Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stuck In Another Whirlwind In Triple Digit Heat....

Yes, I'm stuck in yet another flurry of appliance and household repairs in preparing to put our house on the market. Let this be a lesson for those of you who don't always keep up with repairs in your household. If you ignore your home (which is your biggest asset), you eventually pay the price.

It's much like the old adage "You get what you pay for". You think you're getting the *deal of a lifetime*, only to see whatever it is, break or fall apart in record time. So, if you think you're saving money by not attending to repairs in and around the house, you will eventually pay far more than you would have, had you kept up with repairs and improvements. It's just that simple. Mr. Snoots is finding this to be a very hard learned lesson. I can't say that I blame him.

Mr. Snoots still hasn't secured a painter for the outside or the inside. I'm not sure what we're waiting on. I've made enormous strides in cleaning out the house. It's actually beginning to look like hoarders don't live here. I have yet to finish cleaning out the guest house, but since most of it will go into *el dumpster*, I'm not worried. 

I'm just SO READY TO GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD! Nothing happens quickly in this household. Really.

On another note, the new fox, Fifi, has a mate, which totally surprised us. Also, the foxes have discovered that we have a cat and they seem to be VERY interested in her. I find this to be a disturbing development. They are spending a worrisome amount of time in our yard and, like I said before, I don't trust Fifi completely yet. So, Trouble The Cat's outside time is down to when I can be out there to supervise. Frankly, the foxes discovered her hiding place, which means she IS NOT SAFE.

Yesterday, I was walking out to the back and Fifi went shooting out in front of me, to the back fence, and over. She briefly attempted to jump on top of the guest house but it was so hot she danced immediately off of the roof and ran down the fence line, out of view. She has taken to sleeping under the Eleagnus bushes after it's been watered, as it must be nice and cool. I keep forgetting about this.

By the way, it is 104 degrees Fahrenheit as I write.....


Mental P Mama said...

Oh I feel for you...but you will be so happy when it's all done...and keep Miss Trouble safe!

Bodacious Boomer said...

I had no idea foxes would hurt a cat. That's kinda scary. It was 103 here a few days ago. I can hardly wait to see just how hot it's gonna be by mid-summer.

Where are you moving to anyway?

Mrs. L said...

We had a few warm days, now it's cooling off, to get warm again (though warm here is's hot when it's 80 :) The photo of the fox on the roof is great!

kellypea said...

Words of wisdom, I tell you. We're still about 3 years away from selling our house, but we've got 2 bathrooms to take care of, a laundry room, and I swear, what we've already taken care of seems to get undone as I watch. Good luck to you, and to your kitty. Didn't know foxes would hurt cats.


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