Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Never Dreamed I'd Miss Hot Flashes....

Honestly, I haven't left the house since this cold front hit us. Yeah. I'm wimpy that way. Our high today was 9 degrees F with a worse windchill and I've been shivering all day. Right now it is 3 degrees F outside with a wind chill of -8. Earlier this evening it snowed a couple more inches and Trouble The Cat still won't venture out longer than a nano minute. We actually hit an all time record low today and tonight.

I didn't used to be such a wimp. I mean, when I was in full throttle hot flashes, I jumped at the chance to venture out into the cold. Now that I've moved on to post menopausal, I'm always cold. Yes, life is not fair, is it? After suffering through years of PMS (also suffered by those around me), pre-menopause (also suffered by those around me), full blown menopause (also suffered by those around me), and now post menopause (suffered entirely alone), I'm wondering "Is it all downhill from here?" 

Then, I realized that I'm through the worst of menopause and pretty darned lucky to be alive. Every day is a gift. It doesn't matter if it's freezing cold and the electricity goes out for a few hours or it's over 100 degrees F and your air conditioning goes out. The only thing that matters is that you are alive and well. Embrace each and every day, no matter the weather or circumstances. Life is fragile. However, I'd rather be cold than hot. Why? Because you can always put on tons of clothing to stay warm (like Ralphie in a A Christmas Story) but when it's hot you can only take off so much clothing before it becomes illegal, right?

That being said, I'm going to go ahead and post this before the electricity goes down again. The city is still doing Rolling Blackouts to try and prevent the entire grid from blowing out. We live in the older part of town  (which means we have an older, more vulnerable grid) and they have requested that residents cut back on their usage of electricity as much as possible, so our house is almost at blackout at this point anyway. One year on Christmas night we lost power for like 6 hours, but it was actually rather fun. We ended up playing Gin Rummy by candlelight, in front of the fireplace and had a blast.

Poor Trouble Cat now resides in front of the fireplace, which I continue to stoke just in case the electricity goes out again. Anyway, in these below freezing temperatures, I rather miss those hot flashes, which I never dreamed I would ever say. Go. Figure. Still, I feel elated to be alive. How about you?


The Incredible Woody said...

Makes me cold just thinking about it!! Stay warm!!

Bodacious Boomer said...

I have a few extra catheters. Would you like one for Trouble? They really come in handy.

Bundle up kiddo and hold tight to Mr. Snoots.

Mental P Mama said...

It can't stay like this forever. Can it???

Queen of Halloween said...

I envy your warm's heat is so much better than the imitation heat. Love the crackling sounds too...very soothing. I'd rather be cold than too hot! Don't miss the craziness of the hot flashes tho...;}

BJ Roan said...

I don't miss the hot flashes, but do miss heat. It's 3 degrees right now and supposed to go below 0 tonight. On the bright side, it's supposed to get up to near 50 degrees Monday. I'm breaking out shorts and a t-shirt. ;)


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