Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dear Blogger.... Really?

Dear Blogger:

After two long years of having no visible *followers*, I wake up today to find it has miraculously disappeared reappeared, out of thin air. Really? We've done nothing new to the computer here, so we now know that it has to do with something that you did. Thanks for making me feel like the moron of all time. For. Two. Years.

At first I questioned the amount of time I've been unable to access my *followers* gadget, so I checked. Apparently, it was BEFORE August 2010, since I made a post regarding same, at that time. I suppose I should be angry with you for screwing me up for two years but obviously I'm used to getting the screws put to me, so I took it in stride.

However, it  wasn't just my followers that were missing. Every blog I looked at was also void of their followers list. When I looked at all of it on our laptop (which we only use when out of town), I noticed all of the follower lists were still there. Hmm. So, understandably, we assumed the problem was on our end. Au contraire! Now we know the truth, so don't try to slip one past me again. I'm a mere half-step away from moving to Wordpress... I'm certain that you don't care, so just give me a bit of a push and I'm out of here.


Mental P Mama said...

LOL...I don't ever notice those things. I'm such a non tech.

Bodacious Boomer said...

I have no idea just who follows me and who doesn't. Of course that may fluctuate wildly anyway depending on how outrageous what I post is.


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