Monday, August 22, 2011

Seattle More Than Exceeded My Expectations.... Part Two

If you missed Part One click here. You can also read imom's posts about it here and here.

So, after we left Pike Place Market, we had a bit of driving confusion fun trying to find our way (through all the detours) to the entrance of the ferry we were taking to AG's father's and stepmom's house on the other side of the *pond*. I had never been on a ferry before (I'd seen them a trillion times in movies but it just isn't the same as being there), so scratch another item off the Bucket List. It was so cool, not to mention chilly. We parked the car on the ferry then headed upstairs to see the rest of the ferry and take pictures of the scenery.

Once we arrived on the other side, we went back down to the car, drove off when it was our turn, and continued on to Diane's Dad's home in the woods, on the beach. It. Was. Awesome.

He and his wife were truly two of the most interesting people I've ever met. They do have names but they go as Oma and Opa and I just adored them both, as well as their big cat Skipper (or just Skip).  Opa is a man who has done it all and harbors so much knowledge that it boggles the my mind.

All of them were total sweethearts and Opa fixed us T-Bone steaks for dinner, we made some broiled (amazing colors) cauliflower we'd bought at Pike Place, some fresh home grown green beans from their garden, and we had a lovely wine to go with. No one was left wanting at the end of the meal.

Opa is a Master Gardener and their entire property is chock full of lovely deliciousness and beauty. He is also a major hunter and keeps most of his exquisite trophies downstairs on  the bottom floor, where the pool table is. The house has 3 floors and we slept on the third floor. Oma and I stayed up until after midnight, talking. She is Austrian and truly a joy to visit with. It was all I could do to force myself to bed.

The next morning upon rising, Oma and Opa made us the loveliest Breakfast Feast on their scenic patio, ever! We had sausage, bacon, pancakes (made from 100+ year old sourdough), fruit, and Mimosas. Since they had guests coming the next day, we scooted out of there, but not without regret. I could have let them adopt me and I'd have stayed there forever!

We drove back to Tammy's and Diane's part of Seattle over a floating bridge, which was pretty amazing. We went right past the  stadiums where the Mariners and the Seahawks play, which was also pretty cool. Seattle does love its teams and they are LOYAL, something Texans might want to get back to. 

After a quick trip by AG's house to meet The Brute Squad and K-3 (they actually all liked me!), we agreed to meet up later for dinner, at a place near to Diane. Luckily, Diane brought K-3 with her, who is so adorable and sweet. As it turned out, the restaurant (called The Barnacle) had Oyster Shooters. Being the great oyster fan that I am, I ordered two and forgot to ask the size. They were HUGE. Like gigante cajones. I thought they would come back up my throat, but luckily they stayed down so I was able to enjoy my lovely shrimp dinner that came next.

The next day was Sunday and Diane's health wasn't up to par so we had to do brunch without her, but we really missed her! We ended up going to a place called Salty's (which has the best Sunday brunch, best service, and best Mimosas ever), located on Alki Beach of Puget Sound. It was fabulous and so fun!  I experienced one of the most eye-popping buffet brunches, ever. I'm pretty certain that I consumed at least 4 plates of food. Yikes!

Tammy's husband *Handy Man* and *Drill Daughter* came with us and we all ate ourselves sick. I tried to concentrate on King Crab legs, but my attention kept getting diverted to other delicacies. We were there for at least an hour and yes, I frequented the dripping tower of chocolate and fruit. Yum. I think we needed to stay for two hours.

After we finished with brunch (it was a gorgeous cool day) we all walked for like 45 minutes, on Alkai Beach, which is lovely and provides an awesome view of downtown Seattle and the Space Needle across Puget Sound. 

All of the beach houses, bungalows, and cottages made for a very scenic area. I loved it and found several places for sale that I could be happy living in, LOL! In. My. Next. Life.

Later, we went to a local (smaller than Pike Place) Farmer's Market and it was just as grand as PP, only a much smaller scale. However, we did actually see one of the famous Seattle Food Trucks. This outfit pulls a magnificent copper and brass oven behind their truck, where their delicious pizzas were made. I tried to get a picture of this incredible pizza but it was just selling too fast.

Sunday night we were all pooped so we just ate leftovers (which were awesome) along with more fresh broiled cauliflower w/ Parmesan, olive oil, and breadcrumbs. It was perfect.


Since everyone had to get back to their normal lives the following day, we all retired early. And me? I retired content in knowing that I had made such wonderful new friends who had shown me Seattle through their native Seattle eyes. It was a perfect trip.....


Bodacious Boomer said...

Your trip sounds totally great. Did you eat a lot of salmon? there was salmon everywhere we went we we were there. We had salmon stir fry, salmon burgers.

I like salmon but after being there two weeks I'd had enough of it for a while.

Snooty Primadona said...

I can never get enough of salmon, tuna, mahi-mahi, lobster, shrimp, Pompano, Orange Roughy, oysters (small ones), Crab, Halibut, caviar, trout, or Tilapia. Wait. Maybe it would be easier to just list the ones I don't like. It's a toss-up. Just like I prefer my buffalo, chicken & beef, I don't like my fish overcooked It's a tightrope walk, really. It's entirely a personal thing. If it's kick-butt fabulous, I probably wouldn't care how it was cooked, but I tend to prefer thin, crispy, with lots of herbs & spices, but moist final products. Not an easy feat to accomplish...

I Am Woody said...

As if I weren't jealous enough, this just topped it off!! Sounds like it was wonderful!!

Snooty Primadona said...

Seriously, we did so much that I couldn't fit it all in, much less remember the names of the places, LOL! Fascinating city/area & people!

Mental P Mama said...

So amazing. So absolutely amazing. Sigh.

Roan said...

Loved both Part I and Part II of your Seattle adventure. One of these days, I'm going to pack up and take a trip there.

Oh, and by the way, thank you so much for your comments about my pics. Your are too kind.


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