Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dog Whisperer Marathon.... And The Caesar Millan Story

Snooty Daughter left to go back to school today and our son was off watching football with friends, so I went in search of something to watch on TV while I worked on a project. Somehow, I ended up on the National Geographic - Wild channel, watching a marathon of Dog Whisperer, starring Cesar Millan. At the end of the marathon there was a sort of autobiographical show about Cesar and his journey to where he is. In essence, he is the *real deal* and what you see is what you get with Cesar.

His story is as inspiring as any story I've ever heard and he is the epitome of a perfect American citizen, who immigrated from Mexico (albeit by illegal means). He was homeless in L.A. for a period of time after being lucky enough to escape across the border with his life intact. But, his out-going personality and talent working with animals eventually brought him notoriety locally, then worldwide.

Cesar has always shown a talent for working with dogs and was often referred to as *Dog Boy* when he was as young as 8, growing up in Mexico. Dogs would always follow him everywhere he went! Clearly, he has always had a gift and is a Pied Piper of sorts.

The first time I saw his show I was a total doubter. After watching dozens of his shows over the last five or so years, I'm definitely a follower. If I'm wrong, then he is one slick shyster. I adore this man for his insight into what dog owners are doing wrong with their dogs, whether the owners refuse to believe it or not. He can cure some dogs of their bad habits within minutes, while others take much longer, as it depends on what he has to deal with. The man is truly THE Dog Whisperer and there is a method to his madness.

Although Cesar has had his own personal struggles, he has survived to emerge even stronger than he was before. He now does oh-so-important work with rescue dogs, which warms me to him even more. This is such a precious man. He and his family live on somewhat of a *compound* filled with animals of all kinds, all states of being. His own *pack* of dogs are also working dogs, who help him evaluate dogs who are in the process of learning *how to be* good dogs. He even takes in some who will never be ready for public consumption, loving them as much as the good dogs.

He has a new show premiering this season called "Leader Of The Pack", in which he encourages all dog owners to be. His gentle, guiding advice leaves a long trail of happy dog owners in its wake. And, this new show looks to be as good if not more successful than "Dog Whisperer", if all goes according to plan. With Cesar's bright smile and warm heart, I know he can't fail. I feel like Cesar is the cult and I'm the saucer-eyed follower, except he's for real.

The best part of all? He's been training his son and daughter to work with dogs since they were toddlers. Both daughter and son are exceptional in their expertise.

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