Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stick A Fork In Me... I Think I'm Done!

I could be delusional but I do believe I'm at last finished with my Christmas decorating... and I did a LOT of decorating this year. Well, I did a lot of decorating for me, who seldom changes her methodology. This year I've been inspired by all the amazing and wonderful decorating blogs that I am, without doubt, becoming obsessed with of late. Sadly, my replicas of the the projects I see on these blogs always seem to fall short, with an occasional perfect outcome. That's always a nice surprise, right?


For several projects I had to actually pull out the *retired ornaments* trunk and made good use of many of those items. See? I knew I shouldn't throw all that away yet. You just never know, right? Okay, maybe that's just me.

Why is it that every year I can't remember what decorations I did the year before? I think it must be God's way of making sure we *change things up* every year. And actually, this is the first year I realized that Christmas is my most favorite holiday of the year. Yes, I'm slow like that. But, I adore Christmas and love decorating for it and every time the hubby says "Oh, let's don't do it this year", I want to strangle him! What does he mean by *let's*? I always do it all anyway. At any rate, I'm so thankful that I took digital pics of everything the last few years, which means I have a visual memory book. Score! I just wish I'd taken pics of how I rigged all the outdoor lights but you can bet that I took them this year. Instant memory, thank you!


I made an *antique looking* cake stand by hot gluing an antique transferware plate onto an old Teleflora glass candlestick. Then, I filled the plate with strands of gold bead garland and added a few bulbs from the Dollar Store. It makes a very elegant display, don't you think?

In the middle of the same parsons table I used a wreath that my family complained about when it was on the door. So, I don't expect any complaints about my use of it here. I also added hunter green candles in brass candlesticks to the center of said wreath, for dimension. 

Next, I gathered all of my glass candlesticks as well as a few sterling candlesticks and grouped them by different heights, adding glass ornaments to them. I really do like the way they look. Oh, and I'd also made a sheet music miniature Christmas tree that I added to the bulbs.


The tree is mostly decorated but I have yet to add the gazillion chandelier crystals, which I'm strongly considering passing up this year. I finished the outdoor decorations last week, with the new addition of a pair of 4' pre-lit trees that I hot-glued ornaments to (the wind blows hard here in West Texas), which took a major amount of patience to do.

So, it's really quite amazing that I even stuck with the whole decorating thing, but I did and now I'm more than pleased. Christmas just isn't the same for me if I don't have all my favorite things around, not to mention the new things that make me smile. I do try to buy several new items every year (so I can retire the old, tired pieces slowly), which are always a surprise to find.

How is your holiday decorating going this year?

Stay tuned for my handmade patchwork quilt ornaments that I've fallen in love with as well as my holiday table setting and my new porch Christmas trees....


The Incredible Woody said...

Just beautiful! My decorating this year consists of the battery-operated tree-shaped snowglobe:)

Sjn said...

I must say you did a fabulous job girl! So very festive.
My girls did my decorating for me, but I think I'm feeling up to tweaking it a bit. I just watched the HGTV celebrity holiday decorating special and got too many ideas!

Snooty Primadona said...

Oh yeah. That HGTV is dangerous territory for me, LOL!

Diane said...

I'm getting close. It's taken me longer to get things ready this year! Your house looks lovely as always!

Bodaciousboomer said...

Your house looks gorgeous. I'm jealous. We've had our tree for 10 days. It's still sitting in the backyard. Maybe I can finally get it decorated by next week. Maybe.

Queen of Halloween said...

I love the fact that I can't remember how I decorated from year to year either makes it more interesting. My challenge is making sure that I don't do the same year after year. People kind of expect that from me anyways. Just love the warm glow you have from your beautiful look...especially your tree! I miss not having a big tree:( I love seeing how everyone does theirs and I love the huge amount of lights.Way to go!

That Janie Girl said...

Girl I am impressed.

pinkim said...



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