Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Flibbertygibbeting About, Trying To Finish SD's Bedroom Makeover....

Of course, the painter was still here working to finish SD's bathroom when she arrived like the whirlwind she always is. No, he didn't get finished AND he painted the bathroom with the gray exterior paint, which was very likely my fault. I used the gray to paint hubby's bedside table and instead of putting the paint back in the guest house where I got it, I just put it in SD's bedroom, so he assumed I wanted the bathroom painted with that color. *SIGH* What we had here was basically a failure to communicate.

So, on Wednesday, we told him to run along and not come back until Monday (today). It was so nice to have a break from him being here all the time. So today (being Monday), after many hours of the water being turned off, he was able to install the new sink and satin nickel fixtures for that same sink. Jeez Loueeze. He also still needs to repaint the louvered closet doors because his spray painting technique basically sucked. However, in his defense, it's nearly impossible to spray paint outside here, as the wind is ALWAYS blowing. ALWAYS, I tell you! The closet doors have numerous spots where the spray paint didn't entirely cover, as well as places where it just flat peeled off after contact with the other louvered doors. Honestly, should this really be such a hard task to accomplish? SD's room is 15' by 15', which (I think) should take less than a week, much less a whole two weeks, shelving  & closet doors or not. Gah. I have to keep reminding myself that he mends everything before painting. So. Worth. His Weight. In. Gold.

Also, by Wednesday Noon the bedding I'd ordered online still hadn't arrived so I ran out to Target and picked up a cheapie *Bed-In-A Bag* to suffice until the other bedding arrived. As soon as we got the bedding opened and put in place, the items I had ordered, arrived. It's just another one of Murphy's Laws, right?

Anyway, I'd also bought a new shower curtain to go with her previous shower curtain liner. In addition to all this, I painted all of the cabinet & door knobs black and the brass fixtures on the ceiling fan as well. Then I painted her wastebaskets black as well as a couple of Chinese decorative hats for the wall. I haven't actually hung anything on the walls as yet, but I will as soon as I give up the struggle with Christmas lights (ie: buying a new pre-lit tree), which is at last, wearing me down. Sometimes being stubborn is just plain stoooopid, right?

Soooo, I really hope that you can all cut me some slack for not blogging much these days and I'm fairly absolutely certain that you're all as busy (if not busier) than I am. I've kind of had a full plate lately but I still read everyone's posts. Sadly, I just don't have any extra time to leave comments these days because I just can't ever seem to keep them short.

Things Left To Do In SD's Room:

refinish the ugly pink counter top in the bathroom

hang bedroom window rod and curtains

hang the decorative pieces I painted, on the walls

see to it that the walls of the bathroom, louvered closet doors and sliding doors are painted (with the appropriate colors)

make sure the rest of the hardware is hung in the bathroom

hang bathroom window curtain rod and curtain
paint glass and brass bedside lamp in mercury glass finish

buy another set of sheets for SD's room during the January White Sales

I'm sure there are more things for the list that I'm just not thinking of, but I feel like a flipping genius for remembering this meager amount of items. So not joking. I apologize if this is boring but this is my life these days and I'm actually having a grand time learning to decorate without hiring a pro. Perhaps yet another self reinvention? Well, of course!!!!


The Incredible Woody said...

I think everything is looking wonderful!! So how did it work out painting the cabinet hardware?

Our house is FULL of the shiny brass crap and I SO want to paint it. Vol Fan painted a light fixture with a spray that did like a powder-coat finish and it looks fantastic. I just wondered how it worked out on something that is touched regularly.

Snooty Primadona said...

First you have to lightly sand everything, to give the paint something to cling to. Then you have to prime it with Kilz (or some other primer) or else use something like Behr primer & paint together, which is what I did.

The jury is still out on whether this works or not, LOL! No one has been allowed to touch them yet. I just figure the longer they cure, the better. Besides, most of the knobs won't be touched until SD comes home for Christmas. Hopefully, it will all hold up. Hmm... Maybe I should give them each a coat of varnish.

Next, I'm painting the mail-drop and doorbell since we're also installing a new set of hardware for the front door, as soon as it gets its new coat of paint. Someday. I also painted the doorknobs on all of the living room & dining room doors. Yeehaw!

Did I mention that my forefinger is still numb? I really need to buy that handle thingy for spray cans.

Roan said...

I'm interested in seeing what the pink bathroom counter looks like once you have coated it. I thought they just had to be replaced. The room looks gorgeous!

Snooty Primadona said...

Being that it is such a small area, I figure I can afford to use this as my training job. If I totally screw it up, it won't cost much to have the entire counter top replaced, LOL!


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