Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our California Itinerary.... Well, supposedly....

Okay, I'm still not packed, LOL! I've been trying but today has thrown me all sorts of curves, which I won't go into right now. Actually, the last curve was this: HU comes in from the office & shows me that he has picked up the cleaning. They ruined my blouse that I was planning to wear on the plane.... my FAVORITE blouse. Grrrrr! In addition, they didn't get my favorite light blue linen capris done. Okay, so scratch that outfit. GREAT! Again, Grrrrr!

Soooo.... we arrive in California mid-afternoon and are renting a CONVERTIBLE.... Yeah Baby! Then, the DU is apparently going to talk us through the drive to her studio/office. That should be an experience to remember. Then, we're supposed to have dinner reservations at the DU's favorite place, The Pink Taco. (Texas girls can move away, but it's hard to change old habits.)

Then, Thursday she has to work, so the HU & I are going to go see Chinatown and then go to the Olvera District and check out the historical part of L.A. If we have time, we're going to hit Hollywood Boulevard after that. Thursday night we have early dinner reservations @ a place called Katsuya in Hollywood, which is supposed to have the best Sushi ever. Big Deal. I hate sushi but the DU & HU love it. I'll be eating crackers, I suppose. Then, we have tickets to see "Wicked" at the Pentages Theatre @ 8:00 p.m. The music is supposed to be amazing, and since I used to do theatre, I'm excited. After all that, we should be close to comatose. Well, the HU will be anyway.

Friday we're eating a late lunch at The Ivy (since that's the only time "nobodys" can get in, lol). Then, we'll probably go see the DU's new apartment. We have dinner reservations @ a place called The Velvet Margarita in Hollywood. I'm not sure what is planned after that, but the HU goes to bed early, so that's probably it for the day, unless DU & her roomie want me to out with them. (However, I seriously doubt that they will even let me in at most places these girls go. I think most places have a no-over-50 thing going on. Like I care.)

Saturday, we plan to spend the day wandering around Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier, and do some serious people watching. We plan to eat lunch @ a place called The Sidewalk Cafe in Malibu and then have dinner reservations at a place called BOA, in Santa Monica. I'm fairly certain that we'll be close to dead after that. The DU & I are planning to do some roller blading in Venice Beach (which I've never done, lol). The HU plans to just watch from a comfortable position.

Sunday, our daughter has a soccer game, which we plan to go watch (will I never be free of SOCCER?) Then, we'll go eat lunch @ Barney's Beanery, which I haven't been to in 35 years. Then, we have our last night of dinner reservations @ DanTanna's in West Hollywood, which has a fabulous menu.

Sadly, we leave for home on Monday, but I'm sure we'll both be ready by then. We're such old fart lightweights! I hope to avoid having to put on swimwear of any kind, which is why I booked us at a hotel in L.A. and not Santa Monica. I'm just not into shocking people.

Soooo... be sure to stay tuned, for I will give updates as often as I possibly can. We are extremely excited. By this time tomorrow, we'll be eating dinner at The Pink Taco. YeeHaaw! Thank Gawd the hotel has a lovely workout center... I'm definitely going to need it.


Janie said...

Oh, wow, that all sounds like soooo much fun! I'm with Rob...living vicariously through y'all!!

elizasmom said...

YUM! And have a great trip!!

your daughter said...

Oh you are so mistaken about the Ivy reservations! "Nobodies" eat lunch around 11 or 12. Somebodies eat late lunches because they can't manage to get up out of bed any earlier! I got us the money spot madre!


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