Monday, February 14, 2011

Today Begins My Biggest Skin Cream Test, To Date….

By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Now, this might be kind of scary, so prepare yourself. If I can put myself *out there* and show what I really look like, then you can surely follow along. The first picture is of me, from 25 years ago. The second picture is from approximately 15 years ago. The rest of the pictures are current, from today. While I fully realize that creams will not make me look 30 years old again, I'm thinking that even the slightest improvement would put a smile on my face...

In my ongoing desperate struggle effort to slow down the signs of aging wrinkles and sagging skin, I broke down and ordered some creams I’d heard about on Dr. Oz. I’d actually have liked buying ALL of the creams offered but that would have cost around $500.00. So, I read up on each of the creams and decided Dr. Perricone’s Advanced Face Firming Activator and the Advanced Eye Area Therapy. Still expensive by my standards, but the older I get, it seems I become more and more willing to fork over additional dollars in an attempt to slow down the effects of gravity and life.

I ordered the creams over the weekend and they arrived today, so I will show you a few pictures of my face and neck, targeting several trouble spots. Now, these creams are *said* to show a definite visible improvement by the end of 35 days, so, we’re just going to find out if it’s all just a bunch of baloney or if the ingredients in these creams are really what they promise to be. I think this should be really interesting. If it turns out good, I might have to buy stock in the company. ;-)

Check out that turkey neck, will you?
Since today is February 14, 2011, that means I won’t take another close-up picture of my face and neck until March 20, 2011, the first day of spring. I’m really excited about this and am hoping to see some pretty amazing results, but as you know, the jury has just been picked and the trial has just begun.

The very last picture was taken today after I applied my makeup, which only gives a slight improvement these days.

Check my allergy swollen eyes that are already beginning to droop worse than ever. Before too long I won't have any peripheral vision because the upper lids will soon be covering the eyes.

I hope you’ll join me for the Big Reveal on March 20th!

On another note, I think I do this every year at this time because of my pasty, white skin, which better shows everything about my neck and face that seems to be going south. This week is (amazingly) going to be in the 80's temps, which I can hardly believe since it was below zero last week. Doesn't that make you want to move here? Surely not.

Then, here I am in Italy back in September (5 months ago with no allergies). Hmmmm...


Bodaciousboomer said...

You are one brave soul indeed. I admire your fortitude. Are you sure you just don't go with me for a Lifestyle Lift? We might get a better price if we go together, or better yet get a group together.

The Incredible Woody said...

I think you are fabulous in any shape or form! But I am excited to see if you see any real results :)

Queen of Halloween said...

Your puffy eyes look like mine do and you say it's from allergies. Thank you for that insight. Only mine have gotten worse due to cirrhosis...hard to keep them open. Will be waiting to see how well that cream does. As for holding back time...the stress worrying about it will make the lines worse. It's a vicious cycle.

Mental P Mama said...

Snooty...I started getting shots 4 years ago for my severe has made an amazing difference in every aspect of my life. Get thee to the allergist!

Heather Jones said...

You've always been gorgeous. I'm glad you're doing this. I'm constantly trying new creams--especially eye creams. A ton of laughing (and some tears) leads to a lot of lines. But it's hard to tell what works and what doesn't.

GO SNOOTY! (If this works they better send you a bunch of free cream :)

Tammy said...

Allergies definitely are not a friend to the eye area! I'm looking forward to seeing how these cremes work. I started faithfully doing skin treatment (cleansing, using age defying night cream and a daytime moisturizer) and I have noticed a very small difference.

Jess said...

You are gorgeous in all the pictures!! And in my young age I, so far, just have to keep up with my SPF 15, but one of these days, and not too far in the future, I will need to resort to some face de-wrinkle cream!

Allergies are of the devil. Just sayin.

Looking forward to the big reveal!

Beth Dunn said...

I've been thinking about trying Dr. Perricone's products. Can't wait to see the big reveal!

Snooty Primadona said...

All I can say is, if this doesn't work then I'm going under the knife. I also have an appointment at the allergy doc's tomorrow to get tested. Ugh. Not fun, but if it works to get me to normal, I'll sing their praises. My eyes have been almost constantly swollen for 3 months. This happens to me every winter, without fail. Then, continues through the spring. I'm only good for about 4-5 months out of the year. I know it isn't cirrhosis because my liver readings are squeaky clean (and I think we all know why, right?).

Connie said...

I am so sick of creams etc. I've been having Exilis treatments after my lipo to help retract skin. These treatments are also used on turkey necks and faces; seen some pretty great result photos. May be worth a look before you hit the knife?

Paxie said...

The difference in the with allergies and without photos are like night and day. Agree. Hopefully the allergist can help.

My eyelids are also getting terrible (have been). I asked the eye doctor if insurance would pay and he said yes, if it gets too bad. In my opinion? It's too bad. LOL

You are beautiful, then and now!

And brave...very brave. :)


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