Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Well, Merry Christmas To Me & To You All...

This morning I received *the call* from the doctor who did my colonoscopy. The nurse told me everything was perfect and they want to see me again in 5 years. Woot! Woot! Always good to know, right? I have mild Diverticulitis, which is not a big deal if I increase the fiber in my life. So. Can. Do.

So, I think I'm all ready for Christmas and the *in-laws* on the 27th. I'm so excited I can hardly wait! It's going to be like an extra Christmas for me. Yeehaaaaaw!

Our son hasn't been looking very hard for a job and I suspect that he just wants to come home while his cousins are here. If he gets a job now, that wouldn't be possible, but I understand and I'm okay with that.

On the 22nd is the Debutante Presentation at The Petroleum Club ( which we declined this year). Mr. Snoots usually agrees to attend for the sole purpose of lingering over the bottomless bowl of fried quail, while I'm usually at the smoked salmon buffet. It's always the best party in town at Christmas, but I decided to decline the day after my bone grafts for tooth implants, which might have been a bit hasty. I hate missing those festivities. Seriously.

SD will be home Friday, which is the day we are to attend the Clark Griswold party at a friend's home in the evening. What fun that promises to be! The last party they had was a *Disco Down* Christmas party, dressed in full 1970's garb, with literally hundreds of people in attendance. What a hoot this couple is! I'm taking the digital camera this year and getting pictures. It's all just too good to pass up, really. I know. I'm shameless when it comes to obtaining blog fodder.

In addition to this, it looks to be smooth sailing from here, on in to the New Year. It makes me feel so blessed. I'm so thankful for every single thing in my life.

Merry Christmas To All...


Bodacious Boomer said...

True party girls never die... they just go to bed a little earlier.

Enjoy your shindig and have a Merry Christmas kiddo.

Lori Browning said...

Your house looks so festive!! Woohoo for the good news from the doc!! Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and I'm looking forward to the pics from the party!!

Mental P Mama said...

And it's looking quite festive!!!! Enjoy them all!

Sjn said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Snooty! xo


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