Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tree Bling... And A Colonoscopy Cocktail!

Yes, I've lost my mind ever since I figured out I could fill in all the gaping holes in the tree with Christmas bling! Duh. So, I went to Michaels Arts & Crafts again today and bought some more of that bling for 70% off, which might actually be closer to what this stuff is worth. 

Unfortunately, they barely had anything left. In the last two days the place has literally been cleaned out. Wah. Still, I was able to snatch up some great deals, although not as many as I'd hoped for. You see, once I develop a *bug* for something I want it all then, but I didn't properly estimate the amount I needed, as if I could have. I also wanted more ribbon for the tree but it was all gone as well. Note to self: Next time just go ahead and buy all of the ribbon and all of the bling the first time you go to Michael's.

Luckily, I'm loving the results and I'm wondering why I've never tried this before? Can we spell *R-U-T*? Oh yes we can! But, that spell has now been lifted. Yippeee!

So, I tweaked the tree when I got home, before Mr. Snoots could see that I'd done anything new (sometimes he does take notice). I also did ribbon on the two rather pathetic front porch trees, which makes them look far more presentable and festive. 

All of the presents are wrapped, the goodies for friends & family are in their assigned bags & adorned with more bling, and may the holiday festivities begin! Oh. Wait. We declined all of the parties because of my bone grafts. However, we didn't decline one particular party, so we're going.

How am I celebrating? I'm having a colonoscopy on Wednesday. Please, don't be jealous. Frankly, I couldn't weasel out of it any longer and our insurance deductible of $5,000.00 was already met, so it's the perfect time, right? During the holidays while I still have missing teeth? Nothing makes you want to party more than a colonoscopy and missing teeth, let me tell you! I even bought a party hat for the occasion. I think it might even be a *fascinator*, but it surely looks like a hat that one of the Whos would wear in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas". Actually, we're going to a Clark Griswold Christmas party on the 23rd, so I bought 2 of them for SD & myself, then one like Clark's for Mr. Snoots. It ought to be great fun as long as the colonoscopy turns out alright, or even if it doesn't. At this point, I don't care who sees the gaping Grand Canyon holes in my mouth. I need contact with people. In fact, I'm craving it.

Anyway, I finished the outside lights as well, with the help of Mr. Snooty this year. He kept asking why I never let him help , so I finally told him, as gently as I could. He always just wants to throw them up, helter skelter, and I want them hung right. So, this year he was as patient as a Zen master. I kid you not. The Magic of Christmas never ceases to amaze me. I'll give you a thrilling glimpse of those outside decorations after I have my colon invaded. Mkay?

Our painter still hasn't gotten around to painting the front door (or any of the other three doors) but I pleaded with him to get it painted before Christmas or I'll do it myself. I'm not sure why he looked horrified. He knows I've painted it the last 3 times and it looked perfect. He said he'd have to take the door off the hinges to paint it and I said, "I. Don't. Think. So. I never had to." That is totally ridiculous and I won't allow it.

As it turns out, Mr. Snoots told him to work outside today since it was up in the 60's. Not my choice, but apparently there were priorities I was unaware of, like building a shed over the new water well pump before it freezes again. Okay, I can can deal with that. Then I walked into SD's the guest room and saw this mess, nearly swallowing my tongue. It was just fine before but evidently Mr. Snoots felt as if something that wasn't broken, needed to be fixed. Mr. D-I-Y-er himself. Whatever. It still looks like this as I write. Evidently, none of this is within my control so I give up. For now. Check with me after my *procedure*.

Our sons bathroom no longer has a leak but it's all still a mess. I tried to get the room cleaned up today but there is a lot to be done & difficult to do alone with a bad back. Yes, I put my back out during my decorating frenzy.

Furthermore, I don't care to have a worker in the house when I'm preparing for the colonoscopy. Is that unreasonable? I. DON'T. THINK. SO. Jeez, I want my privacy.

How am I ever going to find time to do the counter top if the painter never leaves????? Hello! And what about those new windows we were supposed to get this year, with a compensation refund from the government? So. Didn't. Happen. Mr. Snoots wants Mr. Molasses to do it, so we might be moving by the year 2014, maybe later. That is, if I'm still alive by then. 

The louvered closet doors are still gritty and missing paint in spots, but apparently that's not an immediate concern to anyone but me. This is just one of four bedrooms, people. Okay, perhaps we'll be ready to move by 2015. I might shoot myself before then. (Just kidding.)

Actually, I'm truly thankful for everything I have this year so I vow to quit whining. Your. Welcome.

Merry Christmas!


Sjn said...

Love your wreath and your outside trees, not to mention your indoor tree is even more gorgeous than the last post! Good tweaking!
So sorry you have to enjoy a colonoscopy right now. Think of it as a cleaning ritual, you will enter the holidays and the new year renewed!

Anonymous said...

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Beth Dunn said...

Your decorations look amazing! I'm glad you've got everything done. Good luck with the colon test. And have fun at your party!

Mental P Mama said...

Looking quite festive Chez Snoots! Hope everything came out okay yesterday;)

Roan said...

The house is looking good, even with the unfinished odds and ends. I bet you will pull off a completed project before Christmas, even with Mr. Molasses. Colonoscopy? Nope, not jealous at all!

annewalker said...

Your home looks so warm and relaxing to live on. I love your pretty tree too. Thanks for the tour to your sweet home. Feel free to stop by anytime.

Happy Holidays,
Anne Walker
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