far easier to control us on the whole. In addition to that, our own government is punishing us, not the terrorists, for the past deeds of the radical opponents of capitalism. I'm fairly certain that's the text book definition of insanity. Could we perhaps explore trying a method that works, doesn't release radiation into our bodies, and doesn't invade the privacy of ALL AMERICANS or crown them with an undesirable 15 minutes of fame on one of the social networks without their knowledge? The information highway is a scary universe but apparently a quite safe mode of travel these days unless you're a hacker, which means you're totally safe. Hello. Wake-up call.

If you truly believe that those body scan *photo ops* are deleted after inspection, think again, Genius. I know people who can dance circles around me on the computer, which leads me to believe Photoshop would allow certain unscrupulous individuals to dance circles around those purportedly deleted body scans, right? All one has to do is learn to invert a body scan photo and *poof* you're on Candid Camera and not in a good way. Furthermore, you know as well as I that airport security hiring procedures are light decades away from perfect, with them often hiring former criminals (although they claim they are oh-so-careful in hiring the right people). Uh-huh. I won't be believing that any time soon.

I suppose that by now you've gathered I'm against airport body scans, but only with good reason. I started out thinking it was no big deal until I did my homework. As the information age continues to grow to massive proportions, this can only become worse unless nipped in the bud NOW. Seriously, we still haven't found Bin Laden and his pack of merry terrorists, have we? Wonder why. Duh. They apparently have hackers of their own which enables them to sneak around the internet world as well as the real world, undetected. If they can do that, then... I'm just sayin'. Do your own detective work and double check your resources. Chances are, you'll find out your own *truths* and they won't be what you're being led to believe by this country's politicians or the media. It's like the old political adage: When you've got the people by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. I do not care to be part of that, do you? Don't even get me started on the whole child porn issue. That would be another rant for another day.

Before I end this lovely tirade, I'd also like to mention that I know a shameful amount of women and men who do not exercise their right to vote, claiming they didn't have time, the kids were sick, they were out of town, didn't care, had an emergency, or whatever. Ummm... Ever hear of early voting? Apathy and complacency is what will be the ultimate ruin of this country, but that's a whole other line of my babble, meant for a different time. And for those of you (especially women) who don't vote: Shame. On. You. Nothing is more repugnant than watching your country flush itself down the proverbial toilet as you stood by and did nothing.

Be careful. Big. Brother. Is. Watching. You. Too.


Staci said...

Truer words were never spoken.

Grandma Nina said...

Snoots, I'm with you all the way. That was a great tirade and I agree with you at every turn. I keep saying this all the time, "What is wrong with the American People today?" Every one just goes along with everything they're told to do. Reminds me of stories I've read about the Jews when Hitler came into power. I know this is not politically correct to say, but this politically correct thing has gone too far also.
Way to go, Snoots!

Beth Dunn said...

I know, I've been a mess cause we are all going away soon and I'm terrified of having to use these

Cathy M said...

You said it all. We wouldn't be in such a mess if everyone who was eligible voted. It's time to get off the couch and run our own lives, not let "big brother" take over.

Bodaciousboomer said...

Sheeple. That's a good one.

Paxie Panicker said...

Could not agree with you more. Anyone who says these things is a "fear monger". Bull. This "politically correct" crap is ruining our country. I'm sure you've heard of George Soros. Scary. And Monsanto. Extremely scary. I don't even know if we have control with the vote anymore. I'm tired of being nice and quiet. Piss on it.

GREAT post!


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