Monday, September 22, 2008

Where To Stay In Las Vegas?

Next month, Mr. Snooty and I plan to go to Las Vegas for our 31st wedding anniversary and my 56th birthday, which are back to back. So, I've been looking through Expedia's offerings and am nearly cross-eyed at this point. We want to stay someplace really nice (meaning at least a 4 star) but we don't want to go broke over staying there.

Now, Mr. Snooty insists on staying at a hotel that allows smoking in the rooms. Fine. In Vegas that shouldn't be a problem, right? However, there is not a hotel that will guarantee that you will get a smoking room. Everything is on a first come, first served basis. So, I don't know what to do. In the past, when we stay at any hotel, I have always had to call ahead to the hotel and make certain that they have smoking rooms available. Still, they will never guarantee anything until you get there. Mr. Snooty will throw a schnit fit if we don't get a smoking room.

So, I don't know what to do. Cancel the trip and stay home? Take our chances and the chance that Mr. S will leave the hotel if there isn't a smoking room available (even though it's all pre-paid)? This is a huge quandary for me. Mr. S doesn't want to be the one to make the reservations. That's my job and mine alone, evidently.

Last year, it took me nearly a month of searching online to find the right place to stay in Cancun. Then, when we arrived, we discovered the hotel was under renovations. It was loud and it was a mess, even though we still managed to have a great time.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I NEED HELP in this decision. If anyone has suggestions or has stayed at a particularly favorite place, please tell me. Since there is no smoking allowed in any public areas in Vegas (like restaurants), I figure we can always eat in our room. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? No. Not to me either.

Mr. Snooty will only fly Southwest Airlines so we are limited as to where we can go. However, Southwest does offer some excellent Vegas vacation packages. Our choices through them in Vegas are:

The Bellagio
MGM Grand
The Riviera
The Wynn
The Mirage
The Monte Carlo
Mandalay Bay
Planet Hollywood
The Flamingo
The Rio
Treasure Island

Since smoking is also prohibited in show rooms, I guess I'll either be going alone or not at all. I really want to see the stage production of Mama Mia and perhaps one other show. Not sure that's going to happen, since we're supposed to be together to celebrate being married for 31 years.

This whole thing is really frustrating me and I'm on the verge of just calling off the entire trip. Frankly, I'd rather go to Mexico again, but Mr. S says there are too many people being killed in Mexico by the drug cartel people. Okay. Whatever. So, the only other place he wants to go is Las Vegas. Period.

What am I to do? I desperately need guidance here. PLEASE HELP!


noble pig said...

Okay, the nicest place in Vegas is actually a hotel inside the monte carlo, it's called, "The Hotel"...generic right ? But oh so, so fabulous. Then I would choose The Wynn, then The Venetian...however I'm not sure about any of the smoking deals though!

scargosun said...

I know nothing about Vegas but I will tell you this, the fact that your b-day is also being celebrated means, IMHO, that Mr. Snooty needs to suck it up (outside when needed) and deal with having a non-smoking room if it happens. It is not just about his needs. It's about yours too.

Philly said...

Sucks that you have to plan your vacation around smoking. How does he make it through the flight? I'm a smoker and I kinda like that we can't smoke anywhere. I never did smoke in a hotel room though, the stale smell just lingers.
Good luck with hotels!!


Mental P Mama said...

I like the Bellagio and The Wynn, but don't know about the smoking business. My stubborn smoking husband has had some growing up to do. Combined with my asthma, he has to do his suicide stuff outside. Maybe Mr. Snooty could pretty please is your b-day after all;)

But I do feel your pain. A cranky husband is not a pleasant travel partner....

Asthmagirl said...

I've only ever stayed at the Rio. It was nice. Then I saw the cops episode where they were running a hooker sting out of the Rio! I guess they could have run it out of any hotel though.

I've had the same answer in getting a promise of a non smoking room at a hotel. But I've always said, no promise... no stay. Vegas is tough though because it's a long walk through the casinos and the rooms don't have balconies he can step outside to smoke on. Can't have the gamblers throwing themselves to the pavement after a big loss...

I would ask Mr. Snooty to suck it up for one weekend. The world is rapidly shifting to this non-smoking world and it's likely to become more difficult instead of less to accomodate his smoky nature.

Anonymous said...

I am joining the "it's your birthday too!" crowd, but then I remember those times, decades ago, when my husband and I were both smokers and would have been irate to be denied our morning, after meal, I'm so happy, I'm so upset, Good Night, etc. cigarette. Tough. Can't you put one of those non-smoking patches on his back while he is not watching? Then he might not even want to smoke. OK, not very helpful. I wish you a wonderful time anyway.

Elizasmom's mom

B. Roan said...

My vote goes to the Bellagio. Not only is it a very nice hotel, but the dancing fountains are enjoyable. Whatever you decide, have fun. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday. BJ

Keeper Of All Things said...

Bud Man and I stayed at the Wynns..........I had a smoking room......and there is a tv in the crapper!!!!! You just can't beat s%!tting and watching tv!! Anyway I hope you have a great time!!

Mamahut said...

Is it on a big weekend? Usually if it is just an ordinary weekend you can take your pick...(fingers crossed). I can relate to both sides, but dang husbands can be a pain.

TheVinylVillager said...

Snooty...tell him his butt can go smoke in the casinos if it comes to that.

That said, I was in Vegas last year around this time and did a big tour of most of the hotels (which was the most fascinating part of Vegas to me actually) Heres my opinions where I have one:
The Bellagio--gorgeous! You cant go wrong, location is great.
MGM Grand---eh, so so. Not the best.
The Riviera--dont think I saw this one
The Wynn--also gorgeous with a great location mid-strip.
The Mirage--didnt go in, but from the outside it is showing its age.
The Monte Carlo--didnt see this one.
Mandalay Bay--gorgeous place, but at the very end of the strip--making it a long walk to get to anything else.
Planet Hollywood--skip this one. Its just ok.
The Flamingo--didnt see this one.
The Rio--just saw it from teh outside, but I suspect you would like some of the others a lot better.
Treasure Island--skip this one too. the location is good, but it just wasnt as nice as some of your other options.

My overall opinion is Wynn or Bellagio. And he cant even lay off the nicotine for a show?? Get that man on Chantix.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Sargosun is right on the mark. I say, don't give up, you will have a great time in Vegas. It seems, unless things have changed dramatically over the last 10 years, that hotels can't promise you smoking or non-smoking because they usually have far fewer non-smoking rooms. Go for it, put in a request for smoking. Before you leave for your trip, call the hotel personally (not the generic booking number, call the hotel and speak to a front desk person). Be bubbly and personable (no issues for you there) and they will bend over to make sure you get what you want (I know, I worked in the hotel industry for several years).
I envy you-- what a great vaca!

Mz. Nesbit said...

i've stayed at the riviera and the rio. i liked the rio but then you have to pay for a taxi. so i suggest the bellagio. that hotel seems totally your style. :o)

The Incredible Woody said...

The Wynn!!!

Snooty Primadona said...

Thank you ALL for your input. No, he cannot forgo smoking, even for our anniversary & my birthday. He's a little stubborn that way, lol...

Okay, so I think we'll do the Wynn, since the Bellagio is more expensive. They have a huge number of restaurants for room service, so I'm thinking we'll be good with that.

Mr. Snooty tried Chantix and it didn't work. He does, however, have nicorettes to get him through the flight. That, and we also play Gin Rummy during the flight, which makes it go faster, I swear.

Anyway, I think we'll be happy at the Wynn. I'll be sure to call ahead of time and tell them of my situation.

I went ahead and booked it this morning and have us going into Vegas in the early morning on a Thursday, so that might give a little leverage as well. Getting there before the weekend crowd.

Thanks again everybody! :-)

Janie said...

Aw, girl. Y'all have a blast up there. I loved MammaMia. If I were there, I'd go with you!!!

Happy every day!

And when you get back...lunch!!! Soon!!!

Pam said...

Definitely see Mamma Mia! Just saw it in Fort Worth and laughed and sang our selves silly...even the hubby went and enjoyed it! Load him up on the nicorette and drag him to it...if nothing else it will bring back some fun memories of days gone by. (At the Bass, they announced a warning of spandex, sequins and platform boots!) Happy anniversary and happy birthday.

sista #2 said...

Tell Mr Snoots to take a walk out to the front of the hotel and smoke.

Problem solved :)


Anonymous said...

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