Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mosquito Bites, Really? When We're On Water Rationing?

I mean, how is that even possible? Oh, yes. That's right. Someone isn't abiding by the rules the law. Now, that's some surprise, isn't it?

I'm truly irritated I was under the false impression that I didn't need my *patches* to protect me from the little devil mosquitoes during a freaking drought. Evidently, someone in the *hood* has standing water and it isn't us, I assure you. We've been excessively diligent in our conservative watering efforts.

I thought I had done a post on the mosquito patches I swear, but for the life of me, I'm unable to find that particular post. So, let me reintroduce you to my very best friends. The *Don't Bite Me* patches. Last summer during our flooding rains, I discovered this product and I am a total fan/supporter. I never received even one mosquito bite while wearing said patches.

These patches are:

100% B1 vitamin
deet free
lasting up to 36 hours
safe for use on children
made in the USA
natural, simple, safe

And yes, they SHOULD be paying me for my endorsements, but they aren't. However, I've never found anything this fool proof. Worry free is the way I prefer to be......


Mental P Mama said...

Yikes! We have West Nile Virus up here now from you all get that one too?

Snooty Primadona said...

Yes, we do, which is why I always worry...

Tammy said...

With the drought conditions you really shouldn't have to worry about those nasty critters! You might want to bring those with you on your trip north!

The Incredible Woody said...

I am going to try those for Vol Fan. Mosquitos love him! I must be very sour. As long as there is another warm body around, I don't get bit:)

Bodacious Boomer said...

I killed a mosquito in my bathroom the other day. The little shits are breeding next door. The guy waters his lawn like his life is dependent on it. He leaves saucers out where they can breed. Then they come in through the plumbing.

I didn't know they could do that til I read about it.

Sjn said...

you just have to stay inside, besides... what are you doing outside in this awful heat?
My sister has these bandanas that are treated someway and keep the mosquitoes away. We used them when we were in CT, never got a bite.

Ran said...

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